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Star Trek TOS Cross Stitch Patterns

My two current hobbies are Cross Stitch and Star Trek:TOS so it was inevitable they come together. I haven't actually stitched this entire thing yet but completed projects of the single characters by myself and others are linked below! If you go ahead and stitch any PLEASE show me the finished result!!! I would love to see it! :)

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The individual patterns for all of the designs featured in this cross stitch are available FREE from my DA gallery
James T. Kirk [link]
Mr. Spock [link]
Bones McCoy
Grumpy [link] Happy [link]
Uhura [link]
Scotty [link]
Chekov [link]
Sulu [link]
Star Trek Logo [link]

A gallery of all known projects that other stitchers have completed based on my free patterns can be viewed here [link]
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Hey there, I have completed the whole set. It looks AWESOME!! How can I share this with you and others?
I think I might have figuredit out…
Thank you so much for sharing these patterns. I've been looking for the perfect gift for my dad and this is it. I can't wait to start working on these. :)
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I finished stitching this pattern (quite a while ago) and have posted it here:…
Just want to say also say thank you for the patterns, they are really fantastic and look amazing!
Just want to thank you for sharing such awesome patterns! Here are some recently completed work:……
I've already started Spock and nearly finished but you should think about making a cross stitch of Quark!!!

Thanks for everything!
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Thank you so much for sharing these, I'd been looking for the logo and insignia as I've been stitching a Kirk, McCoy and Spock design from a magazine and wanted to add these to the background.
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This is very interesting, I hope soon to see more in the gallery!
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Wow this is beautiful, and you have a great talent for Cross Stitching. :-)
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I don't know how to stitch, but this piece is epic.

This must've taken a lot of work. I commend your effort......

Faved. (Like 99.9% of all ST artwork I tend to come in contact with) :D
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I LOVE this! I wish I knew how to cross stitch
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These are the answer to prayer! I too love them, and do X-stitch when I have the time....Can't wait tp do them! Thanks so much!
Christycard's avatar
Awesome!!!!!!! I can't wait to get started!! Thanks so much!!
SubRosa-undertherose's avatar
That's incredable! At first I was like, what's this drawing/image doing in artisan crafts? I had to zoom in to tell it was crossstitch at all.
arodgers2239's avatar have no words for how incredible this is...
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Hm. I wonder if I could adapt these to stranded knitting.... :D
black-lupin's avatar
Well I recently discovered the joys of latch hook rugs that use the same patterns! And a friend has just completed Kirk in beads!!! [link]
I would dearly love to see them knitted!!!
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I know! I got here via tripper. :D She's on my watch list, and my jaw just about hit the FLOOR when I saw that.

I might have to play around with doing this in textured knitting instead---it looks like it might adapt well to that... hm... and it's easier than stranded....

PS: I nominated both of you for DDs. Here's hoping one of you gets one.
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I know practically nothing about knitting :(

But if it was possible to make a Spock jumper... OMG I would finish it in a week and would wear it forever LOL
kalany's avatar
Well, I will do my best! :lol: I was just thinking "It'd have to be jumper (sweater, since I'm American, actually) size... not sure it'd fit on anything smaller...).

:D Let's see how far I get on this project. ;)
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Jesus, I haven't cross-stitched since I was little. BUT I MAY HAVE TO GET BACK INTO IT FOR THESE.
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Oh my gosh this is hilarious!!
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Ooh, these look great! I just may steal the logo pattern for a shirt or something. :giggle:

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