Cable internet acquired!
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Published: July 11, 2009
Personal pics on the drawing board:
Wererabbit comic(X4), wereleopard comic, werelion seq. werewolf comic (x2) random stuff (practice practice.. arrrgh!).


Cable guy will be her on the 17th to drill holes in my wall.  Woo.

First half of july has been productive (fueled by rage, rage will do that)and I think, now that things have become more stable I'll get back to focusing on that computer upgrade I've been putting off for months.  It's basically a complete rebuild due to my old mobo, but getting the parts piecemeal like I always do will spread costs out.  Old tower needs a good cleaning anyway.

Still saving for Blazblue, games cost too damn much.  My time is limited right now anyway so its probably for the best.

Oh and Sonic unleashed is now $20 for ps360 at gamestop (or is it gamespot?.. i can never remember)
go buy it to annoy people who hate the Werehog :D

Next up, more werewolves and a unicorn.  

Fruit flies are horrible.

On the commie drawing board:
Rabbit comic, Jackal comic(horribly past due X_x),Kitara-bear, Hinata-bear, godzilla, Lionness comic( <- THIS THING IS LONG!), Horse comic, Wonderwoman-Gorilla comic, Catwoman and white queen piggies (squeal like a piggay!)Jasmine-cat comic, Hyenas comic, Dragon and Kangaroo comic (@_@) If you wanna commission a comic, be prepared to wait, A LONG TIME for me to get to you.
[Motherboard (Gigabyte UD3 770)]
[Processor (Phenom ii X3 720 2.8ghz black edition)]
[GPU Acquired]
[HDD (Samsung 640GB SATA)]
[DVD Acquired]
[Case Acquired]
[PSU Acquired]
Props to neogaf for finally being useful.
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Congrats on acquiring cable internets. I have wireless, and every time someone uses the phone the internet cuts out. :( .
I know how you mean by getting the computer rebuilt. Mine needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. New motherboard, drives, etc. Might as well rebuild, and get something up to date.

I hate to ask, and I know you are busy with other commissions, but mine is on your list still, right? Also, do you need any more references from me?
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Great that ya got it back man! Be glad to see some more of your stuff coming up too ;). Kudos btw on tale of two werewolves!.
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oh wait is mine the "werewolf comic x2?
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Nope, the stuff listed up top are my own personal crap
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I see that in your list you didnt include my commission. Did my note not come through? If so I will send it again...
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DarcinHobbyist Writer
People who hate Unleashed just because of the mere presence of the Werehog are fools. Fools, I tell you! The soundtrack is great, the gameplay is wonderful (both parts), and it´s not Sonic ´06. What´s not to love?
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Well it's by no means perfect. It's a game filled with tiny annoyances in execution that folks with an axe to grind blow out of proportion. The very definition of "solid, but not spectacular".

The platforming is great and horribly unforgiving, which is a rare trait these days.
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RianqHobbyist Writer
Hm, what happened to my picture now? Could you find it? :/
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It died in a fire (literally). I've yet to make you your new one 'cause I'm a forgetful and stupid man.
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RianqHobbyist Writer
Awww, it's okay. That's some higher force shit working there, so don't worry too much. I promise I'll be happy the day I get the picture. :D
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JAFNOVAHobbyist Writer
It does indeed!
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Yeah, Werewolves and Unicorns, sound cool :D
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its gamestop. gamespot is a site for games. like news and stuff for games. the local gamestop manager knows me cause i visit them a lot!
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glad to hear you are on high speed, i will probably have to look into that...:) I want high speed now..:)
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Out of curiosity, have you ever considered doing a TF that involves a relatively fat animal? I ask because all the creatures in you gallery are very muscular.
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TheSoylentOrangeProfessional Writer
Oooh, a unicorn? Sounds neat. :)

(And the werehog levels would have been more tolerable if they were either shorter or more varied. Copy-paste is not a viable game design strategy. :x )
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I live for combat, the set dressing concerns me not I will punch.. punch, slash and punch... yeeeessss @_@
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TheSoylentOrangeProfessional Writer
Don't get me wrong, the combat was fun, especially once you unlocked some of the cooler moves, but there'd be areas where you'd beat a room of enemies and they'd just respawn, sometimes like three or four times! At least let us move on to another area first, just fighting in the same room over and over again isn't any fun after the first few times... :x
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Ps360? o_O or did you mean ps3. If so what that 60 means?
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I think he ment PS3 but prolly said it as a joke.
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No, I mean for both the ps3 and 360, whichever machine you prefer.
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Either would suffice. ^.^

I myself have an Xbox360 since I don't need all the extra features the PS3 has. It may be technically superior to the Xbox360 but one can barely see any difference when it comes to something on screen. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. ^.^
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