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James T. Kirk Cross Stitch

My two current hobbies are Cross Stitch and Star Trek:TOS so it was inevitable they come together. If you go ahead and stitch it PLEASE show me the finished result!!! I would love to see it! :)

This design has 8 colours in different shades - choose between command gold or leisuresuit green (or choose another colour and make it your own!). It's only 5"x5" so shouldn't take too long.

To see all designs in the series - Spock, Kirk, Bones, Uhura, Scotty, Chekov and Sulu visit this link - [link]


My finished Kirk project can be viewed here [link]
~TripperFunster has also completed this in beads [link]
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This is fantastic!! =D
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I love this, I printed out the whole set of them and going to do them for my brother for christmas/birthday. My only issue is this one is blurry and having a hard time reading the chart.. Is there a clearer version some where that I can download or look at?? But other than that THANK YOU for posting this, it is so helpful and gave me the best gift to make!! :)
Same problem! Please-please post a clearer version, if it's possible! And anyway thanks a lot for your patterns, it will be a pleasure to do it))
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I made this for my Dad, and he just about died with excitement. Thank you so much!!

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Now if only I'm not too lazy to actually do it :)
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OMG.. This is awesome.. I've just found my baby sister's christmas gift (yes, I'm aware it's only January, :P lol). Thank you for this! hahaha!
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This is absolutely amazing!!!

I really, really want to try this!!!
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It's only LOGICAL that the two come together xD This is awesome!
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Dude this is sooo cool!
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OMG this is awesome! You picked some great pictures of the crew. I got supplies and started on your Spock pattern yesterday, and this one is totally going next to him on the canvas. I'll post a picture when I'm done, but it might be a while since I have too many projects going on at the moment. Although if I don't finish in a couple of weeks, school will start and I'll be working on it during lecture. Then I'd finish quickly, bur I'd have to deal with Spock looking up at me in disappointment as I struggle to understand multivariable calculus. Oh, and what program did you use for these patterns?
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FYI I have just finished stitching Kirk if you want to have a look! [link]

I'm about to get started on Spock and will let you know when he's done! I might be using a different pattern to the one on here though.
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I can't wait to see it! I want to do them all but I'm doing a cross stitch for my husband at the moment and he won't let me start anything else! lol. I really want to do Bones next but I can't find a pic that does him justice in X-Stitch form :( I aim to do 9 pics so I can do a 3x3 panel.

I've been using PCStitch7 to create the patterns. I heavily edit the pics in photoshop first then use the photo converter in PCStitch to make a basic pattern. Then I mess with the colours a bit. Quite addictive trying to to the right result!
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