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Talos: Hero Profile by Black-Falcon01 Talos: Hero Profile by Black-Falcon01
  This is the finished piece from:
Great work, I love it. pencilhead is an easy guy to work with and it wouldn't hurt to commission some work with him. Check out his gallery!        

Name: Steve Drake

Hero Name: Talos

Gender: Hetero Male

Age: 19

Nationality: American

Origin: Mutant

Appearance: Steve is a weightlifter and keeps in excellent shape. He has light brown hair and blue eyes. He is always quick to smile. Because of his mutant physiology, he has never ever had a cavity.

Hero Costume: Leather Jacket. Black gloves and boots. Jeans and a t-shirt. He wears either dark sunglasses or a visor. Steve’s strategy for the moment is to blend in to the crowd, rather than wear a flashy hero costume.

Skills of Note: He has trained in boxing and competed with the Golden Gloves.

Equipment: Motorcycle, helmet, folding mirrored visor (the only thing he wears that is like a mask), Swiss army knife (you would be surprised how useful that is to a hero).  The motorcycle is equipped with a fake license plate that he can flip with a switch. It is non descript, standard issue bike otherwise.

Steve also owns a motorcycle tent trailer similar to this:…

Personality: Steve is a nice guy, quick to smile and slow to anger. He gets along with most people. He is a scrapper however; knowing when to throw a punch. Steve is not big on flashy hero outfits, preferring gloves and a concealing visor or just a pair of shades.  His great joy in life is a motorcycle he spent two years saving up for. He would love to tour the country but finances are holding him back.  

Natural Strengths: Steve is a natural scrapper, he is stubborn and unwilling to give up. He likes most everyone he sees.  

Natural Weaknesses:  Steve has not a single detective bone in his body. He tends to be overconfident, learning his limitations the hard way.


History: Steve grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. He spent his youth camping, hunting, and fishing all over the American west. He was attracted to boxing as a kid, spending years in the Golden Gloves organization. His powers manifested in his teens, forcing him to quit boxing as he was increasingly difficult to hurt. His parents know of his abilities and encouraged him to be a hero. He really has no idea where to begin.

Steve was laid off with his latest job. He saw it coming, and saved up. With nothing to hold him back, he left Phoenix looking to join a hero team full time.

As Talos, his career was mostly rescue, plucking people from burning buildings. He actually made the papers when he entered a burning building, found a little girl hiding in a closet, and reunited her with her mother seconds before the building collapsed.  The only known photo of Talos came from a small town paper after he defeated a motorcycle gang robbing the bank. The gang is the Hellions, a national organization known for hiring low level mutants as muscle. Talos on their list as he put a mutant named Pyre into the slammer. In the fight, Talos actually tore the prosthetic horns right out of Pyre’s head. Steve still has those horns.


Natural Armor:  Steve’s bones are made up of organic steel. They look white, do not register to a metal detector, but act like solid steel. In other words he can take a hit and keep going. Now at 19, his skin is increasingly resistant. He found out the hard way he is bullet proof and even survived the blast of a hand grenade. Steve suspects (correctly) that more powerful munitions will kill him.  

Iron Fist of the Colossus. User can summon a pair of giant steam-punk Iron Fists. They look like giant floating gauntlets but are not hollow; appearing to be filled with whirring machinery. Each fist is three and a half feet wide from knuckle to knuckle, and is 6 feet long. While appearing to be made of grey steel, they are just mental constructs, and thus Magneto cannot affect them.


    1)    Each Fist can punch with super strength, leaving a huge crater.

    2)    Each Fist can be used as a very good shield, acting like solid steel.

    3)    Each Gauntlets can open, carry the user in its palm, and FLY

    4)    The Gauntlets are as dexterous as a human hand would be at that size. They can pluck people from a burning building and remove them to safety without harm.

    5)    The Fists can lift 40 tons. The strength can be toned down to gently handle fragile objects or people.


    1)    If the user is knocked unconscious, the Fists disappear

    2)    If both fists are destroyed, Steve will be knocked unconscious. They react like solid steel, but it can be done.

    3)    Psychic attacks immediately make the Fists disappear (the Fist is a mental construct and the user has no mental defense).  Telepathy will not trigger this, but any mental attack will sever the link between Steve and his Gauntlets. This will really suck if he is flying at the time.

    4)    Range is 1000 yards. The Gauntlets disappear beyond that range.

Tactics: Steve prefers to fight at range.

Likes: Camping, hunting, fishing, Girls, dancing, boxing, Techno Swing (music style), Motorcycles

Dislikes: Rap, pretentious people, Biker gangs,  

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