Yes, I am alive
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Published: November 16, 2010
In case you don't follow the message chains:

Oh man.

Guys I am alive. Lorekeep, last time we talked I told you that I had been having some medical problems that had cut down on my work time and put me behind the 8 ball on orders. I'm not trying to "...steal money". Everyone's orders are STILL ACTIVE and WILL BE COMPLETED.

Bula777, You're right. No matter what happens to me it isnt fair that other people suffer for it. I havent been upfront about most of the recent events in my life and kept people, friends and customers, in the dark and I shouldn't do that.

That said, things ARE getting done, despite my lack of updates here. Next should be Lightningfires comic.

I can only ask those who feel wronged for forgiveness and time to get everything back in order. Gonna set up a new email in a moment so anyone who needs to can contact me directly for an update, a question, or just to bitch at me if they feel the need.


Here's that email  ratsalive1gmail

An addendum:

After this backlog of pics is done I'm considering getting out of the commie business.  I never get any of my personal work done anymore. Ive got fucking STACKS of comics rotting away on 3 different comps.  

It's weird, I like having multiple things to do, and the ability to switch targets depending on mood.  Its the only time I really get any work done commies included.  But at the same time a lot of people dont have the patience for that, and it ends up just a circle of misery for all involved.  No point if no one is having fun anymore.

DO NOT NOTE ME HERE, I go weeks/months without checking DA as is evident by my lax posting of late.  Please, its just easier on all of us.
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It's good to have you back Blackrat.
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I wish you good luck in whatever you choose to do, Black-rat. Though, now that you mentioned your own creations, I have a question. Do you have a fictitious universe a la Manicart1's? If so, I think there would be several others besides me who would like to see it.
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I was getting a little worried you quit the internet then. It's good to know you're still around.
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TheNewGamerHobbyist Traditional Artist
I always have had concern for you. Now you're better. Hope you get things done.
TheSoylentOrange's avatar
TheSoylentOrangeProfessional Writer
Glad to hear you're okay, at least. Get out from under the commission pile and get back to having fun with your life, be it with or without art. Life's too short, man. :)
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Shuriken95Hobbyist Writer
The rat is back!
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Shuriken95Hobbyist Writer
It's good to have u back
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Miss-NessaStudent General Artist
is good to have you back!!!! :D
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680000Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Its good to see you again in this website !
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Is there any where you post else?
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apple-kitty Traditional Artist
Now don't say you're going out the commie buisness forever. I'll be noting you about mine ofc.
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i missed your art so much
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ben300Hobbyist Digital Artist
Don't wory about it, I'm sure people are understanding here ;)
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dgmonmasterStudent Writer
I am glad to hear that you are feeling better =)
Though I am rather disappointed you may quit producing comics T.T
And we completely understand your lack of not being able to update, most of the people here go weeks without updating simply because another facet of their lives has come to encompass the time they would normally spend here on dA.
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SaintIrishSniperHobbyist Digital Artist
Glad to hear your ok! :)
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Here's hoping you get better soon, Fellow Rat!

Dominus tecum
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RianqHobbyist Writer
Have you found the picture you did for me (blue fox, computer?) and either didn't send me or which was lost in e-mail transfer? Still waiting for that...
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Yes and no. I have no idea where the finished copy went. BUT I stumbled upon the original sketch version. So I'll spruce it up and send it to you soon (real soon, not "me" soon)

Good god i'm tired...
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RianqHobbyist Writer
Thank you. :3 Write me a quick note when you send it, please.
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"Listening to Castlevania : LOS ost."

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I know you're planning on ending commissions, but I would LOVE to get one from you. I wouldn't mind waiting for a while.
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SkyShipColonelHobbyist Traditional Artist
Woah! You're back! :omg: Well hey, it's good to see you are back in action mate, been a Looong while it has. Almost gave up hope. Anyway, good to see you, and welcome back mate.
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It's good to hear you're ok and things are getting better. Been big fan of your art haha like most of the furrie and community and others. I hope someday to commish you. Anyways I hope life takes a turn and keeps getting better for you, it sure doesn't seem to for lots of people. I hope one person in this world can have an awesome streak of luck.
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