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Shade Tips

just some basic shade tips for you.
oh well this is how i shade my art, and i always use purple as shade color, its good to try a different color then black, it gives the image more life.

how i started to use purple as shade color?
got the tips from an art-book and the tips was from:
"Tood Lockwood"

well i can tell you that i am not an pro artist, ( i just likes to help out a bitt ^^) i don't think anyone is a pro artist.
( sorry no hard feelings ) wee are all capable to do great art. art that touch the soul of others, art that stunning anyone who watches. cool art, great art and good art.
we all grow different both in person as we live and as the art we making.
like my self 20 years old, i normally never get satisfied with art that i am making, and thats because i am a fast learner and thats both good and bad, (i grow fast in art but becomes more lazy) but if i draw a character many times my skill will grow on that part.
my mom tells me that i have talkative eyes on my art, and yeah sometimes its true, some art when the focus is on the eye it-self, people get caught;) (sadly i have been bad on not doing them ^^; )
so a am still learning and i am so happy for all the tips and feedback i get from you. thats makes me grow as an person.


HE Belongs to my Dear Friend :iconsaphirawolf:

She may change all of hi bio if she so wishes.
i know he will be in Good hands.
name: Sky

Dont copy, steal or use this character in anyway!!

Art: by me: :iconblack-wing:
(C) Belongs to: :iconsaphirawolf:
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Very useful. Thanks for sharing your knowledge :)
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Thank you so much! :3
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oh your welcome:3
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Nice shading tip!^^ I love how you used the little light bulb for this!^w^ very nice!:)
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This is really helpful, thanks! =)
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good to hear:D oh your welcome3
and thank you
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tack Det där hjälpte faktiskt! :D Jag behöver bli bättre på skuggning -.-
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yaay, vad glad jag blir:3 att den kunde vara till hjälp:)
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Nice! I'll be sure to glance at this whenever I'm trying to set up a light source!
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thank you.thats good to hear that this can be at use:3
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your welcome ^^
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