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Holiday by black3 Holiday by black3
Collab with :icongengalery:
me - lineart
she - colors
She did a pretty good description of the situation on her TUMBLR and bcause I'm lazy as fuck I'm copying it


The tall one is her OC, Aiwëndil/Roäc, and the smol one is Vor’kalth, my half drow. Looks cute, right? 

IT NEVER HAPPENED, THEY’RE BOTH DEAD. DEAAAD and they died in TERRIBLE ways (Aiwëndil was stabbed by his best friend gone mad. Vor’kalth was killed by his own brother, who was used by his mentor as a tool)

She drew this lineart in base of the last fragment I wrote with Vor’kalth, in which -before going to a sure death against his mentor, which was basically suicide- he mentioned to Ailanthus all he wanted is to do normal stuff that couples are supposed to do, like going to the cinema, getting chocolates, visiting things around the world…

This is a picture depicting what would he have wanted. An AU where they actually had a happy ending, actually. But this is depressing AF because it never happened, it was just what Vor’kalth wished- and he did so when his boyfriend was already dead and he had gone half mad too. 

So here it is, a VERY DAMN TERRIBLE scene with such a pretty look! We’re so fucking sadistic. And evil. And we kind of enjoy too much making the OCs suffer (and in this case, murdering them as the evil fuckers we are!)

(This pic was quite nice to color. Edible mist! Her palette was pretty nice to use, no red in sight!)

DeadCobra Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2017
Very great
Gengalery Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
fdshfdushfs NO USO DEVIANTZAERTTT Pero al fin está subío! Los pobres niños muertos, q penica los pobres joder. Este lo tengo impreso y colgado en casa... Umm, se echa en falta en el piso D: 

Pero SÍ, me vusta como quedór!
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October 2, 2017
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