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I'm one of the creators of a lot of assets in MakeHuman community. Since building of sceneries for model railway layouts became boring, I changed to a virtual world. You may notice my lack of fantasy from time to time ... it is because of the hobby I had before.

Since January 2019 I am part of the OpenSource project and an "official" MakeHuman developer. I hope I will have time to do some art in the future nevertheless.

Favourite Movies
Ex Machina
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Babes in Toyland, One Piece Puzzle, Virvel
Favourite Books
The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared
Favourite Writers
Jonas Jonasson
Tools of the Trade
Blender, GIMP, MakeHuman

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Thank you very much for all your work. I feel very happy to be able to thank all your effort and great quality in everything you have contributed to the makehuman user community. I don't have much talent or knowledge in the 3d world, so your assets have made me be able to tell my stories in a more dignified way!!! thanks thanks thanks

Thank you for the nice comment. Well I started a few years ago and when I will show what I did first you will laugh a lot ...

Meanwhile it is a lot of fun. In my case it is often less art. In a way it is copying a scene from reality to a virtual world. Meanwhile I am not doing a lot of assets for MH, I had to change my focus in helping to program stuff. You might notice that most of the new clothes for my new scenes are created by my friend Elv. I try to do other 3d assets and we help each other.
And she is the one who triggered me, that I also try other skeletons or first tests with extended base meshes for the future.

But don't worry, what I will do in future for MakeHuman I will always share. So I have a lot of backups of my clothes all over the world ;)

Ohh, I've used many Elv designs too, I'm glad you're friends. Send my thanks to her too. They are the two most popular brands in the stories of my virtual universe!

Well, you can directly do that btw. Elvaerwyn is Licentyius over here, she created the makehuman group :) We are both happy if people like our assets :D
Happy birthday!