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Medieval vampire and his bride


Now give me your critique. I demand it. Now. I love critique. It's so awesome <3

I had a very strong urge to make something medieval so I automatically thought about vampires in Middle Ages. I didn't mean to make any characters of mine, they are random though that lady is not a vampire. She's, how to say it, a vampire's bride. I quite like how it turned out but architecture is not 100% medieval. There aren't many places nowadays that aren't modernized in later times and there are even less appropiate stocks on Deviantart. I attepted to make it as medieval as possible though and I think I am not very far from what I wanted to achieve.

:bulletblue: Inspirations: Based on my imagination and listened music. My vampire works are influenced by everything vampire-themed I watched/read/listened for 13 years. So, we can say my vampire mood is raging. I'm also in mood of re-making my old characters (my old drawings suck dicks).
:bulletblue: Time: one night.
:bulletblue: Tools of crime: Photoshop, SAI and Genius.
:bulletblue: Soundtrack: Nox Arcana, Dark Sanctuary.
:bulletblue: I hope you like it.
:bulletblue: Thus, I hate writing ACs.
:bulletblue: Usually I offered download for details, but I disabled this option in all my newest manips. But long time ago Kami-no-kuroi-namida warned me of art thieves. I were aware of them, but because it was a good advice, I decided to go on with it. I also don't think anyone would steal my manips, but it's always safer to prevent it.


:bulletblack: A couple
:bulletblack: City
:bulletblack: Bats
:bulletblack: Moon
:bulletblack: Sky
:bulletblack: Torch 1
:bulletblack: Torch 2
:bulletblack: Ivy 1
:bulletblack: Ivy 2
:bulletblack: Ivy 3
:bulletblack: Ivy 4
:bulletblack: Fire 1
:bulletblack: Fire 2
:bulletblack: Lantern
:bulletblack: Cat 1
:bulletblack: Cat 2
:bulletblack: Cat 3

I painted/made hair from scratch. Everything else that is not listed in stock, was done/painted by me.

Anyway, thank you everyone for providing your stock. I am grateful I could use it.

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Great work :clap: Many, many thanks for using my stock :heart: Sorry for my late thanks, but I'm still in hospital
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Thanks. You're welcome.
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Seriously love what you've done here. I mean, I know these people (among everything else they are avid roleplayers) and I can just imagine them in this setting. Nice tune-up. :)
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Thanks for a compliment and constructivity. Heh, yeah, they are good models and I guess they fit to that set very well.
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