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Mexican FakeMon Set 14

By Black-M-H
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Got to the Dia de los Muertos Fakemon. :D

Zucavera - (Azucar + Calavera, spanish for sugar and skull, respectively) - Ghost Type - It figures that the basic form would be a sugar skull. It was easy to design since most skulls are customized. A lot of them have flower and heart patterns.

Tumbone - (Tumba, spanish for grave + Bone) - Ghost Type - This one's design is based on the skeleton dolls and depictions of the dead. The petal like pieces behind its head amuses me.

Emispirit - (Emissary + spirit) - Ghost Type - I like the drastic change in his design, with continuity in his details. It may look too human, but that's hard to avert from since it's based on a human skeleton.

Cortevo - (Corte + Huevo, spanish for Blade and Egg, respectively) - Steel/Dragon Type - The reason he's in that shell is because the eggshell is made of stell. Kind of hard to break out of something like that when it's made of steel.

Angyro - (Ankylosaurus + Gyro) - Steel/Dragon Type - As soon as I realized I was drawing a dinosaur, I quickly searched it on the internet. Ankylosaurus. Western USA. Good enough for me!

Serrago - (Serrate + Dragon) - Steel/Dragon Type - I gotta be honest. I'm not completely satisfied with the design. It feels incomplete to me. I might draw it again with a more detailed piece, but for now, this is just the rough draft.

Spiniped - (Spin + Pinniped) - Water Type - How embarrassing. I was about to submit this art with his name or anything. Ha. :D

Sealix - (Seal + Helix) - Water Type - Yeah. The name sounds too close to Steelix. Oh, and these guys are based off of the extinct Carribean Monk Seal. In fact, when you get one of these guys in game, you won't have Dex info on them until you show them to the region's professor. Similar fakemon might have this feature as well.

I think after 140, I'll start doing the lesser legendaries, then the big ones. I'm sad to see this dex almost done. :c

Pokemon (c) of GameFreak and Nintendo.
Fakemon ideas and design are of my own creation, however.
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