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Werewolf commie part 2 p3

More paw
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Poor baby.Don't cry,you will be OK

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I will pet you,baby,I will pet you

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She cried because of the transformation but she was feeling a baby while transforming

What Determines what art is related art, Because i was viewing my comic strip about toast and this sequence was the only thing in the related section :P
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i would stay cuz i would wanna be a werewolf, pain would be worth it to be super strong look like a wolf Meow :3 
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sexy werewolfy toes.
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it seems that you like paws pads in your art.
Love the expression on her face in panel 4
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Numb nuts deserved it. Now, I would've stayed because werewolves are the shizz and being one looks extremely painful/f*cking awesome, plus if it's my friend I would try to comfort him/her during the transformation, but this dumb chick stayed there in horror and now is screwed because she didn't listen like a dumb b*tch. :grump:
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she desrved it for not listening =p
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You deserve it, for no reacting quickly :yum:
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You deserve it,:p you silly woman, next time better run.:sprint:
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wish that was me becoming a werewolf lol :/
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and the hair is darkening to match the fur.
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the bite marks have disappeared!
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great starting muzzle. the paws are fantastic. love your work :D
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Dude, you have really awesome drawings :)!
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and a face...and bewbs
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Is "crick" the sound of small bones reforming?
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Crick... :O That sounded painful...
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