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Dante's Nightmare by Black--Mountain Dante's Nightmare by Black--Mountain

Their glass eyes glistened while they stared at him, their tiny feet clinking on the wooden floors as they jumped off the bed. Dante stared in horror as a much bigger rag doll emerged from the cupboard. Her buttoned eyes were huge, black, and menacing. Her stitched smile revealed human teeth.

Her face grew darker with every step she took towards him, while some giggled while creeping towards him. One of the dolls threw a ball up at the light smashing it out of its socket plunging the room into darkness. Dante tried desperately to open the door. He could feel the dolls sinking their teeth into his legs and arms, sharp little bites like needles pierced his skin.  He finally managed to open the door, running into the woman he pushed her off her feet and ran further down the passage. The walls were filled with pictures of her dolls, he looked back to see her fumbling to her feet.

He tried every door, but they were all locked; Dante whimpered, the dolls were now in the passageway and turned their attention onto him. He heard a door creak open and looked to his left, he ran towards it quickly entering and shutting it behind him. He frantically searched for the light switch knowing that someone or something had unlocked that door from the inside. He stood still feeling a cold breath hit his neck, goose bumps infested his pale skin. He slowly turned around, he could see nothing in the darkness. He could hear the woman approaching once again with a myriad of pitter patters behind her.

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January 11, 2018
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