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Much much more Mexican FakeMon

By Black-M-H
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*facepalm* It was grayscale settings. Of course.

Wispair - (wisp + despair) - Ghost/Water Type - Funny thing, I completely thought of this fakemon far before I started the Mexican FakeMon project. I'm glad it now has a spot here.

Despraith - (Despair + wraith) - Ghost/Water Type - Nothing much to say here, except that Wispair is genderless before evolving, but Despraith is always female.

Larona - (shortened word of 'La Llarona') - Ghost/Water Type - A pokemon based on the famous 'La Llarona' legend. Google it, but long story short, the spanish version of the boogey man. This is the semifinal Ghost line of the dex.

Foalling - (Foal + youngling) - Normal Type - Bleh. I can't draw horses. I have terrible anatomy on them. Sigh, I tried my best. this one is the only one that looks good.

Armustang - (Army, or Armor + Mustang) - Normal Type - I needed to try to make the horse more interesting, so I gave it armor. Ehh...

Magnicorn - (Magnificent, or Magna + Unicorn) - Normal/Steel Type - So much work... and I still don't like it. Ugh, oh well. Enjoy.

Elegasus - (Elegant + Pegasus) - Normal/Flying Type - No, you're not getting a Unicorn+Pegasus pokemon. That's a god tier design. You're only getting one. This is a split evolution. More armor, or less armor. Bleh.

I'm drawing these guys fast. A second picture is already on the way.

Pokemon (c) of GameFreak and Nintendo.
Fakemon and region were my ideas, though.
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