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Bones McCoy Cross Stitch Chart

My two current hobbies are Cross Stitch and Star Trek:TOS so it was inevitable they come together. I haven't actually stitched this one yet but might do it in the future. If you go ahead and stitch it PLEASE show me the finished result!!! I would love to see it! :)

This design has 7 colours in different shades of medical officer blue (or choose another colour and make it your own!). It's only 5"x5" so shouldn't take too long.

To see all designs in the series - Spock, Kirk, Bones, Uhura, Scotty, Chekov and Sulu visit this link - [link]


The single most awesome cushion in the entire universe has been stitched by ~Knot-All-There [link]
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Thank-you! I got your link off someone on Facebook and I love your Star Trek designs. Will have to do these for sure. Lesley
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This is really awesome! I'm making this as a housewarming gift for a friend and I'll be sure to post a picture once I am finished. Thanks so much!
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This is incredible. I've been looking for a new cross stitch project to work on while I watch TOS. Did God send you?
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I had no idea you were such a BAMF! These rock so hard!

Did you use a program to make them? I don't stitch, so I don't know the first thing about it.

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Hehehe thanks! Let me just say I f'ing love your gallery BTW (I think I've faved 75% of it)

Anyway yeah I converted the pic to a pattern with a program, took a bit of tweaking to get it right though. Bones took me the longest coz I couldn't find a pic I really liked and he had to be perfect :) So glad it looks so good stitched. I'm about to get started on Kirk (aiming to do one with Kirk, Spock and Bones)
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I"m a real Spock girl, but that pic of SHAT is the bomb! I just wish I could cross stitch!
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I'm just gonna say Shatner totally rocks in cross stitch form ;) [link]

I'm so happy with how he turned out :)
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Oh hon, he rocks so hard! I absolutely love him! Great job!
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Just thought to let you know I finished Bones.
Thanks again for the pattern!
It was amazing!


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I've already commented on your deviation, but I just have to say again how awesome this is! I'm so thrilled people are getting use out of my patterns :) I know another girl has a Spocky in the works too, but your cushion totally rocks. Thanks for showing me!!!
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I love this!! god... we need to sit down and have a serious chat about star trek... id what youd consider an ULTIMATE TREKKIE! XD
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I've only just got into it after Star Trex XI but I'm SO OBSESSED (just in case you couldn't tell from the fact I created 8 cross stitch patterns of the TOS cast lmao)
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<3!! I love your cross stitch and never quit! your too good to stop now! I love the original series... the next gen is just a heap of shit... oh... i dont exactly liek willam shatner so ill usualy call him william shitner...
but i LOVEEEE spock!!

his perfectness and stillness as the vulcan must be hard to portray from such an emotional man... (54, stomach ulsers since he was 10, wife died... 0.o' i think, and his parent were.... polish?? or maybe jewish?? something like that!!
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I think I'm going to learn how to cross stitch now. xD
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Now I cannot decide whether to do this one or Chekov first!
Oh, now I am torn between the good doctor and the whizzkid!
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