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Not my night...
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Published: November 13, 2013
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New character

Strange, random wolf out while spelunking... Not sure why, I'm usually full moons only.

I decided to go ahead and eat all of Whiterun hold cause hey, werewolf-cat-woman.
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Comments (29)
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it just works
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Furry-boss-monster's avatar
Furry-boss-monster|Professional Artisan Crafter
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I know a nifty command for being able to eat up whiterun hold AND essentials in the hold.

kids: setrace skeleton OR setrace troll

adults: setessential [base ID (found under "help (NPCnname)] 0

if setessential isn't working use markfordelete to delete witnesses.
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Can we get the name/place to get this mod? I love the idea of having my character keeping her gender while transforming!
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LillyCadaver|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey you there! Werewolf! You leave all these bodies lying around, someone's going to trip and get hurt. If I see it again.. that someone will be you. Have I made myself clear? >:F
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Sirenosaurus|Hobbyist Artist
What game is this?
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ScourgeWolfia|Hobbyist General Artist
Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. The 5th in the series
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Favorite part of the game... Now kill everyone!!!
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LatexJackal|Student Artist
Oh hey.. personally, I'd love to take the "bigger badder werewolves" base and make a female version out of that <3. But I don't really have the ski...... okay I do have the skill but not so much the time to fully rig (not to mention get permissions ect) x3 ~ Still, one of the simpler pleasures in that game.
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Hey, which mod is this?
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happy thanksgivingHi! 
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I remember my first night as a werewolf in Whiterun... I ran directly into Vignar. He took one look at me and said "Put come clothes on you dirty hippie!" To which I hung my head and shame and sulked away...

Okay, he didn't actually say "dirty hippie" but he meant it.
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SojiroEX's avatar

Dem werewolf boobs xD


Really though, yay for werewolves =3

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ignapolis|Student Traditional Artist
do you play wolfteam?
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i recommend moonlight tales, it has forced transformations based on moon cycles
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Why the fuck white run that's is where the best stores and shopkeepers are
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That's rather awesome looking.
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JustinandDennis|Hobbyist Digital Artist
i don't play Skyrim, but this is cool anyways.
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BlueWolfCheetah|Professional Artisan Crafter
What game is this?
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InsomniacFlaaffy's avatar
InsomniacFlaaffy|Hobbyist General Artist
The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
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Sephzero|Hobbyist Writer
 Time for wanton bloodshed I presume then.
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rew711|Hobbyist General Artist
wish i could play the elder scrolls games

it stinks being poor :(
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Hexen109's avatar
Wait what? Werewolf-cat-woman? What sort of mod is doing that?
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OniVrask|Hobbyist Writer
There are several mods to make a female werewolf form and yes khajiit can become werewolves.
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