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Werewolf commie part 1 alt

Part one page 1 of werewolf tf comic for :iconfullmoonmaster:

This is the alternate version, the original colors are up on his page. I ended up going back over this one after part 2 was done and made some adjustments. (Because i felt part 2 looked better.) Altered the color a bit, sharpened up the shadows, yada yada.

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takes your friends advice girl, and move those legs!
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My least favorite horror cliche -  the "friend doesn't realize their own best friend is turning into a monster" trope.
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dummy rrruuunnn

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If i was the other girl,i would run
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beautiful hands
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awesome comic!
i want see part 2 NOW!!!!!!!
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love your work keep it up
I love this! Can you add links to next pages and so forth?
I must say that I really love this transformation series. It is what started my Deviant Art addiction. Thank you for sharing your art with us.
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Weee. I was waiting for this ^^
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*sigh* They never listen... you always have to repeat yourself and hope you can get the message through before you lose your vocal cords...
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mmm, u'd think just the sight of ur friend going "incredibly fuzzy hulk" right next to u wud b enuf 2 prompt running away...

screaming optional
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Some people are more like deer in the headlights... and you're the semi tractor-trailer barreling down at them at 55 MPH.
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wow werewolf commies are more scary than vampire fascists
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I love the evolution in style. The eye shapes are more real, as are the builds through the shoulders.
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Oh no... here they go again! :XD:
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*Stay's* O.=.O No way!
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RUN! Don't be the holder of ignorance and stupidity!"
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