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Lit that huge candle... I only have one book of matches and they are around a thousand years old. (really, I struck one and the head snapped off and nearly set me on fire).

I should just get a new lightbulb for my desk lamp...
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The exceptional Hulk.
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I apologise if this is some sort of fetish you guys like, but dude where the fuck have I got myself?! I was just looking up my regular pokemon tf's then this comes up. Well, I guess its DeviantArt so what do I expect?
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Uh... Better stay away from those steroids then.

Also, all Lucario have chest spikes.  I only saw the spikes on the backs of his paws, but nowhere near the chest.

:o -o: Wow!  I am such a nerd, aren't I?

Still, great sequence!
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pokemon ftw
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Note: never let lucario workout in golden gym program.

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CoveragePuns|Hobbyist General Artist
Mega tits XD
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That Lucario is now legendary XD
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Kitten5432|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lucario what did i say about steroids
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gotta catch em all :)
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dylan613|Student Artist
for gallade?
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for zoroark ?
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Icebird1917|Student Traditional Artist
oh my gosh, i'm better run!!
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Blake-Shade|Hobbyist General Artist
Ridiculously amazingly weird.
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I love how you always draw those massive paws! (^,^)/

Love this sequence and the rest of your work!
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Those are some incredible muscles! Love that flex <3
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A thousand year old book of matches would be an incredible discovery!
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i love the stories and inside things you put in the descriptions of your stuff lmao

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Reshigirl101|Hobbyist Artist
the eyes!
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Oooh~ She's a beast~! Love the way you do ripped women, BR
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MidnightFire1222|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Someone looks like they enjoy being all buff and muscular. Very cool image; I just lover her expression at the end.
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Well, I know she's enjoying it.
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my only problem with this is that you forgot the chest spike
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Mystery dude asked, nay, demanded under pain of death, that there be no spike.
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