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Night Elf - WoW

Cosplay: Night Elf - World of Warcraft
Model: Me
Photographer: Cesare Marino
Con: Cartoomics 2011

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You look jist like the chick from the original trailer in the game.
Bl0oDy4nGeL's avatar
ohw, thank you so much! :D
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That is stunning...
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Bl0oDy4nGeL's avatar
Thank you so much ^_^
barisutas's avatar
<3 .What a beatifful you are ...
DarkLusterSoldier's avatar
OMG!.. thas so cute and really good!!.. lovely!
Kerroh's avatar
Hey! I'm thinking of cosplaying a nightelf and I'm trying to figure out where/what ears to use and how to do or where to buy the makeup. Do you mind telling me what you used?
Bl0oDy4nGeL's avatar
I used aquacolor for the makeup and i bought the official elf ears from world of warcraft! ^_^
Kerroh's avatar
Thank you so much! I just placed an order off amazon for 2 4mls of 482? I hope that shade is right and i hope that's enough!
Bl0oDy4nGeL's avatar
mine was a misture of more colors, but I was metallic XD U should choose the best for you, as night elves have different colours on different screens/arts/point of views XD
Kerroh's avatar
Okay. Well I got them and it's the color I like! but it was so much smaller than I expected. I guess I didn't really think of what 4ml meant. How much did you use? And how do you apply it? With a brush? I tried to apply it with my finger but it felt like I was going to have to dig into it to get any out..
Sorry for asking so much! I'm not very used to cosplaying
Bl0oDy4nGeL's avatar
Apply it with a brush ! Just take some water or the color won't work! (aquacolor means that it works with water! XD)
Kerroh's avatar
OHHH. Well great thing I asked, I literally dabbed my finger in to see how it looked and thought that was it. xD
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very good, i like you artwork, vientos esta padre e cosplay y las fotografias muy impactantes en belleza, debo admitirlo inspiran buenos recuerdos
TheSmeil's avatar
Wow this is so amazing cosplay!!!!
And l love it!!
JaguarGoddessCosplay's avatar
awesome, any turtorials on ear making or Armor making? its simply amazing :D
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