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Mexican FakeMon Set 11

By Black-M-H
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Yes. I ran out of title ideas.

Manofire - (Man of War + Fire) - Water/Fire type - The first time I saw a Man of War jellyfish, the first thing I thought was 'Damn, that'd make a good Water and Fire type'. Look. It has come to pass.

Sandinero - (Sand + Dinero, spanish for money) - Water/Rock Type - If you look hard enough, that sign on it is shaped like a dollar sign. And yes, it can learn Pay Day.

Sandmine - (Sand + Landmine) - Water/Rock Type - Don't question how a crustacean(?) can evolve into a skate. I think Masquerain logic would also apply here.

Puncturay - (Puncture + Ray) - Water/Rock Type - We need a meaner ray. Mantine is too cute looking, and he doesn't have a stinger either. Oh, and Puncturay isn't small. He's about Mantinee's size.

Gatopy - (Gato, spanish for cat + guppy) - Water/Poison Type - There is a surprising lack of Water/Poison Types in the real pokedex. Just Tentacool and Qwilfish. Oh well. At least this one is cute. :3

Lionom - (Lionfish + Venom) - Water/Poison Type - About time we had a Lionfish pokemon, and I'm here to bring you one. This is probably my favorite gimmick, easy to implement. Just slap a kitty face on a fish. Done. :3

Marlungard - (Marlin + En garde, something swordsmen say before battle) - Water Type - Eh, I wanted a swordfish, but I didn't want to abuse the whole sword aspect obnoxiously. I know! Put the sword on the bottom jaw! Perfect!

Findol - (Warped version of Dolphin) - Water Type - I thought of this concept at the beginning of the dex. I wanted a dolphin pokemon, so, I thought to implement a boat gimmick here. It works. c:

Baroca - (Barco, spanish for boat + Orca) - Water Type - As I drew, I didn't know how to design this one. I waited until the final evo was done, and decided to give it this design. The fins look like the chimney of a boat.

Walleon - (Whale + Galleon) - Water Type - Size not up to perspective. I really like how this turned out. Portholes, sails, huge oars. Probably the best Water type I've designed.

Pillimo - (Pilluelo, spanish for Urchin + limo, spanish for slime) - Bug/Water Type - I wanted an Urchin. I guess the design is underdone. Oh well. I thought of it in, like, 5 minutes. :/

Bloomone - (Bloom + Anemone) - Bug/Water Type - Halfway through drawing this, I decided to make this pokemon a parallel to Sandinero and its evolution line. Besides, although Lileep and Cradily are epic beyond anything in this universe (totally <3), we need to implement a sea anemone in a biologically incorrect evolution line.

Barnuckle - (Barnacle + Knuckle) - Bug/Water Type - I should've made the hands a little bigger. Well, it's not up to perspective, those clams on its hands are as big as Pillimo. I also really like the transition from wide bodied to super slim in this evolution. A nice appeal here.

Shellos and Gastrodon - Of course. EVERY fakedex after 4th gen has to have a Gastrodon alternate form. Heh. But I pooled in my research. These forms are actually based on what the sea slugs look like in Mexico. The one with the bulbs on its back is the Gulf Form, the form you'll find in the Gulf of Mexico. The other form is based on the sea slugs you'll find in the shores of Mexico; The Coast Form.

In the final product of this dex, it is very likely that the pokemon will be arranged in a different order, to give the dex more variety and more based on location.

Next page is going to feature plenty of Bug types. I don't know how many I have here now...

Pokemon (c) of GameFreak and Nintendo
Fake Pokemon ideas are of my own mind, however.
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