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Published: September 22, 2013
After a while of life kicking you, sometimes when you are indeed, "down"  you just start to get angry and bitter, start taking it out on people not really involved, and start to make other peoples lives actively WORSE, spreading misery like a plague..

Hmm? nah I'm not really going anywhere with that...

Why yes this IS a fire axe I'm holding...
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:(  Hope everything's ok.
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MetamorpherHobbyist Digital Artist
Trust me. I know the feeling all too well. But if you need someone to talk to. We are here for you to lend an ear. Well those that have ears to help you out when you need it.
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Aww man! I'm glad you're still active and drawing! Your latest stuff is super cool.
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firedrive24Hobbyist Writer
oh i know why you have that fire axe. your saving people from that fire while mussing on your life you hero you. X3

still though i hope things get better.
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Sean188Hobbyist Traditional Artist
0.0.... somebody help he's going savage NaNoEmo day 23 - Scared ' I Don't Know ' worried emoticon
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Just gotta get back up, and go again.
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I sort of know the feeling.
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Um...Keanon? I think that Lemonade you're drinking may have bits of lion in it... O.o
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all work and no play makes black rat a dull boy!
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But I hope you're all right.
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RBL-M1A2TankerHobbyist General Artist
That's a mighty fine lookin fire axe you got there.  I like how the fire curls off of it so realistical-why are you lookin at me that way?  Wait, why are you lifting the firey fire axe?! Don't axe me a question, please!
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I'm sorry things have gotten so bad for you.
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TimtheBigDaddyHobbyist Digital Artist
Just happy you're still alive.
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Just call :icondrhaxplz: & he will hax those troubles away. :3

Well that's life at times,but sometimes it gets way better after being plenty worse. Hope the better comes around for ya.
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CanvasianHobbyist Digital Artist
Other times you just turn into a giant werecreature and go rampaging through the --- no wait, that's pretty much the same thing.

Hope things get less ragey for you!
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Hey, hope everything is doing better on your end. Can you send me an email, though? We need to talk.
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Eating: rage

Holy ... S**t just got real.

Hope you're going to be all-okay man.

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faogwolfProfessional Digital Artist
yeah, sometimes life's a bitch... i hope you are ok black rat.
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SephzeroHobbyist Writer
That is a real shame how life is giving you such a bother. Hope that is a rather small fire axe you are holding there...
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"HEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRREEEE'S JOHNNY!!!!!!" Seriously, hope you're okay. :(
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"The Shining" refference?
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BengalBoy17Hobbyist Digital Artist
:( hope you're OK, Mr. Rat
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