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December 2, 2011
Deadly Whisper by *BlackAngel-Diana What could be better than a My Little Pony? A zombie My Little Pony! That's what! Amazing customization!
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Suggested by Astralseed
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Deadly Whisper

"Deadly Whisper"

"She doesn't remember anymore, like other ponies who were turned into walking dead creatures. She just wanders around the forest, until she finds herself into a tiny little path, where the survivors move in silence to try to not get caught by those monsters... She now moves silently from one shadow to the other, whispering something to their ears, dissapearing and moving around, grinning, sometimes with a childish laugh, she likes to scare them to death before apearing in front of their eyes in one last glimpse of their lives. It all ends with a scream breaking the calm of the place..."

Deadly Whisper is my newest and by far the creepiest pony I've made so far. She's a really old project that started with a unicorn pony with a hole in her belly for a cute landscape that was going to be inside... but got bored and then I decided to turn her into a zombie... and having that hole in her belly it NEEDED to have her insides out! ^^

So, here she is!

I used the usual, apoxie sculpt, acrylic paints, 2 kind of sealants and synthetic hair. And some Swarovski crystals for her TAF butteflies symbol =)

I might be using photos of my zombie ponies to assemble a little book, it might be interesting ^^ hehehe

Thanks for watching!
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MaiJim's avatar
This is amazing. WOOAH.
Pilar-Sama's avatar
The cool thing about zombies is that no two look the same, and that definitely shows in the custom zombie ponies. There are several things I love about the execution (no pun intended) of this one, including those dull eyes.
AshleyLeopard's avatar
Damn! This is awesome!
TwistedPerfections's avatar
I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chesterprime12's avatar
u did a very good job.............TOO GOOD
Tenshi-Chan12321's avatar
Did you melt her torso? Haha, just wondering.
BlackAngel-Diana's avatar
No! I cut it and then sculpt over it ^^ all the creepy work is achieved with sculpt and then with paints and sealant ^^
aisu-isme's avatar
Oh my god she is so beautiful. *o*
hazel-eyez-raine's avatar
Disturbing with Beautiful Butterflies. r_r I gotta look away.
BlackAngel-Diana's avatar
=) yay! butterflies made you smile =D sorry for the rest of the pony ^^
hazel-eyez-raine's avatar
I thought for zombie makers looking away is a compliment..?
BlackAngel-Diana's avatar
well, sometimes I feel better with a smile from people who looks to this ponies,
I'm used to people who loves zombies and their ugly, creepy, disgusting look. I know it, it's my mistake to forget that there are people with weak stomach in the world =)

I really feel weird of thanking somebody that looks away, I'm not sure if it's going to be taken as a real show of my appreciation, or just as sarcasm or self-centered answer T_T I hate the internet and the written word sometimes !
hazel-eyez-raine's avatar
Not a weak stomach. I'll be sure to word my comments in a more coherent way in the future! You know what would be cool? Look where the intestines are, if you shape some clay into a blood drop hanging from it. It would be a nice touch, wouldn't it? I don't mean for you to go and add it. I figure I would tell you and maybe in the future if you like the idea you can use it. ^_^
BlackAngel-Diana's avatar
I will write down your idea! I would really like to implement other elements that help to lift some of the details I make on this ponies =D Next open belly pony will be with the intestines literally touching the floor, of course that it will go with a little stand for the pony and the hanging details don't suffer from anything hehehe

Keep the ideas coming! I just need to get the baits to make it happen!
Greenisnotcreative's avatar
SICK and Awesome haha
BlackAngel-Diana's avatar
If you're ever interested on a commission, just send me a note with your ideas and I can give you prices =) hugs!
puush's avatar
The best zombiepony and a well deserved DD. You're a luckeh poneh, Dianita. :heart:
BlackAngel-Diana's avatar
Thank you very much Puush! It was very amazing to see this girl going to the DD catalog! To be honest, getting a DD is highly overrated! hehehehe but it feels good when your work is finally seen by more people, even if it is online =) Big hugs girl! Happy New Year!
puush's avatar
To you too, sweetie. Well deserved. And yes, it may be overrated, but it helps you to enlargen your audience and that's what this online gallery things are about... ^^ (This and ego-boosting of course, lol)

BlackAngel-Diana's avatar
Well, I really hope I can keep my audience here! hahaha it's hard when you're getting a bit tired of ponies T_T I guess that the zombies will keep coming just to take all the cute-ponies stress out! hahaha Damn the economy! T_T

Yeah, the ego boost feels good, but well, it's over when you see that this won't give an income! =P

Big hugs!
puush's avatar
Really? No commissions from the DD? That's weird. I thought you'd get hundreds of commissions from it.
Yeah that's why I normally don't do too cute designs either. Gives me a toothache from all the sugary cuteness. ^^
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