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2019 Fire Stone And Water Tutorial

Aright we are finally back here again
this is the most selected of the voting and this is the up-to date on how i draw fire, stone and water at this currant time

this are the older tutorials from 2012 and 2013 
Fire, Stone and Water Tutorial by Black-Wing24  Black-Wings way of doing Nature's elements by Black-Wing24

i have out-gown some of the ways i use to do things but some of the advise still apples in my book depending on where you are in your current art lvl.
the more important thing i learn throughout the time of drawing is i start now to focus more of the shape and value more
witch i wish i knew back then. but its never to late to learn and this 27 old me sure has improved from my older self.
i don't know what art program you use but i learn my way in Photoshop so if you can apply this skills elsewhere then this is more useful then within the limit that i use.
but know what you are drawing don't be afraid to use references, photos or resources others have provided.
you learn allot by yourself but you learn more by sharing with others.
so grab some art friends challenge yourself and have fun, art lives in your creativity, so feed it!

5 mix my most use Brushes. for free by Black-Wing24
grab yourself some free brushes,  some of them where use in this tutorial 

i use to have old saying like: Shit happens, Getting creative etc
i still have them in the back of my head but now i like to go by a new saying,

to boost myself and my fellow art friends: 'You will always be better then yesterday and you can always improve for tomorrow'
-meaning even if you can see the different in improvement yet dose not mean you are visually training yourself to see the flaws and learn to see them and master them and there for improve yourself for the future to come -

i love you all and if like i mention in the tutorial if any questions feel free to ask me here

this is also something i mention
other people tutorials that has help me to based form my old tutorial. but its more to learn!
water splash tutorial by Caucasian-eagle    +Water Tutorial+ by Enijoi     Tutorial: water cross section (+ video) by TheCecile

now have fun guys
and happy drawing
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FInal result of fire and transparent sea, and turtle's pond looks pretty gorgeous. So pretty!

thank you so much : D have a great day and always take care your health

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thank you.
...oh dear... i don't know what to say about that.
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For most of us, high def is a really good thing. It allows us to scroll in and really take a look at technique. Maybe clear your cookies and/or update your browser?
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wish i was good at art like you... oh well can always dream La la la la 
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why just dream, if you love art and if you see others art don't feel discourage by other peoples skill. we alls start at the bottom!
we all grow differently and get inspired by different things, so instead of dreaming it. fight for what you love. don't compare yourself to another artist compare it to your older work,

'you will always be better then yesterday and you can always improve for tomorrow'
just because it wont show on paper just yet means not that you suck or are not improving dear 
it means that you are growing in different speed. in terms of what your hands can do and what your brain learns and picks up wile finding something inspiring.
let inspiring art be the carrot the energy to drive you for growing.

i agree with you 100% :D

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what program did you use to do these in?
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i think i mention it in the Description but i'm using Photoshop 
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Oh my god THANKS!! This is so helpful AH!
Black-Wing24's avatar
i'm happy to hear that 
thank you
JazzyDrawz's avatar
You're welcome!
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Oh wow!
This is avesome! Thank u!!
Black-Wing24's avatar
your welcome and thank you
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my greatest idol made tutorials o-o *wow*
Black-Wing24's avatar
you did not now..... omg 
jk yeah but it was ages ago, i hope you find them useful dear and have an awesome day 
HannahBubbles's avatar
i did now xDD but I still can't belive it BECAUSE THEY ARE SO AWESOME
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Wow, thank you so much for sharing ^^
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no problem thank you for your support 
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Thanks for sharing Blackwing! I look forward to giving these a try!
Black-Wing24's avatar
hey Parkour! no problem i hope that are useful to you 
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An excellent, simple tutorial.  
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