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Ahead Warp Factor One

Just what the world needs - William Shatner in cross stitch form!

I'm really happy with how this has turned out. It's a much brighter yellow than I was expecting but it still looks great.

I am about to start stitching Spock to the left of this design, then Bones on the right. I'm not 100% happy with the patterns I've already designed so look out for new ones soon...

Check out my free Star Trek patterns available from my gallery here [link]
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Wow that looks amazing! Cross stitch? I love doing that and yours looks awesome
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Are you on livejournal at all? If not, would you mind if I posted this over on ONTD_startrek? (with credit to you, of course) I think people would CRAP over the awesomeness of this!
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I'm on LJ but so far have only joined some ST slash group XD I've just joined that community too though, always lookin for more to watch. If you wanna look me up I'm going by 'kiwicoy' but there's not much there. It would be cool if you want to post Kirk - I hope people get a kick out of it!
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That is SO FUCKIN full of awesome!

I have zero cross stitch talent, but part of me is thinking OMG I could do zat in stained glass!

Hee!!! I love the Shat so much! Was it hard to do???
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Cross stitch is easy to learn how to do but the secret is having the patience to stick with it - it's repetitive and takes A LOT of time! Nice and relaxing though I've always loved it :) Having said that I've always found knitting way too boring so I dunno :p

This took me prob 40 hours stitching time. That's not long though compared with most projects. Just do a couple of hours each night in front of the tele!
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I am glad you've done one!
I am doing the Spock one at the moment to follow Bones.

Thankyou again and your Kirk is looking mighty fine indeed.
The colours are bare nice!
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That's awesome. I'm just starting the last color for Spock and then I'll be making Kirk. These patterns are so great! Thank you!
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How is Spocky looking? I'm just starting him myself but I've regenerated the pattern with 7 colours so he kinda matches Kirk more. Can't wait to see the finished product!
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I'm almost done with Spock. I REALLY want to just get done with this, and I'll post pictures as soon as I do, but it looks like it's going to be awhile. I don't have any classes I can stitch in tomorrow, and I have math and physics HW due Wednesday plus a Japanese test. Then I get to start my week's computer project that's due at midnight. I also need to somehow find time to study for my physics test on Thursday and finish my physics lab writeup for that afternoon. Although after that I may be too brain dead to anything besides cross-stitch, so I may get this done sooner than I thought. Thanks again for this pattern; it helps keeps me sane through the days when I have to sit through 5 classes.
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