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Hello, this is Scarlet-LunarEclipse, I'm one of the few admin still trying desperately to keep this group alive. As of next week, it has been a full year since our founder, Tepara was last active on DA. As next in charge, the responsibilities of running the group (voting on submissions mostly) fall to me, however I have hit some major snags when trying to moderate. I cannot add or remove admin, I cannot change the voting requirements, and I cannot make journals without the founder's permission. These are limitations placed on me that only our founder can change/remove, and with her MIA at the moment, my hands are tied.

As a solution, it was suggested that I make a sister group Black-White-Club-II, where all of you can continue submitting your art, instead of having your submissions possibly expire here. Expiration only occurs when there are not enough votes, or voting was a tie, when deciding on your submission. This problem is cured by either bring in more admin to help with voting, or by lowering the voting requirements for submissions, neither of which I can do.

I will be in charge of the sister group, and the admin still active with this group, will be added as admin on the sister site, and I will also be bringing in a few new admin to help with voting on the sister site. The sister group will hopefully be an extension of this group; I do not wish to undermine Tepara's authority, but if nothing is done, this group will eventually die. Starting next week (the 16th), I will begin the long process of adding the art from this group to the new one. If you wish to join the sister group, simply ask to join at Black-White-Club-II. I will accept your invite, and you can begin submitting your art there. If you wish to only stay on this site, you may, but with only a handful of admin, there is only so much that can be done. In the event that Tepara comes back, I will pass leadership of the sister site to her. Please do not be mad at Tepara, no one is able to get in contact with her, and we do not know what has happened to her.

Hope everyone has a happy holidays!

What can I do here?

Who are they and what can they do
Below you will find a list of whos who, and what can each do.

BWC Queen - Founder
*BWC Queen can do everything

* * *

BWC Stalkers - These guys stalk you :P
BWC Stalkers can
* Edit things on Home page
*Edit things on About Us page
* Edit things in the Gallery
* Vote on art to be submitted to the gallery
* Can submit art to gallery,
* Edit the favs
* Vote on art to be faved
* Can suggest art to be faved without it being voted in.
* Add Blogs
* Invite people to be a Member And a Biggest B&W Fan.

* * *

BWC Mod - Keep an eye on some things.
* Edit some things on the Home page
* Edit some things on the About Us page
* Edit some of the Gallery
Can Submit to "most" Folders in the Gallery, needing one vote for it to get in.
*Suggest art to be Faved without it being voted in.
* Vote on what is accepted into favs
*Edit Blogs, and add blogs needing one vote to be added.
* Add/Edit/delete most things in the Club house.
* Invite people to be Members and Biggest B&W Fans

* * *

Biggest B&W Fan - Some of the best B&W artists on dA
* Submit to gallery only two votes needed for it to be accepted. ( can send in 2 devs a week)
* Submit art to the Art you suggested folder - one vote needed ( Unlimited number) ( Only art you have suggested that belongs to someone else, you can not send in your own to this folder)
* Send art to fav without it being voted in.
* Vote on what is accepted into favs
* Invite people to be a Member and Biggest B&W Fan

* * *

Members - Members of BWC
* Submit to Members Art folder - 4 votes needed for it to get in. ( 1 dev a week)
* Submit to Art you suggested folder - 1 vote to get in. ( this is ONLY for suggesting other peoples art NOT your own.)
* Suggest art to be faved - 2 votes needed for it to be accepted

* * *

Non Members or Watches - People who are lower then a member, people who are just passing, or watches.
*Suggest art to be faved - 3 votes needed

* * *

Monthly Stats

Group Activity

Weekly Stats

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BWC Queen


BWC Princesses


BWC Stalkers


Biggest B&W Fan


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Hi planetmusic. Unfortunately, this group is on "auto-pilot." It has been inactive for about three years now. The only reason I am able to view your post is because I was one of the folks that reviewed artwork. Have a grand New Year!
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