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Mexican FakeMon Set 12

By Black-M-H
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Whee! Obvious photoshop moving! :D

Propelvae - (Propeller + Larvae) - Bug/Water Type - I had the idea of implementing a propeller on a pokemon. So I decided to do just that with a dragonfly. Why hasn't this been done before?

Rotragon - (Rotor + Dragonfly) - Bug/Flying Type - A water and bug type changing to a bug and flying? Where have we seen this before...? Also, no. You're not getting a Bug/Dragon, no matter how cool it is. Make one yourself.

Watseed - (Watt + Seed) - Grass/Electric Type - I thought of this little guy and it was too good of an idea to pass up. However, I had trouble coming up with the evo line, but I managed.

Shrubolt - (Shrub + Bolt) - Grass/Electric Type - Imagine this guy knowing Nasty Plot. Now you cannot unsee the light bulb lighting up everytime he uses it.

Agavolt - (Agave + Volt) - Grass/Electric Type - Based on the agave plant commonly seen around Mexico, it was an excellent choice for a Grass/Electric FakeMon. c:

Larvolt - (Larve + volt) - Bug/Electric Type - I like Galvantula and all, but a bee is a much better Bug/Electric idea. He looks like a little battery. :3

Buzapp - (Buzz + zap) - Bug/Electric Type - Wow, the names are getting more and more obvious, huh? s:

Patadpole - (Patada, spanish for Kick + Tadpole) - Ground Type - This fakemon was made due to the shocking lack of Fighting types in my dex. I must have more Fighting Types.

Patoad - (Patada + Toad) - Ground/Fighting Type - What I really like about this guy are those big eyebrows of his, which are present in real toads as poison glands. I just wanted a frog with unimpressed eyebrows. He's staring at you seriously. D:

Cubone and Marowak - Part of the reason these guys are here was for me to make a dex passing off the whole dead mother thing as a legend in their dex entries. Those are cow skulls and they look awesome.

Scorpunyo - (Scorpion + Puno, spanish for fist) - Bug/Fighting Type - After Patoad, I wanted to make a parallel to the whole kick/punch thing, like Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan. So have a punchy scorpion.

Mayskorp - (Mace + Scorpion) - Bug/Fighting Type - I don't care if it looks too much like Drapion, all scorpions have arms attached to their frikkin' heads. Also, it is not poisonous. Those punches just frikkin itch!

Blazmic - (Blaze + Cosmic) - Rock/Fire Type - Again, another parallel. I also wasn't expecting another Rock Type in the dex. Eh, these things just pop up like this.

Freezmic - (Freeze + Cosmic) - Rock/Ice Type - I just noticed that this one has the same type combo of another fakemon of mine. So much for variety. P:

I surpassed a hundred fakemon in the last picture, 103 to be exact. This pictures brings my total up to 118. I'm 2/3rd done with my dex. I better start wrapping things up. s:

Next picture. We'll go around the volcano. :D

Pokemon (c) of Nintendo and Gamefreak.
Fakemon ideas and redesigns are of my own creation, though.
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isn't on of those just a marowak? marowak isn't a fakemon.
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I established around the third piece that I'd be redesigning old ones with new looks to accommodate a feeling of regional differentiation, like an African Elephant to an Asian Elephant.