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Mr. Spock Cross Stitch Pattern

My two current hobbies are Cross Stitch and Star Trek:TOS so it was inevitable they come together. If you go ahead and stitch it PLEASE show me the finished result!!! I would love to see it! :)

This design has 5 colours in different shades of science officer blue (or choose another colour and make it your own!). It's only 5"x5" so shouldn't take too long.

To see all designs in the series - Spock, Kirk, Bones, Uhura, Scotty, Chekov and Sulu visit this link - [link]

~ThetaKoshei has now stitched this! [link]
~skyhealer Has also stitched a very logical Spock [link]

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Great pattern! Thank you for sharing it. I used it for a bead picture: Mr. Spock
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Thank you for showing or designing this chart. if you like to see how it turned out your welcome to come look on my gallery thank you you have made one 40 year old man very happy x
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These are AMAZING!!
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First of all, Thank You so much for making these patterns! They are absolutely fantastic, especially Mr. Spock!

I just finished stitching Mr. Spock and have plans to make everyone else according to the pattern you released for all of them!

However, I noticed with the pattern above that you are missing 4 or so columns on the right hand side of Mr. Spock's shoulder! This makes him only 58 stitches wide!

I would appreciate if you could remedy this on the pattern as I don't want to try and guess this section!

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I allready printed out 4 other of your patterns, but just to tell you on this one (and not spam all fo them witht he same message) when I saw these, I ahd this song stuck in my head... [link] So yeas, mere patterns of star trek do make me jizz my own pants. And because I love beads, I'm probably going to follow in TripperFunsters steps and make them out of beads... and simultaniously kill my self XDDD
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This is so great, thank you so much for sharing this! I'm trying to make this for a friend for Christmas and I was wondering if you had used the whole thread or had split it into smaller pieces since I know some patterns call for only using 3 or 4 pieces out of the six.
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I just use 2 pieces of thread - so split it into 3 x 2.
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Sounds good thanks ^_^
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um hi:) i finished cross-stitching Mr. Spock but i dont know how to credit you.. I'm new to deviantart. so here's the link to where i posted it [link] thanks!
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Finally got more cross stitch! Let operation Spock commence! Then on to Bones :iconsponesplz:
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Omg I love this. I am so making this! But would you be kind enough to put up the pattern for the book mark of spock with the tribbles!?
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I love these!! I featured this here: [link] ^.^
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This is so cool! I want to make one!
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just finished this. as soon as i can frame it it's going on my wall

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He's terrific! I'm really happy with how that pattern turns out :) I'll add you to the completed projects section. Thanks for showing me :heart:
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That's frickin AWESOME!
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Teehee, I'm working on Mr. Spock right now! :heart: THANK YOU!!!
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is this for 14 count aida? gonna try and do it, but not sure which size i need...
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Yep! Should work best on 14 count (finished size will then be approx 5x5")

I'm finally buying my materials for it on the weekend :) Can't wait to see yours!
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well, i have 14 count, so hopefully i can get started asap! (just have to finish my hm/wk first! XD)
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Cool pattern!! :)
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