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5 Random dragon heads

By Black-Wing24
thank you so much from the previous images feedback

this os one of the images on the art dump and its also said Rec!
witch means it's recorded 
and this image is on YouTube as well so if you got 30 min of spare time i hope you'll spend it watching how i made em all from scratch:…
Well enjoy 
and thank you again :3

art made by me
don't copy or steal this artwork !

hug and have a good day
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JTCreepyface8743's avatar
This is amazing!!!
paraphrasingSarcasm's avatar
Interesting designs and colors!
BeiBeiMonster's avatar
They're incredible. The concept and lookings of all of them, inspired or not in real animals... simply gorgeousLove in the Air 
ninsennansen's avatar
amazing :) I love the lighting, especially on the yellow one. You're very good :)
Evodolka's avatar
they are all unique and interesting i freaking LOVE that snake looking one in the top right
BloominStella's avatar
That black one is creepy enough. :D My fave.
CosmicRose67's avatar
Your art is amazing :) I absolutely love the one in the top-right corner :)
astyrra's avatar
The lighting on these is super nice, wow
kitkatkitlyn12345's avatar
My dad says that you copied these, he says he knows what book(s) these came from. I believe him.  
Black-Wing24's avatar
interesting indeed.
may i get references to the book or Book's
what you and you're father believe it's up to you and you're opinion has been heard.
Dyewind's avatar
So cool! I like how you curve their necks and they look so realistic.
Black-Wing24's avatar
abia-g's avatar
absolutely gorgeous detail
Elmira-A's avatar
They are amazing,thank you.
Black-Wing24's avatar
kacperozuar's avatar
the one on the top left looks like a spinosaur, just me?
Black-Wing24's avatar
haha some see it as a Crocodile :3 
don't worry we all see things differently
Hammer008's avatar
Love the details with these!
Black-Wing24's avatar
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