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Werewolf commie part 2 p4

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werewolf6703's avatar
well that look like it hurts, and she din't wanna be a werewolf but oh well to late now, should of ran silly Meow :3 
SwiftWindSpirit's avatar
Lesbian werewolves.. Murr!
pgr333's avatar
If I see one of these werewolf's, I am going all military combat. Of course I would call for reinforcements first.
InBlockMan99's avatar
AGREED. time to go all Wesker on her ass!
pgr333's avatar
Totally, we should, I will have the MP, the Riot police, armies around the world, and of course my army.
Amanda-the-Human's avatar
Bet Mr. Werewolf is likin' wut he's seein' :D
kali69's avatar
I wanna taste her ass. I know, i'm a pervert. :jackdirt: =D
tterrag7991's avatar
Nice tits you have, Wolf.
algazozo's avatar
Encore et toujour
werewolfluva5's avatar
done call me crazy but i seriosuly wish that was me becoming the werewolf all i can say s u draw them the way they should be if i was to ever be a werewolf i definitly would wanna be 1 that youve drawn just the detail and evrything is awsome just the transformations are incredible there the best ive ever seen yah so dont call me crazy for it but id seriously wish that was me becoming the werewolf XD
Vapireboy's avatar
I agree. tterrag is just an idiot.
werewolfluva5's avatar
exactly people hate/make fun of me just cause i think it'd be frickin awesome to be a werewolf especially the ones that blackrat draws.
tterrag7991's avatar
You are crazy and you need major help.
werewolfluva5's avatar
call me crazy doesnt matter to me its just my wish and my opinion :P
tterrag7991's avatar
Well only an idiot would want to turn into this stupid thing.
Vapireboy's avatar
your just jealous. its ok. now for a time out go sit in the corner for being rude. And you cant come out till your nice
bosyosy1015's avatar
Same here. So painful, yet pleasurable. P:
tterrag7991's avatar
LuvDRpepper's avatar
o_O wtf her boobs got bigger o_O

but i must say this is amazing work

nice job!
Vapireboy's avatar
It's the land of the riseing tits.
whta program do you use for the comics and stuff? I plan on making a camic but I cant seem to make those boxes or anything seem right!
Werewolf9's avatar
photoshop? i beleive?
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