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Cartoon sleeve finally done. Wellcome aboard Mr. Bender.thanx to my man My Reality for patience
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Such a beast :D
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looks cool but is NGE really that important?
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That’s rad bro.
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It fck awesome!
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if it was a tatto my god 
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how does one even get from Evangelion tatoos to outright racism and homophobia? How dense are you?
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Lol, you can't be serious. "No such thing exists" I haven't heard something this stupid in quite a while.

Go home, kiddo, back into your little isolated bubble.
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Of course it exists. Homophobia is more hatred than fear by now, the meaning has changed greatly

Ok, right off the bat: I'm straight. I think anyone can love whoever they want, as long as they don't force their opinion onto other people.

You're the one pushing your agenda, haven't you noticed? You're just a tad bit right, aren't you?

If you think most of the world is homophobic, you're delusional.
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Well "liking" gays and being homophobic is a huge difference you know.

I'm not too fond of homosexuality myself, but I don't judge people based on their sexuality.
Everyone can love whoever they want, just because I don't like the idea of it, doesn't mean these people are worse
human beings than me.

Once you start judging people based on sexuality alone, when someone is worse just because they're gay, 
when an entire group of people become disgusting "aids ridden maggots" because they don't fit into your ideal
human fantasy

That's where the line is crossed. And you've passed it long ago.
You should learn what homophobia actually means. It doesn't mean to dislike gays, it't to despise them.
To openly insult them, to hate them with a passion. You're delusional, look at yourself. You're not much better
than the "aids ridden maggots" you are insulting.
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I hope this is satire or sarcastic and I'm not getting it. If it isn't, then please speak out hate speech. This comment would have been fine if you didn't add that on the last line. "free speech and all that shit" you may say, but in reality it is hate speech and shouldn't be on website like this.
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racists be racists, homophobes be homophobes.
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you be you, an awful cancer cell.
fungirl1234321's avatar
How am I being a perv?
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I thought that a tattoo when I first saw it lol 
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