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Apologies and other things!

Mon Aug 31, 2015, 3:40 AM by Art-of-man:iconart-of-man:

Hi everyone,


Firstly, please accept my apologies for the lack of activity and expired submissions this past month. My work has taken over my life at the moment with a new course to create, revamp 6 others and additional one off sessions needing to be created at short notice. Thankfully I'm now at that stage where it is just amendments that need to be done, and my one off sessions now have advance dates so that I can plan my preparation time.

One of the great things we've started at work is a two year skills and social 'huddle' once a week. Entirely driven by the needs and interests of the group of learners, we will be providing workshops on various topics. It turns out that our first group are pretty creative and have expressed an interest in drawing and sketching, clay modelling and other crafts. I've already done a basic drawing session with them which was quite awesome. It's an honour to watch absolute beginners who had previously expressed their total inability to draw be amazed by, and proud of, the work they produced. In addition to another drawing lesson I also have a couple of workshops planned for them to try some clay modelling before Christmas.


Please resubmit any of your pieces that expired during August. I will be back online this week and will be able to approve them! :D

Staff Request

To avoid any of this happening again in the future, it would be great if I could have a couple of members to assist with the submission and approval process. If there are a couple of us doing this during a week, then none of us will have to spend an enormous amount of time approving pieces. If any of you are interested please drop me a note and I'll give you some more information. It really isn't complicated or difficult!

Take care everyone,


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