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Walking into the giant glass building, Kevin followed the signs until he found the boss's room. He walks into an empty waiting room, no one but the secretary was there. With a trademark feather in her ear and her quick typing on a typewriter, she didn't bother looking up.

"Hi, ma'am, is Mr. Ross available to see me?" Kevin asked.

"Name?" She asked, still typing and looking down.

"Oh, ma'am, I don't work here, I'm here to talk abou--"

"Name?" she asked again.

"Ma'am, it's for my job applica--"

"Listen pal, Mr. Ross is in and all, but my job is to make sure you're the right person he called. As you can see, we have no computers for they are being fixed, so at the moment, I'm typing manually so I can properly present something to the boss. My job is to keep track of who came and who left, so let's try this again. Name?" She said quickly in one breath, giving him a death stare.

"Kevin Terrell." He said fearfully.

"Age?" "Thirty two."

"Sex?" "Can't you te--" "SEX?" She said, annoyed. "Male." He decided not to question her anymore after she gave him 'the look'.

"Residence?" "(Insert location here)"

"Reason for applying?" "(Insert Long painful story here)"

"......... Done!" She said as she took out the paper she typed up and pushed it into a drop-box in the side of the wall.

There was long pause from the lady until a green button flashed. "The boss would like to see you now."

Kevin asked down the hall and to a door with a metal plate that said 'Boss Ross'. Opening the door led to a man behind a medium sized desk, reading the paper the secretary typed . He didn't have any computers or paper in the room. The room was small and open spaced, enough to hear yourself echoing.

"Ah, you must be Kevin Terrell! Please, have a seat." He said as he read the paper to himself. "I was expecting you to come in. So, first things first, I need you to give me a brief bio on yourself and why you want to apply."

"Ok. So, as a single man of a good apartment..." As he described his bio, Mr. Ross wrote it down onto the piece of paper. The moment Kevin was done, Ross has the entire page covered with bio.

"Okay! This is a good start. If you could hold on just a second..." He ordered for more paper. "Now what I want you to do, Mr. Terrell, is to take off your shoes and socks please."

Kevin was about to question him, but thinking back with the secretary lady, he kept his mouth shut and did as he was told. Slowly sliding off his dress shoes and socks, his feet were soon bare. "Okay, now what?"

"Just put them up on the desk." Obeying his command, he put his feet up on the desk. He didn't know where this was going. "Okay, to write down a few needs." He says as he pulls out an ink pen. He held it over his foot, and Kevin knew what was about to happen.

"Let's see, first off, I'll need some paper," he says aloud as he writes the word 'paper' on Kevin's left foot. Kevin squirmed in his seat, giggling like a little schoolboy.

"Then maybe some ink pens, this one's running out..." He said as he tried to get the ink running again.

"Hihihihihihi! Uh sihihihihihir!"

"Hmm... Do you think we need computers? I think so. Don't want us to be outdated." He says, scribbling the words onto his foot.

"Nohohohohohahahahaha, sihihihihihihir, please!"

"I know, I know. Don't worry, it's all part of the interview. Let's see here." He says as he puts down the pen. Grabbing the other untouched foot, he lifts it before touching around on it.

"Gyahahahahahahahahahaha! Whahahahat are you doing nohohohohow?!" Kevin asked, rocking in the chair a bit.

"Hmm... Soft feet: has good hygiene."


"Greek foot shape: must be intelligent."

"Mr. Rohohahahahahahahohohosss!!"

"Very ticklish feet: He's sensitive. That's good."

"Plehehehehehehehehease, it's tohohohohohohoo muhuhahahahahuch!"

"Okay then. I think we're done here!" Ross said, putting his foot back on the table. "So far, your bio and characteristics meet all of my requirements! Now it's up to me if you're hired."

Ross turned around and analyzed the data of the bio along with his observations on Kevin. "Okay, don't move!" He said as he picked up the pen once again.

Ross started to write two words, one on each foot. Whatever words he wrote, they were huge words because he felt it all over the bottoms of his feet. Kevin couldn't keep still, rocking in his chair and laughing away at the free tickly feelings.

"Ok, there!" Ross says, putting the pen away. Kevin turns his feet, but gets interrupted by Ross's hands covering the words.

"Woah woah, no peeking until you get home!" He chirped. Ross gives Kevin back his socks and shoes, letting the applicant put them back on and escorting him out.

"Well, this was all the time I had today. Hopefully, my little message will decide the answer for me." Says the boss, pushing Kevin to the door.

Before Kevin could say anything, the door slams in his face. He didn't bother knocking out asking any further questions, he wanted to know what message was on his dress shoe covered, black socked feet. so he continued to his other errands until later.

In the evening time around 9 or 10 o'clock PM, Kevin got home and dropped everything onto his couch. He soon was about to take a shower until he remembered: the message!

Taking off his shoes and socks, he held his feet up and turned them around to find two large words: YOU'RE HIRED! Kevin jumped for joy as he felt the great feeling of being hired for a new job.

"Wait a minute," Kevin said suddenly, "what exactly did I apply for?" This question haunted him, but whatever position it was, he just had to be ready for it tomorrow.
Had a dream about this piece right here.
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