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Now give me your critique. I demand it. Now. I love critique. It's so awesome <3

Geez, I so love space art. Even more than typical sci-fi works. 
It's my second deepspace work. My first one I made a few days ago and I can see there's an enormous difference between those. I think I will go this way. Maybe because I shit bricks when I see these marvelous works of my favourite artists (and I am jelly as fuck). Maybe, if humans lived longer, I could catch up with them, but anyway, I am proud of this work. Finally it doesn't look like shit. 
By the way, I didn't know I can create a fricking nebula out of clouds. That's quite surprising. I don't even know why I'm writing this shit, but well, I treat ACs like a diary. That's kind of lame. 


:bulletblue: Inspirations: my favourite sci-fi artists JoeyJazz | TobiasRoetsch | ifreex | ANTIFAN-REAL | Aeon-Lux | Suirebit | These guys sure create brilliant works.
:bulletblue: Time: a couple of hours. A LOT of hours.
:bulletblue: Tools of crime: Photoshop.
:bulletblue: Soundtrack: Juno Reactor, KOTO, Atomine Elektrine <- Good, old space ambient.
:bulletblue: I hope you like it.
:bulletblue: Thus, I hate writing ACs.


● spaceships mysticmorning [link]
● flare Neonescence [link]
● clouds Skybase [link], Thy-Darkest-Hour [link], Wesley-Souza [link]


● Starfield tutorial DemosthenesVoice [link]
● Nebula tutorial ladyrapid [link]

I submitted my planets as a free stock, they can be downloaded here:
● Green planet [link]
● Blue planet with a ring [link]
● Rocky planet [link]
● Red planet [link]
● Icy planet [link]

Everything else that is not listed in stock, was done/painted by me.

Anyway, thank you everyone for providing your stock. I am grateful I could use it.

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