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You must be kidding me?-Entry

Okay, this is my entry to :iconthe-spirit-of-spirit:'s "Deleted Scenes" contest. I have never even tried to draw Spirit or Rain, so I hope this looks alright. ^^ It's not as good as the other's I've seen for this contest. I've got a lot of competition ahead of me. i had so much fun with this, though. :) I wish everyone else the best of luck!

Wow, after actually looking at everyone else's entries mine really does suck. Lol. I had a good time with it anyway. ^^;
Anyway, in this "deleted" scene Little Creek had just recently set Spirit and Rain free from the round pen, after a while Spirit's mane and tail started growing in and what not. One early evening right before he and Rain went into the lake to swim, Spirit decided to show off a tad for Rain by racing towards the water as fast as he possibly could. Rain tried her best to keep up but it was no use, she was too slow. Spirit ended up running in between a large tree and the two slingshot backwards. The rope tangled around the tree several times. Rain managed to stay on her feet, but Spirit took the brunt of it and landed flat on his back. Rain looked back at him with a putout expression, almost as if saying "Oh you must be kidding me?" ;)
|Tools of the Trade|
-Photoshop elements 6
-40+ layers
-12+ hours

No critiques please, I am already doing the best I can for what I am capable of. ^^
-Thank you.
Spirit and Rain (c) Dreamworks
Art (c) =Black-Heart-Always
Do not use without my written consent.
All rights are reserved.

I have recently moved accounts for a more fitting username so this artwork still belongs to me, just under a new username: =Black-Heart-Always It probably wont win but if it does please contact me on my new account. ^^
-Thank you
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A rope is a bad thing... especially for a horse...
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Aw, this is awesome <3
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i love it i love spirit
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Aww very cute! I love that idea :D
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lol ^^ wow thats just cute XD he looks quite upset with himself!
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Holy smokes you drew this with a mouse?! That's amazing!
Nixly's avatar
hahaha it's quite a funny image!
the shadings are good, it's a bit to dark i think, but it's good!
Black-Heart-Alliance's avatar
Thanks, it's supposed to be dark like this, however. ^^;
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;) Then it's good :D
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hahaha. I took my dog to the park yesterday and he did something JUST like this!! hahah!. funny
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Lol, that must have been very funny. :D
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yep. and he was just as happy as a June bug on the 29th of May, despite being incredibly stuck! lol. Dogs make things so much better, I think. I can be having the worst day ever, and I can play with a puppy and things seem brighter!
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This. Is. Amazing.
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lol, this si so spirit I love it, made me laugh a lot :D
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Omg! This is a great idea!! :XD: I love it :giggle: Good luck :D
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hehe, a very cute scene this would have been :heart:
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