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Game of Thrones: Bookmarks - Cross Stitch Patterns

By black-lupin
Update 1st April
I've had a few people say they have had problems viewing the PCStitch files so I have now added PDF versions of the patterns into the ZIP file available for download.

I've also tweaked the colours used in a few of the patterns. I recommend downloading the new patterns if you have not already started stitching the old ones.

I am also thinking of doing some quote bookmark patterns. If you have a fave quote or character you would like bookmarked feel free to leave me a comment!



I haven't done any cross stitch patterns in ages but the urge suddenly grabbed me earlier this week. I am absolutely in love with Game of Thrones at the moment. The TV series is amazing and I'm almost finished the second book (I know it will spoil the next TV series... But I just HAD to know what happens next!).

So there are five patterns, each featuring the sigil and motto of a major house: Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, Baratheon and Greyjoy. The sigil's are based on the artwork of the TV series. Each bookmark measures approx 2x7" when stitched on 18-count aida.

Click download on the right to get a ZIP of all the patterns. If you stitch one of these please send me a message when you're finished so I can see the end result! (also please credit me with a link back to this page). I have not yet stitched any of these myself, so I warn you to double check that the cotton colours I suggest match what you have in mind for your design.

Completed projects using these patterns:

Patterns for four more houses are now available:
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Wirklich wunderbar, freue mich schon aufs Sticken :)

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Great pattern, been looking for some cross stich patterns like this for some time

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I'm starting this now and have been making it in with no background color. Is it okay?

Hi. Are the pdfs still available?

Anyone who has made these have suggestions for the background colors?
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Could you please do a pda file?For some reason,no matter how I try,I can't seem to get the patterns.I think the file might be corrupted.Thanks.
Cant wait to do these - just wondering whether you'll be adding anymore for the other main houses? Such as the Bolton's and the Night's Watch?? 

I actually LOVE the layout of JosepineRoeper's crochet project - maybe something like that???
Thank you for the graphs. Although the graphs are for cross stitch, I made a crochet graphghan. I just made this account to leave this message so I hope I did it correctly.…
Josephine, your blanket is amazing. Wow.
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I don't even watch GOT, but these are gorgeous!
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This pattern file is bad or corrupted ???
Hi I had these patterns but my computer got formatted.  Is there anyone who has them I am part way through the Arran one :(
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Such a great pattern! I decided to make a pillow instead of a bookmark. Here's my result ->…

Thanks you so much for this awesome pattern
These are awesome! Thanks for sharing. xo
This is amazing, cant wait to get started. Thanks for sharing.
Which color did you use for the background in the Lannister one? It isn't listed on the pattern :)
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This is so awesome!! Thank you for making these :)
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I'm making the Baratheon stag for my bf, I'm gonna tweak the pattern a little bit tho, so that there's a little less back stitching...I'll let you know the results :]
thanks again for posting these awesome patterns, they really are fantastic
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I didn't understand... where can I find the colours? I'm afraid to pick wrong ones and that it wouldn't be as beautiful as it should...
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I'm converting the Targaryen sigil into a knit scarf pattern... wish me luck!
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Took me a long time, but I finally finished! Thanks again for the patterns!
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Thank you so much for them! I've made the Stark one for my friend - she loved it! I think I'll make all of them =)
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