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Commission Price Sheet (COMMISSIONS OPEN!) by Blabbercat Commission Price Sheet (COMMISSIONS OPEN!) by Blabbercat
Hello! I am open for commissions and here is my price sheet for now! Now there was some information I did not provide on there that I will get to right now.

1. I will not take a job with less than a two-week MINIMUM deadline unless you are willing to pay extra because that will require me to prioritize yours over anyone else's that I may be working on.

2. Yes, I will take Credits but prefer PayPal, Zelle, or Messenger.

3. Any job over 10$ I expect a partial or half non-refundable (except for super RARE cases) down payment dependent on how much the full cost is before I start working on your piece, otherwise I will not take the job, wasted too much of my time not getting paid, sorry for the honest people who deal with this because of the dishonest jerks. I will send you the finished product once the rest of the payment is made. If the piece is finished and you change your mind you do not get a refund, the money is not only for the artwork you are getting but to pay for my time spent making it.

4. No, I don't do NSFW pieces that include any type of pornography, fetishes, or violence to young children. I will draw certain types of gore but nothing extreme (though that term is subjective to me)

5. You must have a general idea of what you want or else it will either cost extra or I will not take the job. I can't draw something that I have no clue what it is. And if you have a small idea but can't give any references or a very good description (or change details over and over again) I will charge you for the extra time and effort that is being used for your piece. the rates will go up in 5$ intervals (ex. 15 changes or restarts of a sketch or major detail will raise the price, then another 15 will raise it again by 5$) I won't keep track of changes that aren't unreasonable but if you requested something unreasonable like wanting your character holding a specific weapon in one pose then decide after the sketch is already finished and in great detail you want another pose entirely with a different weapon, that is a lot of my time wasted.

6. If the commission is too personal for you let me know and I won't add it to my portfolio/social media, otherwise, I will post it so I have a reference of previous commissions for future customers. If you are asking for something for a twitch/youtube channel or blog or anything like that, I'm perfectly fine and happy to post links to your profiles/business as long as they aren't inappropriate sites.

7. If you are commissioning me to make something that you will be adding to merchandise to sell (t-shirts, mugs, pins, posters, etc.) you must let me know.

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