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February 5, 2011
Okami and Guardian Sapling by ~black-dicefish

The suggester said: "Words just CANNOT quite describe how lush, how powerful, and how utterly captivating Okami and Guardian Sapling by ~black-dicefish really is!! On the very first minute that I gazed upon this fan-art design, I found it to be simply jaw-droppingly beautiful — including such outstanding details as the main white-wolf character resting magnificently amongst a bed of flowers and even that glowing cherry-blossom tree with its petals blowing in the wind in such convincingly first-rate fashion, too. This one truly evokes a phenomenal sense of such great inner peace that we can feel in its overall design and execution, that you could just stare at it for hours and never get tired of it at all! What an incredible homage to our ever-beloved Capcom/Clover Studio game classic indeed; such an amazingly fantastic job!!!"

Also suggested by ~Rosella-of-Daventry and ~Jace-Z

Featured by TommyGK
Suggested by AdigunPolack
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Okami and Guardian Sapling

It's been a while but I've had work and stuff going on in my life, hadn't had much time to myself. Sigh...

I decided on a whim to do a little environment painting of the Guardian Sapling, but then it just grew and grew from there (exactly like a tree =P) and became this mini wonderland. I love Okami so much, I'm completely enchanted by the game, it's so beautiful <3.

This image took me a long time, a lot of chopping and changing and expansion. started off very small and focused on a small area but then it just got bigger and bigger and bigger!

:star: I have prints available! Please don't hesitate to ask.

Okami (c) Capcom
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Thank you for this amazing painting. Is it possible to obtain this picture in high resolution? Have a good day.
black-dicefish's avatar
Thanks a lot! No sorry, this is the only resolution I'm offering.
Too bad, I wanted to enlarge it to expose in my living room.
black-dicefish's avatar
You're more than welcome to buy it as a print. That's the only way you'll be able to have it in your living room. Please send me a note if you're interested.
Good morning,
Sorry but i live in France and i think it was very difficult to send a print.
black-dicefish's avatar
I have sent prints all over the world, so I can assure you that France would be absolutely no problem at all :) If you still wish to buy a print, please send me a note and we can discuss it further.
I swear to amaterasu that i've made an account here just so i could leave you a comment. This game has a very special place in my heart and few things in this world make me as blissfully happy as playing it.
I came across your art on a tumblr or something, and just had to know where did it came from. This picture almost made me cry, i can't even draw a freakin straight line and you came up with this! It's mindblowing to me.
Anyway congratulations, you are one sharp artist. This is the best okami fanart i've ever seen, and i've seen A LOT.
In the description you said you have prints available, is that so? Because i am seriously consering framing this.
black-dicefish's avatar
Wow!!Thank you so much! Your comment was really awesome and so so sweet! Okami is very special to me too, it transports me to a gorgeous universe every time a play it and no other game (yet) has touched me in the way that this has. I felt so inspired by it that I created this piece and it was sort of therapy for me because the world of Okami is so beautiful.

Thank you for your enthusiasm, your words are really touching. I can hand-on-heart tell you that if you enjoyed this artwork on a screen, it's a hundred times more luscious in real life. Prints are always available if and when you want it. Just drop me a Note if you're interested :)
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this is so beautiful :3 the clover s a nice touch x3
black-dicefish's avatar
Thank you very much! Clovers were one of my favourite things to find and dig up :P
WanderingKalosan's avatar
Just wow. Some people can combine their talent and hard work to create some truly amazing art. Okami and Guardian Sapling is one such piece of art.

Anybody can deny their emotions haven't been influenced the moment you have taken look at THIS?

Beautiful, black-dicefish. Please more of this :)
black-dicefish's avatar
Thank you so much, your words are so kind. I hope that it inspires peace and happiness, as it did for me :)
WanderingKalosan's avatar
It evokes piece of mind. I can totally see myself looking at it while listening to relaxing music. Will help to deal with stress after a hard day at work.
Using it as my desktop background atm.
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What a beautiful and stunning artwork for the Okamo Games.
It fits it so well, you jsut want to dive in and snuggle down in the sun.
black-dicefish's avatar
Rayquaza131's avatar
Oh my god... I...

This is amazing. Period. I am freakin speechless right now... That is just how beautiful this is.

You, my friend. Are awesome. This definitely deserves daily deviation.
black-dicefish's avatar
Thank you so much for your awesome comment! :D
Rayquaza131's avatar
No problem! oUo I still can't comprehend how beautiful this is. ;o;
Agent36496's avatar
This looks so lifelike :iconiloveyouplz:
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I was always wondering who the original artist for this drawing was and just found out today. It's an awe inspiring drawing of Ammy and a guardian sapling in it's environment. Thx for creating such beautiful artwork :)
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Hooray for finding me! Dance!  Your words are so lovely and thoughtful, thank you :)
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Hi there, this is such a beautiful piece! I don't know if you know but I purchased a silk poster of this on AliExpress and only found out it was yours by the watermark on the bottom right, if I had known it wasn't an official bit of art I would have tried to buy it straight from you.
It's very stunning nonetheless.
black-dicefish's avatar
I have to thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have not authorised anyone to sell my work on any third party website. The fact that someone has taken my work without permission and is profitting from it is worry to me. Thank you for your lovely words none the less. In future, please support the artist by buying the artwork directly from them.
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