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*WARNING: May contain vore! Proceed with caution!*

Deep in a lush, vibrant, damp jungle, two explorers traverse the wild ecosystem. Jacob and Aaron were searching for a new mysterious plant that was causing most animals to suddenly disappear. New records say it was discovered many years ago, but was never fully studied on because no one made it back alone. All they knew about the plant was it was big and maybe carnivorous. Jacob was determined to find this plant and see what was so dangerous about it, while Aaron trailed along to view the beautiful jungle once again. Jacob was a muscular 29 year old Caucasian rancher, and Aaron was a moderate 27 year old mixed scientist. In search for the mysterious plant, Aaron recruited Jacob to tag along and work as his extra hand for getting through the forest.

They wandered through the large biome until the air started to smell. A sweet aromatic scent was airborne, alerting Aaron to be cautious for they were getting near it. Jacob walked over some bone piles scattered about on the grassy floor. Jacob didn't care, he just wanted to find out where this plant is, they've been searching for days now. Aaron was carefully observing at every little detail of their environment until-

"What's with this thing?" Jacob said aloud.
"That's it, that's the plant!" Cried Aaron.

It was a tall, skinny sprouting stalk with a few purple bulbs at the top, releasing the exotic odor they smelled before. It didn't look like much, but this was it. It didn't do anything but sway gently back and forth.

"This? This is it? I traveled with you day and night just to find THIS!? What kind of plant is this anyway?!? It doesn't do anything!!" Jacob was furious, his thirst for adventure was wasted on a thin little stalk.

Aaron was also a bit upset, he thought it would be a lot more to it than just some stalk. He studied it a bit more. As he did, Jacob noticed the ground beneath them was a bit mushy and slimy. He lifted his leg off of the ground and lines of drool slowly fell off.

"Umm, professor? I think this ground is... Drooling?" He told Aaron. Aaron was busy pulling at one of the bulbs. Once he plucked one off, the ground shook. Jacob and Aaron stood still, waiting for something to happen. The shaking stopped.

"What was that?" Jacob said, pulling his machete out. From in front of him, a large petal lifted from beneath him, and three others came off the ground centered around the bulb stalk. Jacob ran and jumped off the one from under him. He turned to find Aaron, but the massive petals closed in around him.

"HEEEELP! Get me out! It's carnivorous! It even has a tongue!" Aaron screamed.

"Hold on professor, I'm coming!" Jacob yelled.

Jacob climbed to the top of the giant plant and pried open the petals. He reached in with his arms and grabbed Aaron's arms. He pulled with all of his might, but could only pull him out to his chest.

"Aah! It's got my shoes! Now my socks! It's slippery in there!" Aaron cried.

"Hold on professor, just one more tug!" Jacob strained. He kept pulling Aaron out, but before he could get halfway out, Aaron starts laughing.

"Professor, this is no laughing matter! Don't you see the danger you're in!?"

"No! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It's licking my feet, and its tongue tickles! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!"

"Just hold on, I almost got-- WOOOAAAAH!"


The roots of the massive plant pulled Jacob and swung him around in the air before throwing him to the side. The plant began pulling Aaron back in.

"Jacob, try uprooting him! Tear it up from the roots!" Was the most Aaron could say before being pulled completely back in, followed by laughing.

The ranger grabbed his machete and ran to plant. The roots lashed and whipped at him, even tossing him around. Jacob couldn't go straight to the bottom of the root, so he had to slice off parts of the root before getting to the base of it.

Inside the plant, Aaron was fighting the giant blue tongue that was tickling him. It slid in his pits, around his sides, all over his feet, through his toes, up his legs, across his belly and into his bellybutton. He pushed away the tongue while trying to find a way out. He tried scratching at the petals, but the slimy saliva covering them made it hard since it just made the hands slide right off. He then pulled up the bulb stalk, which didn't do much, but it made the roots stop for a while.

Outside of the plant, Jacob was chopping away at the roots, trimming then down until he was able to cut off the base root. There were five base roots total, Jacob was down to two more. The roots started flailing and slamming the ground, showing it was furious. Jacob charged and slashed at the roots as they tossed him again and again.

Aaron was looking for a way out as he held onto the blue tongue. He tried scratching at the petals again, but the saliva made them slip off. He soon grew tired from struggling and from the tongue ticking him. Soon enough, the professor's laughter grew louder as he fell limp from the assault, too tied to defend himself.

"Jahahahacob! Ihihihif I don't make ihihit, juhuhuhuhust know you were my behehehehest companion!" Aaron yelled. He continued to laugh as the tongue wiggled and flopped around his ticklish areas.

"Don't give up on me, professor! You're gonna make it!!"

Jacob was now down to one root. He took a huge swing at it, but the root dodged and coiled around Jacob, binding him in a tight squeeze. With the machete in hand, he reached for the root to cut it, just barely out of his reach. He remembered his pocket knife in his right pocket, so he dropped the machete and used that instead. It was steady progress, but he was starting to lose air.

Aaron bellowed wild bursts of laughter, each one louder than the other. He couldn't breathe in the plant and soon enough, he stopped. The inside was silent for Aaron had passed out from the tickling. A green ooze started filling up the plant, encasing the professor in an enzyme corrosive fluid.

"Professor, NOOOO!!"

Outside, Jacob broke free of the roots, in which he grabbed his machete and chopped the last root base off. The plant stopped moving, and so did the tongue from inside. The tongue retreated into the deeper part of the plant as it started letting its petals down and released Aaron.

Aaron soon gasped for air as he stumbled out of the plant and onto the ground, tired from being tickled and trapped in a hot voracious plant. Jacob could feel the same way after dealing with sentient roots.

"Are... You.... Okay... Professor?" Jacob asked.

"Indeed, turns out the tongue tickles the animals until they pass out, then digestive fluids eat it down to the bones. Luckily, uprooting the plant makes it stop completely."

Jacob grabbed his pocket knife and stuck it in his pocket, also sheathing his machete. "So, now that you fully discovered this plant, what are you thinking of calling it?"

Aaron wiped off most of the slime from himself, then wrote in his notebook, "The Laughentrap! Oh, what a brilliant name for such a mysterious plant! I definitely need to take it back with me though, the science committee will be baffled to see this rare-"

"I understand your 'eureka!' moment professor, but we should probably get going back to the lab. Maybe a shower too."

"Quite right, let's!"
Don't know why I had the sudden urge to do a plant vore story but, here it is.
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