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The Revenant

This is the first Korra story I have ever written, and the first crossover I've ever published. It's in the works and I'll post Chapter 2 as soon as I finish writing chapters 7 and 8. I hope you guys don't mind my descriptive writing. It was easier to simplify with writing in the Korra fandom, and I'll try to update weekly. If I don't, expect the latest update to be about once every two weeks at the most.

I hope you enjoy the concept of merging both ATLA and TLoK together. Read on, my valiant heroes! 3

Chapter 1: A Round of Conspirators

A thin mist curled around her nostrils as she exhaled and sipped her ginger tea. The pungency nearly caused to her to gag, but she stuffed it and snapped her head back, swallowing swiftly. It had been months since the brunette last had tea like this, let alone this exotic type that was far too many yuans away from her budget. However, the storekeeper had stricken a bargain with her and allowed her to consume endless rounds of tea free of charge should she rid his neighborhood of the threat that began to magnify in the growing weeks.

It was hard to decipher where the source point, but the teenager held her suspicions. In the passing months since the disappearance of Amon, much of the citywide chaos in Republic City had been quelled to a much more manageable degree that the metalbending armed officers could handle. It wasn't bizarre for them to verge on borderline insanity when situations with varying antagonizing persons got out of hand, but thankfully, much to the Avatar's relief, things had calmed down enough so that the need for worry and panic had diminished almost entirely.

A sincere calm settled in the quaint atmosphere of the tearoom, the humming of teakettles and boiling pots gently whispering in the distance. This specific teahouse was renowned in Ba Sing Sei and has endured the wear and age of several decades. True, the degradation to some aspects of the building had begun long ago, but the storekeeper tended very carefully to his inherited possession and had made several renovations to the establishment in the past several years. Though the original tea clerks were dead and gone, the grandeur and flair of this place had long outlasted the composts that replaced the cafes lining the street corner of this same shop.

She wasn't amused, not by any means, when a rolled up newspaper was flung in her direction. The center point headline immediately grabbed her attention as she scurried and snatched it up before the next customer decided to run off with it.

Her brow furrowed in concentration as she read the first thing aloud. "Hrmmm…. 'New World Order recipients take a holistic approach at restoring the imbalances of Ba Sing Sei."

The boldfaced words weren't enough to explain exactly what the article was about, so she licked her thumbs and pressed them to the print, holding the paper up to the light.

An audible gasp snaked its way up her throat. She nearly choked on her tea as she read the first sentence. "Wh-What?!" Her hands clawed at the wood of the antiquated table. "'Progeny of firstborn benders in Ba Sing Sei currently are undergoing massive treatment at herbal treatment centers. Medical professionals have had the worst of their suspicions confirmed? It appears that over half of the Ba Sing Sei adult population has lost their bending?!' What in Agni Kai am I reading?!"

"The sad tale of the fate of this town, my dear Avatar." She glanced up in alarm at the grumbly voice of the storekeeper. His grizzled features appeared weathered with the stress that had undertaken him, notably due to the unstable situation around his shop, no doubt.

Her eyes grew wide in shock. "B-But I-I thought the attacks of the Equalists only spanned as far as Republic City's city limits?'

The bedraggled man scooted out a chair and sat down across from her. "I'm afraid that Amon's henchman had stationaries outside Republic City's domain, and that his plans to 'equalize' all of the world have been realized."

She cocked her head, her brow becoming muddled with confusion. "What do you mean?"

His hands slipped around the teakettle that she was holding and stole the object from her hands. Softly taking a teacup from the stack in the middle of the table, the man silently poured himself a cup of ginger tea. "It all started when a support rally began here in Ba Sing Sei. Equalists from Republic City managed to find out where the supporters were on their map and somehow used the coordinates of this teashop to pinpoint its exact location…" He sighed grievously as he adjusted the rim of his glasses and sipped his tea.

Her eyes glazed over at this startling revelation. "S-So…" she started shakily, "Amon stationed spies not only throughout Air Temple Island but…also in the Earth Kingdom…" This chilling news caused her to shiver, her spine to almost bend at the large pressure forming in the middle of her back.

He nodded. "Correct. And in due cause to my ancestor's past involvement with this place, I'm certain it has to do with a former grudge that Amon's predecessors held against the owners of this shop in their era. Or even further back than that…back in Avatar Aang's own time."

She stifled a gasp, setting her glass down so she wouldn't knock it over and spill it all over the place. "…He truly hates benders…I remember the contempt I saw in his eyes as he rose on a spiral of water and glared at me. It was after I blasted him out the window of the arena with my newly unlocked airbending."

His eyes brightened savagely as he cackled over the drone of the tea making in the kitchen. "Ahaha, do remind me, dear Korra, where that foolish Equalist leader is now? Last time I heard, Chief Bei Fong and her squadron located the remains of his ship and two bodies near Aang Memorial Island. Do correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that what the headlines said?"

Upon hearing that, Korra's tendons instantaneously froze. Breathing suddenly became impeded by some foreign obstruction in her throat. Had Amon truly killed both himself and his brother as they fled Republic City to start their new life together? But despite the obvious betrayal to his supporters and the degree of loss he experienced in his fan support, Amon still had every reason to continue "cleansing the world of its impurities" and raise himself to a hierarchical standard over the entire world. Why would he give up on such a wild dream so easily? Was his continued dominion over the city not enough to keep him going or was he simply wracked with guilt over the extent of his actions?

Korra immediately scoffed at the forethought that Amon, or Noatak – whichever way one would prefer to call him – had any semblance of humanism in him whatsoever. Therefore, it made no sense that Noatak would carelessly discard his life just because of the potential consequences of removing everybody's bending.

It was unsettling, yes, but for the reason that this defeat seemed…almost too easy. The man's fighting tactics far outcompeted her own in prowess and style, so it came to great surprise to her that not only had she able to hone in on her furtive ability of airbending, but she had also been able to use it to completely wipe Amon off the face of the planet in nearly one fell swoop. Of course he had gotten away despite Mako's feverish firebending attacks and her amateurish aim in airbending. But in the end, a victory, albeit a shallow one, but one nevertheless was still achieved by Team Avatar.

So why did it feel so unsatisfying? Couldn't she just accept the fact that Amon was gone and move on with becoming a fully-realized Avatar? Yet, little did she know how extraordinarily tough it was going to be to not only master the art of energybending, but also achieve the status of full-grown Avatar and global peace at the same time.

Just how many more obstacles were about to get in her way? Korra was only about to find out.


Korra kindly thanked the humble storekeeper for his service and once again left on her way. Clouds overcast were beginning to crowd above her in light of a rain event forecasted by the meteorologist on the news earlier. Usually the weatherman was wrong, but this time he was every bit lacking his usual error. She typically trusted in her own intuition, but that even itself seemed capricious at this time.

She sighed dejectedly, feeling her lashes clump together with the new moisture in the air. What am I going to do? Her mind sorted through millions of possibilities, but right now all she wanted was to hit the train station and get some shelter from the rain…

Her head hung, shoulders dropped…an enormous heaviness dragging in her footsteps. She was right, the darkening skies did, in fact, herald some rather grim news on the horizon. As if being the sole target of remaining Equalists parties wasn't sour enough, the Avatar also had to deal with the tension that was compounding here in the largest civilization of the Earth Kingdom. Even though Aang and his friends long ago liberated this city of its dreadful perils of the Dai Li and capture by the Fire Kingdom, peace and constant stability has been hard to come by in recent decades for this place.

Her sapphire irises widened as darkness cloaked the city and heavier droplets began to fall. Her eyes held the reflection of Ba Sing Se's latest technological achievement and milestone: a multi-channel monorail system no longer powered by earthbenders but by a steam-driven electric system. It was the hybrid of electricity and steam-driven ingenuity that backed the function of the local transit system here. Korra wondered if Future Industries had any hand in its development at all or if some other radical, freethinking engineer somehow had grabbed a blueprint and started scribbling futuristic designs on it for a facelift.

Whichever it was, she was still quite amazed, even more so at the abundance of flying Satomobiles that darted in between monumental skyscrapers. Even Republic City's magnificence had nothing on the stateliness of New Age Ba Sing Se.

Truly a sight to behold…

"Uh-vatar, never thought I'd find you in a place like this."

The voice belonged to only one pompous culprit, and this startled Korra, forcing her to turn around at its owner. "Wh-What in the world…?"

A lopsided, quirky grin formed on his face. "What? About to wet your pants at seeing your old rival again?" He laughed curtly, taking a step towards her. "Thought you'd be excited to see me."

Korra nearly face-palmed at his dripping sarcasm. She took a few tentative steps back and brought her hands up defensively.

The creepy Wolfbat merely howled in laughter as he folded his arms across his chest. "Whoa there, Uh-vatar," he drawled, placing specific emphasis on the annoying nickname he gave her. He continued to create less distance between them. "Use your puny Water Tribe brain there for a second. Who do you think I am? Hehe."

With sudden recognition and alarming alacrity, Korra dropped her fighting stance and crossed her arms in her Avatar style. "So, what's the big idea? It's about to pour polar bear dogs out here and suddenly you find me and start talking to me? How did you even get here in the first place?!"

Tahno immediately saw her eyes shift between panic and bemusement over and over again, so he sighed too and uncrossed his arms, leaning into his hip with one hand resting on it. "Pfft, and even the uh-vatar doesn't have brains. What do you think happened to me after the championship finals that day?"

Korra rolled her eyes and sighed. She completed the formations with her hands to mold a protective air bubble for the both of them as they walked in stride down the street. "See, I get that, Tahno. But what I don't understand is why you're suddenly in Ba Sing Se." Her wrist snapped as she stabilized the air sphere around them, keeping it upright to keep the spell going. "Last time I checked, you were cold stone broke and flat out on the streets like an elephant rat. What made you suddenly get the funds, hop on a ferry and come here?"

His brow lifted smugly as he internalized the impression he felt at her skill in waterbending. "My, my, I might ask the same of you, dear uh-vatar. It's not every day I see you getting the urge to travel the world."

Korra coughed into one balled fist as the other revealed its bending skill. "Amon took your bending."

She stated it too bluntly. In an unusual display of character, Tahno's eyes drooped and something…almost forlorn crossed his features… He hadn't been reminded of his bereavement in so long, that hearing it now, especially from her sent a chilliness down his spine. Amon's face was downright terrifying, and seeing his gauntleted hand waver in front of your forehead was like the worst phantasm being realized.

Korra stopped, and Tahno stopped mechanically with her. He looked aloof, detached from reality, peering distantly at the mirage of the gateway bridge in the bay. She tentatively placed a hand on his shoulder, which almost startled him. "I'm sorry…"

Tears must have raced to his eyes because Korra could have sworn she saw one darting down his cheek. Maybe it was her imagination. "I prefer not to be reminded of my degrading past self."

That was all what was uttered until the mono-station. Passenger cars lined up on the tarmac awaiting new passengers to slip in. Korra dispelled the bubble shielding them from the torrential downpour overhead and trudged onward when she noticed that Tahno stopped trailing in pace with her. She spiraled around and scowled. But as she took a few steps towards him she stopped, noticing the tears that skidded down his face unstoppably. His shoulders quavered uncontrollably as a muffled sob escaped his lips.

Thankfully, few passersby scarcely cared about whatever was conspiring between Korra and the ex-bender, and she was relieved that hardly any people were boarding the transport at this time of day. But seeing Tahno in this state was unbearable. Even she began to tear up as soon as he produced the second sob. Korra wasn't one to just stand by and witness someone completely break down on themselves. She swiftly stepped up to the plate as empathetic Avatar and enclosed Tahno's crossed hands with her own. "Tahno…I went through the same thing…believe me."

Tahno glanced up hopefully, nearly stunning Korra off of him, but she stayed put. "Y-You mean…Amon took your bending away too?"

She averted his gaze and tipped her head anxiously. "Well…" How could she explain? "To elaborate, Amon did take my bending after Mako and I-" She caught herself right there, for any more verbalization might upset Tahno further, especially with the note about Amon being a recreant waterbender, and a bloodbender at that.

He heaved a deep sigh, pulling effortlessly away from Korra's grip. "I know he's a bloodbender, Korra. I read about it in the headlines."

Her face fell at the curtness of his statement. "Oh." It was all she could really say to something like that.

In the awkwardness of the stale transit station, Korra continued to gaze eternally at the downpour drenching the streets and walkways. It was the absence of speech and the passing of many closemouthed seconds that Tahno finally came to some "turnaround". He turned and saw that Korra's jaw was still clenched and ribcage still tight from the tension that flowed between them just a few minutes ago. An arrogant smile crossed his lips as he prodded Korra with an index finger.

She caught his gaze immediately, and it seemed the tenseness abandoned her in that swift second upon staring in his icy irises. "What? What?"

He chuckled at her reaction. She was adorable when she wanted to be. "You're not so bad after all, Uh-vatar." Though it appeared his voice was laden with tartness, Korra somehow got the indication that he meant no animosity by it. In fact, it sounded a tad jocular and even amiable towards her, in her opinion. But you can never be too careful about former foes and people in gray areas.

She drove her fist into his shoulder playfully before bouncing off towards the next car about to arrive. "Heh, I'll catch you later, pretty boy," she cackled, her voice carrying to beyond the prickled ears on Tahno's head.

Tahno spat at the ground in mock-disgust. "Pfft! Uh-vatar!" He waited until his voice carried and made an impact, but to no avail. Tahno dashed after her and tugged her arm roughly.

She almost slapped him across the face, but opted for slugging him harder in the shoulder this time. "What's the big idea, Rapunzel?" She snapped, in scorn for his odd hairstyle that had come back from the dead since his return to society. "I got a train to catch! Katara is meeting me in the South Pole this afternoon! I can't afford to be late!"

That grin she despised so much returned full-featured on his face. "Ever think maybe I want to return to humble beginnings too, uh-vatar?"

His touch on her shoulder radiated some peculiar warm from within. She couldn't tell whether or not that smile denoted unscrupulous intentions or if it was her mind playing tricks on her again. When her mind assumed its puzzlement, so did her expression. "I don't want to board a train and have to whine with you the whole way. Sorry, but I'd rather take my chances with Ozai."

He huffed, crossed his arms, and feigned hurt. "Hmmph! Fine! Then I guess you'd be missing out on those private lessons I offered that are still up for grabs."

He's baiting me, I know it. But apparently, the "bait" seemed effective as Korra's shoulders sagged and she gave in. "Fine, but you're going to have to keep your hands to yourself until I get home." She paused, the possible catastrophes of this scenario playing in her head and nearly paralyzing her on the spot. "Then, well, I guess I'll see ya when I see ya."

It appeared as if Tahno was "leering" when he merely bent at the waist a bit to get a better glance of her expression, which was neutral. He flailed his arms. "Alright, but don't come crying to me saying you miss dear Tahno's sweet company. Once I get somewhere, I'm staying put."

Korra sighed in defeat and headed to the boarding ramp where the last car of the afternoon was hitched to a stop. Her gargantuan snow boots clanked against the metal plank, Tahno following in pursuit. The swing door slammed shut as the final latches snapped in place, the wheels on the track screeching, indicating that they were finally moving. She suppressed a gasp when the sight of several couples huddling for warmth graced her vision. She was horrorstruck, though, not by the action, per se, but more by their degenerate condition, with frayed hobo's clothing and ragged tears in their skin, several scars and bruises present, it seemed as if these civilians just emerged from the middle of a warzone.

She settled for a metal pole in the very back of the train car to hold onto, for holding onto Tahno for dear life was totally out of the question and exceeded her own vindication of herself.

One woman sobbed hysterically in the far corner. "Th-The Dai Li... they betrayed us!" She sobbed mercilessly into her hands. "They b-betrayed us!"

Korra restrained the urge to sit next to the woman and rub circles in her back. Fortunately, a man who appeared to be a distant relative came to her aid and supernaturally addressed Korra's desire. "There, there. We couldn't have known they were Equalists," he cooed, tracing her back with his flattened palms.

Her stomach fell out. Nausea instantaneously kicked in as she suppressed a dry heave. E-Equalists…?! The Dai Li?! In order to gain some decent background information to banish the confusion she was feeling, Korra questioned exactly what it was they were discussing. She braced herself against the sturdy steel pole in case something was to go wrong. "Umm, excuse me, ma'am. I don't mean to intrude, but…did you just say…the Dai Li are the ones who took away your bending…?"

The woman gasped harshly as soon as she saw the physical form of the Avatar in front of her wrapped tightly around the pole. "B-Brother! Do something! Answer this woman!"

Her sibling pulled away briefly before crossing his legs and smiling warmly at the odd pair. "Don't worry, my sister means you no harm. She's just a bit shaken after the things that happened to us a few weeks ago."

Tahno leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Don't intrude, Uh-vatar. It's totally impolite."

Korra gulped nervously and shuddered at the breath tickling her earlobe. She shook her head and continued to pry. "I-I understand, sir," she stammered, trying to slow her breath. "I-It's just that…as the Avatar, it is my duty to keep peace and restore balance to the world. I had my bending stripped from me by Amon previously, so I imagine the horrid pain you must feel about losing a part of yourself."

Tahno groaned as the man shot up and embraced Korra. She didn't have any clue as to what was going on, only to settling to live for the moment. "Oh good Agni, where are my manners!" He set her down with alarming gentleness and forced her to shake his hand. "You see, Ba Sing Se has been waiting nearly fifteen years for its newest Avatar to arrive and, well, we really don't think anybody else can come up with quicker fix to the problem than the Avatar!"

Tahno scoffed and glared daggers at the man. "Didn't you just hear the part she said about her bending being stripped?! Are you two deaf or something?!"

Before Tahno could let loose his temper, Korra caged it easily with a brief flick to his forehead. She turned back to the woman, whose eyes started filling with a new light once she found out this crazy woman was indeed the hope they were all looking for.

"Ma'am, I would like to apologize for my short fuse," she said, bowing in her seat humbly. "My name is Kai and this is my brother Naian." When she extended her hand, Korra reluctantly took it. "My condolences I give to you for your loss, madam. I'm terribly sorry you had to go through that."

Korra shook her head and decided now was a better time than ever to spill the good news. But she didn't know how to phrase it without coming off as…egocentric. "Well," she started, her gaze flicking around to the myriad of people with hopeful gazes on her. "Amon revealed himself as a bloodbender, as you may know, and he used it to take away my bending, but midway through the battle I somehow managed to unlock my previously dormant airbending capabilities and, well… My past life somehow showed up and managed to restore my connection to the other three elements."

Tahno was surprisingly the first one to be dumbstruck. "But I thought that Amon's 'cleansing' was irreversible!"

She turned away slyly, abashed, a red glow taking to her cheeks. "…I successfully restored Lin's bending…if that says anything," she murmured, backing away from the pole, but still maintaining her grip.

"Good thing these cabins are airlocked and that the only people who can hear you are the ones in here."

Korra's cerulean pools peered into the depths of the man's amber ones. Naian had a typical Water Tribe name, but had been a firebender at one point. What were the odds? "Are you guys headed to the South Pole too?" She decided to change the topic before certain "ears" spied on her and would absorb every secret she said.

Kai's grey eyes caught Korra's gaze. "Afraid so. We have some unfinished business there with a former friend before heading back to Republic City."

She stifled a gasp as soon as those eyes locked onto her own. Korra stood there with stupefaction scrawled all over her face for one good minute. Idly, she shrugged and rubbed the back of her head. "Uhhhh….that's good to he- Wait, did you say a 'former' friend?"

She nodded. "Yes, before Hitoshi Sato was revealed to be an Equalist, he auctioned off one of his finest antique vehicles at a decent price. We told him we wanted it delivered to the South Pole on our twentieth anniversary and to be custom-wrapped. Despite all that has happened, Sato has been willing to meet us there."

The color from Korra's face drained, turning white instantly. N-No…h-he can't be… It's just not possible!

Tahno annoyingly tapped her shoulder again for the second time that day, but she shrugged him off, deciding it was probably best if she sat down. "I-I um…I'm going to sit down…AllofasuddenI'mnotfeelingwellokay?!" she sputtered out all at once. She strolled over to the opposite side of the cabin and sunk into the red vinyl sofa at the back. The opalescent light streamed above her and glared in her eyes. She shielded them with the roughhewn pillow next to her as best as she could.

The ex-Wolfbat had a lot on his mind, but decided it could wait until they disembarked at the South Pole. The monorail pathways were carved deep into the underground through the mountains of the Earth Kingdom into the deepest trenches of the ocean, yet a heavy, airtight fortification was all that was needed to keep out any water and negate any effects from rising atmospheric pressure.

He knew that she needed her space. But this was going to be one hell of a long train ride indeed. He laboriously side and strolled to the other side of the cabin, opting for sleeping standing up and leaning against the metal pole over there for support.


Ahh, I love cliffhangers, don't you? Yeah, Tahno doesn't seem to enjoy riding in a train with Korra, yet he followed behind her.

But Tahno is such a pretty boi! You can't help but love and glomp him forever! I just wish there was more footage so I could vid to him more efficiently than with him just strutting himself in Narooks. Not to say that's a bad thing, but I hope in Book 2 they give him more screen time!
This is my first Korra story ever. I tried posting it on but no reviews so far. I won't continue until I get enough reviews. I have up to seven chapters completed, but please review so I get the encouragement to go on and feel like somebody is reading it.

Thanks, guys!

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