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Lots More Mexican FakeMon

By Black-M-H
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I'm gonna start running out of ideas for the titles. P:

Guppyum - (Guppy + Yum, these guys taste good) - Water Type - My Magikarp parallel for this dex. Took me long enough. :D And yes, that's a target on its side.

Monstrath - (Monster + Wrath) - Water Type - Name took forever to think of. Anyway, this is a pokemon hell bent on revenge. It will hunt down anyone and anything that tried to hunt it as a Guppyum. Like Dustox, but more badass.

Kroach - (Shortened word of CockRoach) - Bug/Dark Type - I needed more Bug types in my dex, so I bring you a roach. Its antennae double as knives. I wasn't happy with it at first until I decided to draw its pattern on its back. I'm happier with it now.

Gophrit - (Gopher + 'go for it', punny name, I know) - Ground Type - I wanted to emulate glasses onto a pokemon, so I thought of a gopher. I couldn't do a mole because 1) we already have a mole pokemon now and 2) it would look too much like the Mario enemies. But hey, it looks like a cute lil potato. :D

Goggofer - (Goggles + Gopher) - Ground Type - This guy gets some eye based moves. I haven't decided what, but I'll get to them soon. I know you like his pose. LIKE A BOSS.

Badgerob - (Badger + Rob, duh) - Dark Type - At first, I thought 'badger'. And then I thought 'Normal Type'. But then I thought 'Enough Normal Types'. So then I was like 'Another Dark Type'. I'm ok with this.

Badgron - (Badger + ladron, spanish for Thief) - Dark Type - The emphasis on the bandages were rather out of nowhere for me. But hey, anything to keep him from looking too normal.

Maractus - You know, it's funny. In the beginning, I didn't want to use any 5th gen pokemon because, at the time, there was still all the buzz about what the next pokemon would be. After time passed, my project is still unfinished and Pokemon Black and White have finally hit the US. Incidentally, this is my first drawing of Maractus, but it doesn't count since it's a redesign. It's cute, oddly.

Mantoyote - (Manto, spanish for coat + Coyote) - Normal Type - This pokemon is based on an old book I read, about a coyote who stole a poncho from a boulder, yeah I know, and the boulder chases him down, yeah, I know. This pokemon is based off of that story. It even has an ability based on that. Now I'm really tempted to jot down their dex entries.

I've lost count on how many fakemon I've drawn now. Something tells me I'm a little more than halfway, though. I'll have to start digging deeper now. We'll be going into the ocean soon. :D

And also, I don't think I'll get to that soccer pokemon I was talking about a while back. Sorry. :c

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like em all and wouldent mind having them in my roster