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you can call my Jay.
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
Hello, mychildren of Anarchy! I'm the devil! XD lol jk my name's Amir, but you can call me james... or better yet call me jay, 'cause i can't tell you howmany times i've been confused for :iconanimatedjames: XD... at least 3 times -3-

I'm a Perverted, raunchy, and satirical Demon spawn with a large imagination... who also happens to be an Anarchist XD who dreams to become an animator and comedian, while also doing reviews on cartoons, anime and movies

But for now I'm focusing on getting a following on DA for my art, if i don't reply to a comment, deviation or an RP we're doing i am either:
-at school
-on youtube
-doing homework
-reviewing a cartoon, movie, etc.
-going to the bathroom
-and overall just busy with something else! so don't spam me, okay? cool.

i'm 16 yrs old, and my birthday is on august 10th (which makes me a Leo XD)

this is my crushtag --->
Get your own CrushTag! don't be shy ladies~

these are my inspirations :):
:iconanimatedjames: :iconeddsworld: :icontomska: :icongroup5show:


welp, i just uploaded my last drawing on this account, time to log out and start over.

again, to the people i've known for the 3 years i've been on this account... thanks, and take it easy^^
for the first time in never, i, Jay, am creating my own original Waifu OC's! their names are "jen" and Erick" 
yes, that is a pun XD 
reaaallly wish i could still make polls, then i could ask my watchers if i should either leave DA entirely or  just make a new account fella thinking ( Reactions ) 
i'm probably just gonna make a new account, but who knows? 
last friday me and a few friends went on a field trip to the international food festival with a few friends, where i tried bubble tea ^^
and hated it! XD (i don't like tea period so that's probably why XD)
finished re-watching neo yokio so i can finally work on my abridged version.
and as for the show itself, it's still... meh, it sorta got better over the course of the episodes, hopefully i'll be able to make the whole thing better, kinda like how Something Witty Entertainment made SAO better 
i actually gotta rip out it's iron man chest plate to finally destroy it but no matter how many times i press circle, it ain't coming off -_- and i was so close so many times. O_O
i have resulted to asking the internet for tips, apparently i'm not the only one with this problem 
okay, it didn't take long, but i think i got to the very level of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine, uncaged edition"
that caused me to rage quit for who knows how many years.
it was the level where i had to kill a sentinel, i was doing fine but I JUST COULDN'T RIP THE DAMN THINGS HEAD OFF! 
i don't know if it was a glitch, a bug, my controller, but no matter how fast i pressed, the thing wasn't coming off! hopefully i'll have better luck this time, I GOT GROWN MAN HANDS NOW! 
okay, cleared out all of my DA notifications, now to get back to writing the script for neo yokio abridged, which i ORIGINALLY wanted to start last year but... procrastination
i thought of a very offensive joke XD

guy # 1 asks: what would you rather have? a baby or an STD?
guy #2 says: babies are STD's

*directed by seth rogen* 
yesterday me and a few friends skipped a few classes to play video games on the PS4 XD and i think i did... okay XD

i played dragon ball xenoverse 2 and my biggest problem is my flying ability and my aim XD also the fact that i have never heard of this "L3" until now XDDD

i also played god of war, and my friends were all pissy because i REFUSED to use that axe XD especially when fighting baldur, and it's when i caved in and decided to use the axe when i died XDDD
i've never really kept up with a lot of comics but i am really liking the immortal hulk XD it made hulk seriously scary like he originally was and they even incorporated elements from the 1978 TV series into it, with modern twists to them, like jack mcgee, or as he is now known as: JackIE McGee (yep, he's a woman... and black XD)
Class War's first comic is almost done, just gotta add the backgrounds... yay ;w; 
after a year long hiatus, i am happy to announce that 'Class War' (formally known as 'inmates') is finally getting a reboot! XD yaayyyy!!!!! who doesn't love reboots? XD ... with the OG creator involved? XDDD…
the pose i gave the me on the right turned out like i was mooning everyone X'DDD the other me was supposed to look like he was sneaking away! XDDD
huh, i actually found a site that sells actual traditional animation cels.
i thought people just straight up stopped making them when i saw that amazon apparently didn't have any XD 
i finally watched the end of one of my favorite shows of all time and i feel... empty... ;w; and a bit unsatisfied.

the finale wasn't bad, but it wasn't as satisfying as i'd hoped, compared to regular shows finale, plus it felt a bit incomplete, there was one scene that confused the hell outta me, i felt like they were setting something up but what i expected never happened, but as simon said, "we can never pick how we go out" so, i couldn't pick how adventure time could end.
though i was kinda pissed finn and huntress wizard didn't interact AT ALL! but hey, marcie and bonnie are officially a thing XD
i have a feeling a lot of regular show fans are kinda mad that adventure time got it's own marathon before the finale X'DDD 
eeyyy, remember those two inmates comics i did a while back?
good. they ain't canon no more XD since the series got it's newer, better name i should probably restart the whole thing


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