Superhero Character-Adept Artists Seeking Clients

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:iconeduardoschloesser: Commissions 2019 OPENGreetings! I had already delivered the first commissions of this year and there are more to come. If you need anything, just send a message.

:iconrickcelis: Terms Of Service by RickCelis

U.S. $15.00 -- BLACK & WHITE LINEART            
---Single character only. HALF or WHOLE BODY SHOT. Standing or action pose.
---May include power blasts/special effects, weapons/armor.
---NO Background.
---NO vehicles, spaceships, sidekicks, pets, any fancy or complicated props.
---A4 size paper only.
---300dpsi jpeg format only.
some examples:


U.S. $25.00 –- BLACK & WHITE LINEART - Single Character with Headshot      
---Single character only. WHOLE BODY SHOT. Standing or action pose.
---May include power blasts/special effects, weapons/armor.
---NO Background.
---NO vehicles, spaceships, sidekicks, pets, any fancy or complicated props.
---A4 size paper o

:iconmikewinn: August Commissions Special - ContJust a reminder that I am still running  a $50.00 commission special for full body CG for the month of August though I may continue through at least the first week of school. Any and all referrals are appreciated
No NSFW requests.
Paypal is my method of payment. 
Just drop me a Note or if you prefer, email me at

Check my gallery for samples of my art!

:iconrosshughes: Color Commissions OpenI’ve got a limited amount of room in my schedule to take on some commissions while I’m waiting for other projects to get kicked off. If you’re interested in a colorist for your con sketch, prints or pages, send me a message here or (even better) email me at

:icondyanawang: Open Commission~So I'm opening commission for Manga Style starting from $30 for bust up line art, $50 for bust up colored~ Paypal only

Semi realist style headshot is starting from $50, bust up is starting from $75

The price is negotiable depend on the complexity of the character.
If you interested please e-mail me :

I can only take on a small number of commissions at this time. When I reach my limit I will have to start turning people away.
If you are interested, please CONTACT ME via DeviantArt NOTE or by Email: to discuss your idea.
Slots tend to go quick, so first come, first serve!
Please note, these are for Black and white, original art.
Ink Brush drawings on Bristol Board.
I am not doing color commissions at this time.
Professional service.
I've been doing original art commissions since 2004 and have a long list of satisfied customers!
9x12 ONE CHARACTER black and white - $120.00
9x12 TWO CHARACTERS black and white - $150.00
10x14 ONE CHARACTER black and white - $180.00
10x14 TWO CHARACTERS black and white - $220.00
11x17 - ONE CHARACTER black and white - $250.00
11x17 - TWO CHARACTERS black and white - $300.00
PayPal Address is the same as my email:
Here are samples of some commissions I've done f

(All prices in USD)
PORTRAIT $40-$50
FULL COLOUR single character posing, half-body (head to thighs), simple BG, visual effects (magic, weapons etc) if applicable. A4 size.
FULL BODY $50:  
FULL COLOUR single character posing, full-body (head to feet), simple BG, visual effects (magic, weapons etc) if applicable. A3 size.
FULL COLOUR single character (head to belt line), simple BG or white BG, visual effects (magic, weapons etc) if applicable. A5 size.
BLACK AND WHITE SKETCH (Done in photoshop) single character posing, half-body (head to thighs). Simple shading, simple visual effects (magic, weapons etc) if applicable. A4 size.
All final artwork will be emailed (or dropbox if required) as a 300dpi jpeg (or other file format if required).

:iconshellz-art: COMMISSIONS!Commission Status: SKETCHES OPEN!
All ideas, projects and requests are welcome! Don't be shy!
Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! Arrow left Submit Ideas & Inquiries Here! Arrow right Arrow Bullet Left (Purple) - F2U!   
Would you like a sketch of your OC? Would you like a custom poster of your favourite character? Or do you have a big project that needs plenty of art? 
Whatever it is, big or small, just let me know! You can contact me using the link above or you can find me here:
:heart: revamp My Website        
pastel mail emoji (envelope) Email

:iconandrew-henry: pages prices by andrew-henry

:iconjustsantiago: Open for Commissions by justsantiago

:iconayyasap: Commission Waitlist and SlotsHey! If you have long wanted to order something from me, I have good news!
I opened the commission season and if you are interested, below you will find a list of free slots (if you want to be anonymous in this list, let me know).
*You’ll be placed to free slot after the payment.*
Deadlines for one commission - few months, depending on the complexity of the task.
All the information, the price as well as examples you can find here
Steve V. 
Steve V. <

:iconmartheus: COMMISSIONS OPEN!!Hey everyone! I am now open for limited commissions spaces! I've been getting a few requests in my DMs, and now, here is your chance. I'm doing highres 8.5x11 (1) character pieces for $40. (2) characters for $60. Delivered to your email or account of choice! First come. First served. Contact me here for details! LET'S GO!! #commissionsopen#commissionsopen #youasahero#youasahero #anime#anime #manga#manga #marvel#marvel #DC#DC

:iconmangapym: Regular Commissions Closed,Promo ones Still Open!

Due overwork, I don't receive any additional regular commission.

But promo $25 Full body pinup pose commission still open.n! 

All prices are per character
Will Do:
Will not:
-Hyper mega muscles
-Detailed Landscape Background
-Anything illegal
Commission process :
1.- After payment, I make a quick sketch for pose and the general idea. On this stage, you can suggest changes or approve it
2.- Once approved, I start with line art and color. At this stage, I send previews too. ANY CHANGES AFTER THIS STEP, GENERATE A EXTRA COST.
3.- When it's done, I send  a Hi-res version to my client and upload a low-resolution to my galleries (Except if the client ask for a private commission)


:iconnahuel-amaya: // OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS // by nahuel-amaya

:iconprincess-tria: New Opening  for Commissions by Princess-Tria

:iconforty-fathoms: Taking Commissions - Update Sheet 2020I extremely recommend switching off your Eclipse tab so you can see my information accurately and the way it was intended to be displayed.
I am both a line-work artist and a coloring artist. Depending on what you're wanting, please take care while reading through this part.
 I provide coloring or painting services to pre-existing linearts or created linearts by myself. Whether they are from another artist you commissioned them to do, or they are a line-art you found randomly online and you would like color/painted or you would like me to create one for you and then paint it afterwards. I can also paint custom backgrounds if the originals do not contain a background -  there will be an extra charge for such a requirement. Please do note, that each picture is different and while prices will have a standard limit, they can possibly change based upon the actual image you're wanting colored/painted. As well, sketches o

:iconhideakiartreal: COMMISSIONS Inking and Brush Style by HideakiArtReal

:iconajthe90skid: Exclusive commissions UpdateRight now I've decided to start a SALE on my commissions for a limited time only. Doing simpler commissions now of pinups, portraits and designs. $55 for ALL commissions including NSFW ones. This is different than my regular price work so NO comic/manga pages for this sale.
EMAIL me please for all commissions:
No backgrounds, no color.

:iconpino44io: Commissions pricelist
Hi everyone!
I'm open for art commission work, just check out this small price sheet.
 Prices for each individual piece will vary based off the complexity and time needed. I have a job and a real life so it can take me between one day or two weeks for finishing commissions. 
If you are interested or have any questions please send me a note, or write me a letter on

:iconclaret821021: Commish Offer! by Claret821021

“I AM now AVAILABLE for ANY and ALL COMMISSIONS! Large or small! Any subject any style! $20 and up!”

:iconsinlaire: Commission Details
COMMISSION DETAILS (Last update, June 2020)
- Send me a note with title 'COMMISSION' and fill the form bellow
- Please don't rush me. Please understand that I also work as a comic artist with a strict deadline. But don't worry, I can guarantee the quality of my works. 
- After I accept the request and you're on the list, I will send you the draft/sketch and after you accept/agree with the sketch, I will wait for the payment. After payment received, I'll work on the final artwork.
- I only accept major revision on the sketch as for the finished one I only accept minor changes. Major changes can affect the price.
- The final artwork will be in 300 dpi resolution.
- I will keep the rights to the picture but the character rights remain with the commissioner. I will add a small signature on the picture.
- Do not use a non-commercial commission for commercial use. The commission for commercial use has di

:iconemmshin: #SketchEmAll STORM by emmshin 2021 OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS!COMMISSION INFO (Updated: 12/18/20)
Pencils or Inks = $45. USD
Full Colored "A" = $65. USD
(Simple backgrounds i.e.(gradient, textures, plain white, etc..)
Pyromancer by emmshin #SketchEmAll Captain America by emmshin #SketchEmAll MAGNETO by emmshin MAKOTA #SketchEmAll by emmshin
Full Colored "Cover"  = $80. USD
(1 Character w/ detailed background)
Rainbow Knights Book 1 #Cover by emmshinSpider-man FF by emmshin Dembo by emmshin Wonder Woman by emmshin Sparrowhawk by emmshin WoW Estri by emmshin WoW Khanyak by emmshin
..also, sample of my full colored multi-character and with heavy background.
WARRIORS OF THE FORT #OCCommission by emmshin

:iconandrew-henry: 2020 new year's offer commissions by andrew-henry

:iconspacefriend-t: Limited commissions openI am now open for commissions for a limited amount of time

If you're interested in a commission from me, please book now!
Commissions accepted for: full figure or waist-up, with abstract/minimal background, color or lineart.
Limited slots available!
I'm only taking five commissions this time.
Rates for full figure portraits are $75 for a black and white inked picture and $100 for a colored one. Subtract 20$ if instead you prefer a waist-up portrait.
My only limitations are that I can only draw original characters and that I don't do furry/anthro subjects.
And I won't accept explicit pornographic content, of course. Though nudity is fine.
Here are some samples of previous commissions

More samples here:

:iconprodigyduck: Price Listing 2020 by ProdigyDuck

:iconinkary: Commission price sheet (open for commissions) by Inkary Commission info [closed]Current prices and examples

       Current commissions status:
Valor 7/9 0%
plasm 1%
MalintzinBjornmr pinkKaizAtrum ChalybsbaronNon canonicalMikhail RekunTallyDamian
By purchasing my art services, you automatically agree to the following conditions. (even if you didn't read them)


Contact me via e-mail [] to discuss the details
Include the following information in your first email:
Your PayPal e-mail:Commission type: portrait/half body/full body/illustration, number of charactersCharacter information including names, age appearance-wise, personality, desired pose, or how your character(s) act:References and description for background if you choose illustration (base character price+ discussed free):Attach image references or include an Imgur album/any other hosting

:iconrafael0381: Digital comissions openDigital CommissionSkecth bust $ 20Skecth full body $ 30Digital pencil bust $ 30Full body pencil $ 40Digital inks bust $ 40Digital inks full body $ 60

:iconsilveirajrart: Digital COMMISSIONS are OPEN! @SilveiraJRArt by SilveiraJrArt

:icon0odhaxina: OPEN COMMISSIONS ! by 0oDhaxina

:iconserpentks: Commission Sheet by SerpentKS

:iconstiveferreira: Commissions by stiveferreira

:iconblasian89: Commissions Price Sheet 2020 by Blasian89

:iconshonemitsu: Special Promotion CommissionsSpecial Promotion for the month of April in commissions. Various Styles and themes, send a note to negotiate the style or theme you need!
Lineart: 10 dollars
Full Color Body: $ 25
Comic Page Black and White : $45
PCommission ComicPage 4- The thief and the darknes by shonemitsuCommission - Action Page by shonemitsu
Comic Page Colors : $ 60 ((the theme and amount of details can increase the value of the page)
Commission 75 - Capcom Girls by shonemitsuCommission 69 - SNK vs Capcom by shonemitsuCommission Comi Page - ZZZ comics by shonemitsuCommission Comic Page - Girl Stone by shonemitsu
In the style of your choice in the options in my gallery !
Way of Payment : PAYPAL

PayPal is required. Starting* prices:
- $30 USD headshot/avatar (color)  
   - $50 USD 2x headshots 
   - $70 USD 3x headshots

- $60 USD character bust full (color)
- $100 USD full body character (full color)
*Prices fluctuate on character design/detail and number of characters
Please send a note with COMMISSION in the title and have a description of what is desired. If needed you can attach reference if necessary.
I will email you an invoice with all the details and prices layed out. Afterwards you can send me payment to my PayPal. Work will begin once payment has been deposited.
You can request for a rough sketch approval before the line art goes to final colors. During that time you can make reasonable changes
$30 Headshot/Avatar COMMISSION TIER by pushfighter

:iconfransmensinkartist: Prices (indication) Even though I've yet to accept a commission that is standard, I took advice to put up a price list. It's a good basic indication but it does not exclude all other possibilities or complicating details. There's always plenty room for the a la carte menu. ,

Mature Content

Night Cat by FransMensinkArtist

Mature Content

Vogue by FransMensinkArtist

Mature Content

Sharpshooter by FransMensinkArtist

:iconnassima-amir: Commissions OPENHi Everyone !! :happybounce: 
Please contact me via email here :


5 slots available

*In USD$, depending on the level of detail required.
Please send me a note with "Commission" in the subject if you're interested !

:redalert: RULES :

NO furries (save for some very inspiring exceptions), NO porn, NO fetish, gory or hateful painting. Please don't ask for this.
I ONLY use Paypal payment, no DA Points.

:icondr-conz: Afro Sorcery  by dr-conz Buffalo Princess by dr-conz FAN ART: Kung Fu is dead by dr-conz Commissions open—email for rates and info.

:iconjclf88: D' Monger by JCLF88 Cannon Busters by JCLF88 DM @pepperonidojo on Instagram FOR COMMISSION INFO

:iconpowrodrix: BLACK FLAG 1 cover homage ART 4 SALE by PowRodrix What would be the next iconic 90’s comic cover that u guys wanna see drawn by me? Lemme know. And I’m still open for commissions!

:iconnib2t: Commission is OPEN!!Star! Star!  Star!  Star! Star!
Bullet; Red RATES

Bullet; RedPencils/Inks Only: 
    $70 (if full body) 
    $50 (if head to knees only)
    $30  (if with bg) 
    $40 (per every additional character whether in full body or head to knees)

Bullet; RedIf with colors, additional: 
    + $35 (if cel shaded) 
   + $45 (i

:iconjmdurden: commissions by JMDurden

:iconmarvelmania: AVAILABLE FOR COMMISSIONS!Hey there everyone!
Im AVAILABLE FOR COMMISSIONS!!! The list is getting bigger every second so don't be shy and ask me right away and I will make it right away ;)
FOR MORE check my FB page…
we can talk more about the commission you want ;)
So here you have some samples with the prices & their respective art below:
Price of one character (with backgorund if needed) : 130euros (just inks) + 80euros (with colors)
Aditional characters: 1more (50euros) ; 2more (50+45euros) ; 3more (50+45+40euros); 4more (50+45+40+35+euros)
Price for one page: 140euros (inks included)
Price of one character (Full body + profile face view) : 130euros (just inks) + 80euros (with colors)
Price range: 120 to 200euros
Price is 210euros up. according to what you are looking for

:iconability-normal: Commission Open - May 2020 by Ability-Normal

:icon122476: Starfire by 122476 Storm by 122476

:iconvhyrel: Commissions are OPEN by vhyrel

:icontaghuso: new ID by taghuso COMMISSIONS 15% OFFOh there's slots open, so grab-em up!15% OFF ALL NEW COMMISSIONS!I need the dough, and you needs the arts!Let's work t'gether!!!PM me here.Make me the rich man I deserve to be (Lord knows I'm handsome enough)Best,taghuso

:iconparanoidvin: “I’m available for commissions! Kindly send me a message if interested.”

:iconadrianatavares: Commissions Open! From 40 usd. by AdrianaTavares “Prices from 40 usd, shipping worldwide. Message me for info.”

:iconeduardocopati: Rogue - For sale by EduardoCopati Pink Ranger - Power Rangers Dino Charge by EduardoCopati “OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS!!!”

:iconsebastianvonbuchwald:  COMMISSIONS OPEN!As the title implies, I'm opening up commissions again. Hooray!Got vet bills (a lot of them) and need to some extra dough. I'll be doing waist up characters, full color, for the low, low price of 50€ (payment via Paypal). Can be OCs, fan art or whatever you like! No nudity though. Sorry.Feel free to send me a note and we can talk it over.Many thanks! EDIT: Added more info....  John Stewart - 36 by SebastianvonBuchwald  Laura - 19 by SebastianvonBuchwald  Miles - 81 by SebastianvonBuchwald

:iconremortal: Commissions by Remortal

:icondarko-simple-art: “For COMMISSIONS contact me here or on my Instagram via DM (Direct Message)...”

:iconfabiometalcore: “COMMISSIONS: I can do your custom art. I will be opening my commission list after October 4th 2020. Just send me an email and we can talk.”

:icondingodile24:   OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS FOR OCTOBER 2020Hi there.I'm opening up drawing commissions for this month of October. Currently, i'm in the process of finishing up 1 full commission. After this, i'll start working on October commissions. As for price quote/s, Do message me with your ideas, along with pic references, and i'll give you a particular price quote afterwards. Prices depend on complexity of the proposed commission, like pencils, inked, colored? with or without background/simple or detailed? How many characters are going to be in the drawing? Etc...Or you can point me to an artwork in my gallery that you'd want your drawing to be similar to.Payment is via Paypal.Other details i have not covered here, we can chat via DevArt's messaging feature.Many thanks for your interest and have a nice day/evening.:)-Jay


Mature Content

Commission is Open by Cheunchin

:iconkristherion:  Terms low-res and hi-res by Kristherion

:icondevinquigleyart:  Commissions Open by DevinQuigleyArt  Storm 2020 by DevinQuigleyArt  Bishop 2020 by DevinQuigleyArt

:icontrevone:  Storm X Black Panther COMMISSION by Trevone “Open for commissions.”

:iconnikoalecsovich: COMMISSIONS Open!,How to Order:Just send me a note or an email to alecsovich @ with your requestOnce the payment it's done I'll send you pictures of every step of the process.The technique I use is traditional drawing with digital color.Other Prices:Half body full color 12usdPortrait full color 7usd*price in USD via Pay Pal.This price applies for  one Human like character with a flat color background, some changes of this template may change the price.Note: I'm open to make NSFW requests but any one that i think is too gross or inappropriate I will decline.

:icondualmask:  YCH Commissions - OPEN by Dualmask “Note me for all inquiries!”

:iconmivadoman: HowBout these by MivadoMan Lonnie [Commission] by MivadoMan  Energetic [Commission] by MivadoMan “If you're interested in commission work contact me here on Deviant Art or email me at”

:iconweaselpa:   Available Blank Variant Covers for commissions by weaselpa  Captain America sketch cover by Panagiotis Vlamis by weaselpa  Spawn sketch cover by Panagiotis Vlamis by weaselpa  Green Lantern sketch cover by Panagiotis Vlamis by weaselpa “Always available for commissions!”

:iconacecore2k:  Commissions Information@acecore2kx @acecore2k /acecore2k acecore2k@gmail.comThe prices below correspond to commissions for a single character. If you are thinking in another kind of art project (character design, concept art or a more complex piece) feel free to send me a note/message or email and we'll talk about the rates.Commission InformationSTATUS: OPENComission ListClick here to see the commission queue I'd do commissions on:OCs, Fan Art, Concepts, Erotic, Character Design Won't do:Furry, underage, hardcore NSFWPrices are in USD.I  do discounts for multiple commissionsPayment through PayPal ,Drawing/Lineart,$ 30 USD Portrait/ One Character$ 40 USD Medium Shot/ One Character$ 50 USD Full Body/ One Character+50% more when added extra character(s) ,Flat colors or Simple Shadows,+50% more when added extra character(s) Cell-shaded (Flat colors and Simple Shadows),+50% more when added extra character(s) Drawing + Cell-shaded + Render ,$ 60 USD Portrait/ One Character$ 75 USD Medium Shot/ One Character$ 95 USD Full Body/ One Character+50% more when added extra character(s) Commissions Notes:BackgroundsFlat Color +5 USDPattern + 10 USDSimple Structure + 15 USDMedium Render/Photo Bashing +25 USDFor Complex Backgrounds the price will be discussed via DM,Photo Bashing+ Medium Render Background Example,Send me a note if you have any questions or want to apply for a commission! If you are thinking in another kind of art project feel free to send me a note and we'll talk about it!Terms and General InformationYou can ask and request commissions by sending me a note here on DA or contacting me via e-mail with the title "COMMISSION": You must provide detailed information about what you are looking for, wether is an OC commission (in that case you have to inform about gender, pose, age, personality, etc.) a fan art (in that case you have to inform about pose, outfit, personality, etc) or any type of commission. And please give me as many reference images as you can.  There will be no changes after I send you the final lineart for the image, so anything you want changed must be changed in the sketch/thumbnail phase. If you're not sure and would like me to come up with something on my own, I will send you different options for you to choose. Payments are normally upfront. You can pay Half at the beginning and Half at the end. For Half and Half Payments: After you send the first half (50% of total payment) I will send you a sketch for you to approve, then I will work onto coloring. After flat colors are done, I will send you an update to do any changes needed. Then I will proceed to rendering. After this you won't receive progress shots until last Half of the payment (other 50% of total payment) is sent. You can wait till I'm done with the picture to send this second Half or send it in the rendering phase to keep you updated.  For Upfront Payments:  I will send you W.I.Ps (Work's in Progress) to keep you updated constantly of the status of your commission. You can give me a DEADLINE if urgent however that has to be done prior to payment. Refunds will not be issued under any circumstances other than the case that I cancel the commission due to my own inability to get the work done, so please think carefully before ordering. Here are a few examples of previous commissions!,,,,,Feel free to check my gallery too.Thank you! - Ace ...  Azuk'kar, Character Commission for Jermaine Clarke by acecore2k

:iconlucianovecchio: Commissions Open by LucianoVecchio  “One more time! Commissions open, only a few slots available. Message for info.”

:iconstefanomarinetti: Commissions ID: OPEN by StefanoMarinetti

:iconadagadegelo:  COMMISSIONS are CLOSED!*I'll open some slots in december yet*,-- 5/5 Slots -- 1(INCREDIBLE-BRAY)2(Afroformer)3(Solaire45)4(Crystalplanet00)5(MajorM117),, 

:iconcric:  Claire Price List Mk2 by cric  Spider Gwen Miles Morales by cric  Gundala by cric

UPDATED 12/19/20
:icontamielee:  Commissions Open by TamieLee COMMISSIONS OPEN by TamieLee COMMISSIONS OPEN by TamieLee Batwoman Javicia Leslie by TamieLee Storm Ororo Munroe by TamieLee“I’m available for commissions.”
UPDATED 12/19/20

UPDATED 12/20/20
:iconclc1997: Current Commission information1. Full body pin-ups: $125
Single character in a pin-up pose, simple/no backgrounds. Give me a detailed description and/or any reference pics and I'll give you my take on  your character!
2. Bust: $75
Single character from chest up (no hands!) simple/no backgrounds. A bust-up portrait of your character, no preliminary sketches with this option. Give me a detailed description and/or any reference pics and I'll give you my take on  your character!

3.  Faces: $35
Portrait of your original character, no preliminary sketches with this option. Give me a detailed description and/or any reference pics and I'll give you my take on your character's face.

UPDATED 12/20/20

UPDATED 12/21/20
:iconflatillustratorkhan:  Commission Open (SFW) by flatillustratorkhan 

Mature Content

Commission Open (NSFW) by flatillustratorkhan
  Psylocke by flatillustratorkhan Domino by flatillustratorkhan Storm by flatillustratorkhan
UPDATED 12/21/20

UPDATED 12/23/20
:iconwansworld: HOLIDAY SALE by wansworld Commish : Handz by wansworld Commish : Jenesis by wansworld Commish : Triggered by wansworld
UPDATED 12/23/20

UPDATED 12/26/20
:iconchrisfaccone:  Commissions are now open. by ChrisFaccone “Open for commissions. Hit me up on my Instagram account @thegeminiviking...”
UPDATED 12/26/20

UPDATED 12/28/20
:iconkyle-roberts: “Commissions open and available.”
UPDATED 12/28/20

UPDATED 12/29/20
:iconlucartes:  COMMISSION PRICE LIST by LucArtes  STRONGEST BUNNY! by LucArtes  JANKEN (?) by LucArtes“COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! If you want a commission check the PRICE LIST and send me a note!”
UPDATED 12/29/20

UPDATED 12/30/20
:iconsaniika: Saniika's commission chart - OPEN by saniika Commission: Captain Shazam! by saniika  Commission: Chloe by saniika
UPDATED 12/30/20

UPDATED 12/31/20
:icongamepal:  Gamepal Commission Sheet by gamepal  Kate Alen by gamepal  Ome-Gals: Tesla by gamepal  Twintelle by gamepal
UPDATED 12/31/20

UPDATED 1/2/21
:iconleocomics1993: I am available for commissions by LeoComics1993 Silk by LeoComics1993

:iconvashperado:  Commissions 2021 by vashperado  Ororo by vashperado Urbosa Swap with Helixel back again by vashperado
UPDATED 1/2/21

UPDATED 1/3/21
:iconjim32-hq32ol: COMMISSION OPEN: CEL SHADE HOLIDAYS DISCOUNT EVENT by Jim32-Hq32oL COMMISSION COMPLETE: THE SANITIZER by Jim32-Hq32oL Commission Complete: Lyon by Jim32-Hq32oL 

Mature Content

What's under that suit Master Raven? - Tekken by FrostyVector

:icont-a-oart:  TAO 2021 Commisison Price Sheet by T-A-Oart  Rumi Santa by T-A-Oart
UPDATED 1/3/21

UPDATED 1/4/21
:iconjfsouzatoons:  OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS! by jfsouzatoons COMMISSION - Africa (OC) by jfsouzatoons COMMISSION - Thunder Woman (OC) by jfsouzatoons “Hey, guys! I'm open for commissions. Only 10 slots available. Reserve yours by sending me a note or email me to with subject ‘COMMISSION’.”
UPDATED 1/4/21

UPDATED 1/5/21
:icone-blake:  #odina #konkretcomics by E-Blake  #Voodoo #Cat #Commission by E-Blake“FOR COMMISSIONS:”
UPDATED 1/5/21

UPDATED 1/8/21
:iconprincess-flopy-13: COMMISSIONS OPEN! - Emergency case by Princess-Flopy-13 EMERGENCY COMMISSIONS! Needing help!, Opening emergency commissions, for a traditional lineart (Half body, in the pic, the rules!) I'm needing your help for rent's payment, services and food while this Covid-19's times (cannot go outside often because I have cronic rhinitis and I'm weak at this damn virus), because Argentina's laboral situation and horrible economy are getting worse day by day, guys (worried if quarentine starts over again here, for people breaking the rules everyday here)!! If you could help me with donation, any commissions, or sharing this post with your contacts, friends and family, will means a lot for me, for keep working! If you're interesting, you could send me any message anytime on my IG: Flo_SB_13 Please keep in mind that dA doesn't work in my phone so I can't read notes or any thing here, (I'm writing this from a friend's computer) so contact me in my Instagram and I will reply as soon as possible! ...


EX Commission theme :Female Character:
:happybounce: <RULES>
-Only female Character
-No new designs for OC. Must have original design references already.
-NSFW is OK!
:happybounce: <COST>
Half Body: 40 USD
Full Body: 80 USD
*Accept PayPal only
*Must make payment first to confirm commission
*Commission can take 2-3 days to finish
*No design change after sketch has been approved
If interested
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UPDATED 1/8/21

UPDATED 1/9/21
:iconskrubphace:  Tessa Commission by SkrubPhace Storm by SkrubPhace Fissure Commission by SkrubPhace “My commissions go for $20 for a single character piece, hit me up if you want quality pic of your character done.”
UPDATED 1/9/21

UPDATED 1/11/21
:iconbilcassonato: Commission Chart 2021 by Bilcassonato

UPDATED 1/11/21

UPDATED 1/16/21
:iconlo536:  Bust Commissions - Open by Lo536 “For any questions or inquiries, please email me at or send me a note!”
UPDATED 1/16/21

UPDATED 1/17/21
:iconsidneydesenhus: commission open by sidneydesenhus storm, commission open by sidneydesenhus Storm for sale US$50 by sidneydesenhus “Send note to contact.”
UPDATED 1/17/21

NOTE: “UPDATED” refers to this Journal, not necessarily to individual artists’ Deviations, Journals, rates or availability. Art samples that appear in this Journal are not necessarily representative of the commissions offered. Please contact an artist directly for availability, scheduling, and other information!
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