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Published: September 28, 2013
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Messed around with Jacky (yeaaaah) in vf5, but Ive never gotten a chance to really play final tuned. No ps360.

Anyway, Skullgirls.

Currently running to team of Ms.Fortune and Valentine. Thinking of adding Squiggly as a third.

Oh, thats the end of Knuckles... Let's post something else.
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patemvikHobbyist General Artist
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DinokirbyStudent Digital Artist
I want to pet him for some reason. He looks awesome.

Pikachu IDK plz  pikachu Rup cheeks plz 
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He will know the way.
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HomestarRunguyStudent Digital Artist
K. Enchilada's final form
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StarlightArtworksHobbyist General Artist
Ain't nobody trying to touch his emerald now!
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can i use the base of this for one of my drawings?
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O M G wow this is....... AMAZING
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metal sonic: with what sir?
Eggman: kill it, WITH FIRE!
metal sonic: okay, ARTILLERY!
artillery: yes sir?
metal sonic: LIGHT EM' UP!
artillery: O.K *clears throat* FREAKIN' DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*artillery fires literally everything, and knuckles dies* (so sad)
Eggman: good. now for the rest of them.
metal sonic: *face palm* 
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AlphaDiamondProfessional Interface Designer
So this is SANIC'S fiaut
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Nega-The-Impmon9508Hobbyist General Artist
Knux Battle Icon + OC Steve = Up Arrow 
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DLYLAHNNHobbyist Writer
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Knuckles now looks like a dog. Maybe he can go after Rouge for all the times she's tried to steal the Chaos Emeralds from him.

(Perhaps you could do a comic strip where Rouge turns into a Werebat after experiencing the power of the Chaos Emeralds?)
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Wow ok I am never playing sonic again
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What a wild ride that was!  :omg:  I admire your attention to detail from panel to panel.
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Oh boy! I can't wait for WereSonic! I bet it's going to be the epic conclusion of all of this, even better than Knux!
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SwiftWindSpiritProfessional Writer
Sure.. Blame it on Sonic. You lycanthrope :p
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Stop with the request ffs! He has a massive backlog of commisions.
And besides, he won't friggin comply just because you whine here. He probably doesn't even read your coments.

SHUT UP already
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last time i checked the description of this page , blackrat said "lets post something else" we are just giving him some ideas of what to do next ! they dont count as requests or commisions ok so plz STFU!!! Angry emoticon :pissed: rvmp 
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He meant "let's post something else of my massive backlog of comissions. I hasn't done art for himself in a very long time. And don't get me wrong, I would love for him to have more time and actually draw something for himself. And that's where we get to the point; he would do that for himself, so it would be something he concieved, not something suggested to him by DA's famous crowd of Sonic fanboys. There's nothing wrong with occasional suggestion, but on every sonic related thing he does you start jumping him like ants. Cut that out.

That said, he still won't do your stuff because of his commision backlog and lack of time.
Have a nice day
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ok then firstly sorry for being a lil mad about you and secondly i didnt write anything sonic related comment , it was for another video game character called ratchet if you ever heard of him
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I'm sorry too, I wasn't going for you directly. That shows that sonic fanboys don't even bother to read the comments :p

P.S. He's already done Ratchet if IIRC, check it out :)
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i know that he did but it will be nice if he does another ratchet comic ;) (Wink) :) (Smile) 
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