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Mexican FakeMon Set 13

By Black-M-H
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Hey. It's pretty hot around here, isn't it?

Estrelava - (Estrella, spanish for star + lava) - Fire Type - I thought a starfish made out of lava would be pretty cool. So here's Estrelava.

Nubelec - (Nube, spanish for cloud + Electric) - Electric Type - As is my rule, I had to have a parallel for a pokemon I thought needed one. And, considering I consider Fire and Electric opposites since Magmar and Electabuzz, Estrelava needed a parallel. So have this strange electric tick thing.

Pawnsar - (Pawn + pensar, spanish for think) - Psychic Type - I needed more Psychic types. This pokemon doesn't have any specific origin in the dex. But hey, I was inspired. c:

Chessen - (Chess + Zen) - Psychic Type - The image of this pokemon came into my head as I brainstormed design. I needed more Psychic types and this figure came to mind. It's a cool looking figure. c:

Zenbur - (Zen + ember, or burn) - Fire/Psychic Type - I still need more psychic types. This one evolves from Pawnsar if you have an Estrelava in your party, kind of like Mantyke.

Zender - (Zen + Thunder) - Electric/Psychic Type - Like Zenbur, you need to have a Nubelec in your party to evolve Pawnsar into Zender. Also, hey unique typing. :D

Meltar - (Melt + Tar) - Poison/Fire Type - Yeah yeah. He looks like Grimer. But was Grimer ever hot tar? I don't know, he should've been.

Smoxic - (Smoke + Toxic) - Poison/Fire Type - Great, now he looks like Weezing, or those Puffs from the Paper Mario RPGs. Oh well. You guys got a similar looking Pokemon now. If he were real, he'd be on every MArio themed team. c:

Volanza - (Volcano + Lanza, spanish for spear) - Fire Type - Yes, more fire types. I mean, why not? Right guys? :D

Volcanar - (Volcano + Narwhal) - Fire/Ground Type - Narwhals are arctic, I know. But if you reverse the setting, you get a really cool pokemon idea. Lava Narwhal! Yes!

Sigilyph - Same situation as Maractus. And besides, I can imagine this guy flying around a temple. Or on a glyph. He just fits right in.

Ballurva - (Ball + Larva) - Bug/Psychic Type - Look at the little guy. He wants out. ;.; Also, I am overusing the word larva for these names. s:

Pearlliya - (Pearl + Polilla, spanish for moth) - Bug/Psychic Type - I think the wings are underdone. I could've added more there. Well, I like the pearl gimmick here. And I'm surprised we don't have a Bug and Psychic type, yet so many Bug and Steel types. Creepy li'l guys.

We've reached 131 with this page! It's almost time for me to wrap up this dex. D:

Next picture, I'll get on those Dia de Los Muertes Ghost types, as well as a Dragon line. And another Water line. Then maybe I ought to get started on the legends...

Pokemon (c) of Nintendo and Gamefreak
Fakemon ideas and redesigns are of my own creation, though.
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