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Scratch and Leaves brushes

Made with Photoshop CS4
If you find these useful, use it any way you want...

...but please do not redistribute or sell these brushes. Leaves brushes are made from my png-stocks here… and…

I use often scratch brushes for smudging and for making grunge texture, like here:…
Some of the  brushes may not be so useful. :D

You don't have to credit or link here, but if you want to give a comment or link to your work, that's fine. 
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Very intresting. Thank you!!
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Thanks! They look great :)
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Niiice! This is great!
Thank you~ :)
Black-B-o-x's avatar
Thank you and your most welcome! :) :sun:
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will these brushes and the other ones in ur gallery work inside PS CC versions?
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I have no experience with newer versions of PS, but I guess they are compatible. Other way around is not, if you try to use brushes made with newest PS with older PS, they wont work.
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Awesome! Thank-you!
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Thank you! Your very welcome! :)
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Thank You!  I've downloaded the brushes and had a play with them.  I really like the scratchy effect I can get mixing two of the scratch brushes on patterns.
(I'm using the brushes in Gimp!)
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Great! Thank you very much for your feedback. :)
I like the scratchy brushes too, thought there could be some improvement done. Maybe I make a new one with only scratchy brushes and different versions. :D
That's great! I didn't know that's possible to use them in other programs. I have to start learning gimp now! :la:
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Oh, well as good as Gimp is, it's no comparison to Photoshop...  ;)
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It's a beautiful art I've seen.
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Your very welcome! :)
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Downloaded! Thank you so much for sharing this.
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