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New mesh from grayscale

This tool could be useful...or not, but it's fun to use. Result is what it is...little weird. I made wallpaper from it.

Mesh 3 by Black-B-o-x

Here we go...

1. Open new file. I make it 1920 x 1080 (wallpaper size), but you can make any size you want. If the file dimensions are high, it takes more pc cpu power.

2. Open texture file (you can download it from here Burning Black Cracked Yogurt - texture). You can use any texture, but the result is different.

3. Choose Elliptical marque tool and make copy of the texture (middle, where is more red).

3 by Black-B-o-x

4. Move it to the new layer and scale it down, so it fits and make a copy of it (just in case).

5. Choose Blur -> Gaussian blur -> Make radius about 5,0. More radius, more softer result.

5 by Black-B-o-x

6. Choose Image -> Adjustments -> Brightness/Contrast... -> make conrast 50.

7. Choose 3D -> New Mesh From Grayscale -> Sphere.

8. First select the 3D rotate tool. Then Click middle of the 3D tool (2.) so it turns to yellow. Keep the mouse button down and move mouse forward. Now the object should come forward / bigger.

8 by Black-B-o-x

9.  Add background Layer -> Layer style -> Gradient overlay...(choose any color...this only for making object more "visible").

10. Select the object and 3D tool again and rotate object to the position that looks better for you. When your done, take Move tool and move object to the right ( or where you want).

10 by Black-B-o-x

11. Select from toolbar Window -> 3D. Now you can change the object light and so on. Select the object. Now the 3D option menu should show info. Select the first icon (SCENE). Click Infinite Light 1. You should
now see at the bottom different options. Click the color box and change the color lighter.

11 by Black-B-o-x

12. Click the icon on the left of the Infinite light option menu. 3D rotation "thing" appears to top left corner. Now you can change the light position. You can change other two light positions and colors too. You can
change the light type to Spot light or make a new light. Change the intensity of the light from 1 to 1,3 or what you prefer.

12 by Black-B-o-x

13. Click materials icon from 3D menu. Change Glossiness and Shininess to 70% or what you like.

13 by Black-B-o-x

14. When you have set all light and other options click (SCENE) icon. When Scene option is active you can change render settings and other options. You can render the object to final output by going to your object layer and choosing the option -> Render for Final Output...BUT...I must warn you, that...well...I haven't managed to never make it there because of the render time. It shows me approximate time left and it just gets going up to many hours, so I have always just rasterized the 3D object. Keep copy of the smart object alive if you want to come back and change things.

14 by Black-B-o-x
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great tutorial dear friend!!! Looks really nice :D :la::huggle: