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2019 Commission: Split in to echo

By Black-Wing24
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another commission done yaay!
i had fun and also i had my struggle but it paid off i hope that you like what you see.

this is a category #7 from this price list 
2019 Price List (close) by Black-Wing24

character belongs to 
and this character has two sides the one thats most visible is Dealith who is trying to hold Ghost back so hes experience pain
and mis comfort as he struggles to win

Daelith - Rekindled Reference by Desert-Wyvern
the flames is his skin burning as it try to keep Ghost at bay but hes already in control over the right wing and slams the ground as he also try to take over

enjoy and have an awesome day
art and Character belongs to the owner :icondesert-wyvern: 

please do not copy or use
without permission 
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© 2019 - 2021 Black-Wing24
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i want to tattoo this onto my eyelids so everytime i close my eyes i see this
deadass, this is gorgeous!! the details on the wings are simply incredible!! i could look at this all day long omg
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thank you very much man
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Dragons are, as always, the best mythical creatures : ) Lovely work. 
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thank you so much, hehe indeed 
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Beautiful work! :clap:
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Absolutely spectacular! :O
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This is just so incredible!! Mesmerizing
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You're very welcome❤️😊, thanksHug, how are you?.
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i'm good sorry for late reply 
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It okayHuggle!, Good!!!!. 
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....................... °___________________________________°

so so. this is what you do when I'm absent. 

Holla, die Waldfee!!! like the german say !! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA YOU WILL BE MY BIGGEST IDOL FOREVER for sure B) 

this background, that flames, that positioning, the light, the dragon scales.... ARG HOW CAN YOU BE SO GOOD! 
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i do allot in my free time XD
nobody knows the truth, of what i do when i do and what i make when i'm free lmao
this sounds so bloody creepy sorry for that, 
thank you very much as always my friend <3
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I want to know ... Big Fool Emoji-03 (Creep Stare) [V2] 

oh don't mind, creepy is my second name Wot Was That M8 
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oh god sorry for the late reply hun XD
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haha no problem! :D
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