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Life update - 2016
Hi, how are you? Deviantart must be a place full of my apologies. It's been some hard years for me, but tried to keep it positive... and failed completely. As many of you might have noticed, I stopped posting updates here a long time ago. From almost 10 years ago, my life turned into a completely different dimension. Lots of things happened that hit me physically and emotionally, but I never knew something was affecting my health as well.  I started to work full time on my art on 2006, and I was in good shape, I started and finished projects quite easily, I learned fast and was improving a lot. My custom ponies were really well recieved and
Blogtalk Radio with RDUS show!
We just finished the most exciting 45 minutes of my small customizing career hahahaha I was invited to co-host #RetroDollsUS ( blogtalk radio show today, Saturday 22th. Of course, English is not my native language, so it was weird to be talking in English! And our live time was over so fast! but you can download the talk as a podcast. We didn't even have time to keep talking after the 15 mins extra we had after the live broadcast, but you can hear the full 45 minutes *and hopefully not my curses at the blogtalk radio lady recording when they cut us off* here:
Want to hear a little talk with me this Sat 22th?
I know I'm not very very active on the customizing world nowadays, but a dear friend, Shannon, from #RetroDollsUS ( has a new blog radio show invited me to co-host her show this Saturday 22th, at 11:30pm EST  (around 9:30pm Mexico City hr) and talk about tips, tricks and experiences about customizing ponies =D You can listen to us here: If you have some questions about my work or if you're trying to figure out something and/or need ideas about customizing ponies, let me know! or join us and ask your questions in the chat while we talk =) Currently, I am not


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Sweet Diana wishing you all the joys the day can offer! 
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Happy birthday!! ^o^//
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Gusty Baby Bowtie Diamond Dreams Where is Diana?Mimic 
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I don't come to DA often this days! hahaha  thankfully still alive, how are you?   *hug*
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I miss your arts, but glad you're still around! I am getting by, I am keeping busy - I still collect G1s . . . I uploaded about 200 impages to my scraps over the past couple of months if you feel like peeking in there - I am  tired of paying for Dropbox and other premium accounts so I'm trying to unload some stuff into freebie level galleries (like DA!)
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Aww, thank you so much T^T  I'm still around and hoping to jump into fantasy art little by little =)  I'm planning to come back to DA eventually but I think I'll have either to start from zero with another account or to work hard and hide really old art to make it look more consistent =\  It's going to take lots of work hehehe

I'm glad you're still around as well! I'm not collecting ponies as much as I used to, most of them are still at my parents home in Mexico and I don't have much space in our house to display my 200+ ponies =( I just brought my old Mexican g1's and I have a big lot I got for customs although I'm not actively working on custom toys anymore =(  I was hoping to find tons of g1's at thrift stores/flea markets here in the USA but I haven't found any in the last year hahaha I'm so unlucky!

I'm glad that DA is helping you to share your passion for ponies =D with the latest generations it has been difficult to keep g1's relevant so it's great you're still sharing the love <3 

We'll see each other around, are you in other social media?
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I am only on DeviantArt now, I like it here. I had a Facebook and also a Twitter but I abandoned both. My accounts are still there, same with arena and MLPTP. Just not active anymore :) Maybe someday I’ll go back, I just don’t know. I will not stop collecting G1 and G2 ponies either, they are my favorites. Xoxo
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