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Katinka - Chronicles of NeoPaneruga

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A story about animals living on different fantasy planets. A war starts and a long journey lays ahead, full of colorful creatures and dangerous adventures in which Katinka and her friends will be quested to recreate a planet once known as Paneruga.

The Odds - Laika's Layer

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When a dog's time has come and they die, they will be granted a second life. A life without humans on a dimension close to them and yet very different. In this web-comic you can follow Foxfang on her adventures as youngest Follower of Laika in her second life.

HeartClan Chronicles

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A Warrior Cats inspired story. Meet Rowankite and others and follow them on their daily life, while struggling with their feelings and personal problems. Watch them discovering new realms, meet new friends and fight for what is right!

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Hi, I'm JB!

I mainly draw cute ferals and come up with big and small stories for them.

I also do plushies and love Pokémon and Warrior Cats.


-Non Binary


-Chihuahua Parent

-Comic Artist

-Part time PKMN Trainer


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