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Lost in an uknown city

By black-cat16
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Now give me your critique. I demand it. Now. I love critique. It's so awesome <3

Well, I really wanted to make vampire - themed photomanip, but I wanted it to be more heartwarming than scary or dark. I imagined a vampire lady and her human in a lesbian relationship, bond to each other. I hope the models don't mind that I "used" them for a lesbian couple ^^; The dog belongs to them and he's their guardian. There's no story behind it since this work is completely random. You can think whatever you want. It was kind of challenging to do this, because separating models during cutting them out of a picture is a pain in the ass. It looks simple, but... well, it's easy, but challenging. And merging them together after they are done is challenging too. But I am getting into this.
I am getting used to transforming humans into vampires. Well, this doesn't sound right.

A lady in a green dress is obviously a vampire. The difference between her and her human apprentice is more visible after zooming.
I was stuck between category of emotional and dark, but I think that vampires are more dark than emotional.


:bulletblue: Inspirations: Based on my imagination and listened music. Lately I am reading "Dracula" again so I guess I was obligated to create something with vampires. Orders are orders, I am not strong enough to disobey them.
:bulletblue: Time: one evening and one night.
:bulletblue: Tools of crime: Photoshop, SAI and PENTAGRAM.
:bulletblue: Soundtrack: TdV, Tristania and some metal mix.
:bulletblue: I hope you like it.
:bulletblue: Thus, I hate writing ACs.
:bulletblue: Usually I offered download for details, but I disabled this option in all my newest manips. But long time ago Kami-no-kuroi-namida warned me of art thieves. I were aware of them, but because it was a good advice, I decided to go on with it. I also don't think anyone would steal my manips, but it's always safer to prevent it.
:bulletblue: Some progress:  [LINK]


:bulletblack: models: Falln-Stock [LINK]
:bulletblack: city: B-F-G-STOCK [LINK]
:bulletblack: sky: JavierZhX [LINK]
:bulletblack: moon: Vargson [LINK]
:bulletblack: dog: BFstock [LINK]
:bulletblack: lnterns: YBsilon-Stock [LINK] and [LINK]
:bulletblack: dress: Letinha [LINK]

Everything else that is not listed in stock, was done/painted by me.

Anyway, thank you everyone for providing your stock. I am grateful I could use it.

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wyglada jak kadr z gry. :D
ten ksiezyc jest troche dziwny, nie wiem, moze za ostro wyciety? no i swiatlo z latarni mozna by poprawic - wyglada jakby oswietlalo ten budynek hen daleko. :D
ten pies mi sie podoba xD wez, naprawde chce sie wymyslic do tego jakąs gre. xD byla juz taka gdzie bohaterka miala ze soba psa i mozna mu bylo rozkazy wydawac, a jak sie go zle traktowalo, to nie chcial sluchac. XD
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