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Alright, guys, Chapter 5 is finally up. I'm really upset at how little reviews I'm getting. I will not update until I get at least six more reviews. If I don't get enough reviews, I will have to discontinue this story. It's a shame, because I'm having a fun time writing it, but I get more inspiration when people actually provide feedback and are really READING it not just ignoring it.

With that said, PLEASE review after reading this chapter. I beg of you! I need reviews. It's kinda the same when I'm editing on youtube and making AMV's. I thrive off of comments and feedback, or I feel uninspired. Kinda bad, but that's what's happening to the editing world nowadays.

Alright, go read and enjoy, and REVIEW! Thanks! :)

The Revenant

Chapter 5: Bridging of Worlds

Fingertips trembled as the emerald raiment of the man reflected the ethereal torchlight. Here was this agent, placing two fingers to a stranger's forehead and two on the other man's shoulder.

The two chakra points. Dark energy poured from his fingertips and flowed into the chakra points on the man. When he was finished, the agent backed away with great aplomb and bowed at his handiwork. The victim prepared to blast a fireball in his face, but when he tried to channel his energy into it, no resultant product erupted from his hands.

Appalled and flabbergasted, the victim contorted with rage and turned to look at the agent. "What…What did you do to me?!"

Coolly, he shrugged him off and shoved him to the side, the man landing with a thud. "Cleansing you of your impurity." He flipped his hand. "Guards! Take him to the garrison. I don't want to see his ghastly face anymore." His jaw clenched. "Get him out of my sight."

"Agent Liao, I would have thought you'd want to bask in his humiliation."

The Dai Li agent cocked his head and noticed Feng ambling up to him. Olive eyes met vivid green ones and a silent understanding was passed between them. The agent bowed subordinately. "Long Feng, it's good to see you again. How was your vacation to Crescent Island?"

Feng chortled at the dismay written all over the now-exbender's face. Gazing back up at Liao, his gaze locked. "The Fire Nation princess is cooperating splendidly. Her beastly temper hasn't changed much over the last seventy years."

"You assume correctly." An agitated voice echoed throughout the purification chamber. The telltale eyes of a firebender revealed the identity of the person and were set ablaze. "You two tattlers finished talking behind my back yet?"

The prison guards clamored around the exbender prisoner and hauled him away from Long Feng and his agents. Feng cast a wary glance at the Fire Nation princess and sighed, carrying himself over to an ornate seat next to a rack of bookshelves. "I'm beginning to lose my patience with Amon's tactics to imprison these…benders…"

Amber eyes lit with confusion as a shoulder arched upwards. "What? Are you telling me…the Great Commander Long Feng…is he telling me that he's giving up on the Anti-Bending Revolution?" She cackled into her hand. "Ahaha! You gotta be kidding me!"

"No, it's just… there are so many benders…!" He leaned forward in his chair and glared darkly at the princes. "How can you convert everyone into an Equalist when there are still millions of benders out there that need to be cleansed?!"

Her smile curved wickedly as she walked to the bookshelves and snatched an encyclopedia in her hands. Rummaging through it, she flipped to a page that only broadened her smile. "Remember, there is also the Avatar, too. It is of great pertinence that the wench be 'cleansed' of her impurity, too."

His lips twitch as he looks blandly at the carpeted ground. "You're starting to sound too much like Amon, Azula. It's not exactly healthy to mimic your leader."

Blazed eyes snapped to the slouched form of Feng in an instant. She sped up to him and roughly hauled him up by the collar of his uniform. Threatening to tear him to shreds with her firebending, Azula summoned forth the energy of fire in her fist and prepared to smash it into his face. "You want to call me a copycat again?" Long Feng cowered under her scornful gaze. He could see the flames flickering in her eyes as death seemed to loom closer over him. "That's what I thought."

Dropping him with a thud, Azula contemplated their position. She carelessly flung the encyclopedia on the ground and trampled over it like it was garbage. "Now about the new Avatar…" She swiveled her head and looked at Feng. "Tell me more about her. Like, who does she love? What sort of exciting and interesting people does she know?"

Feng disregarded the act of negligence and blatant irreverence committed by the princess. His eyes roamed around the room at the vivid paintings of the Hundred Year War on the walls and the shelve-lined aisles. A simple balustrade poked out of the anterior wall, where a series of stained glass windows streamed rivulets of chromatic light onto a lavish carpet. A floral scent permeated the atmosphere, originating from the cornering of potted plants situated throughout the room.

He snorted derisively, rolling his eyes. "People and stuff….I don't know…there's this airbending master and his children-"

Azula clapped her hands and playfully paced back and forth. "Oh wonderful! The Avatar's rat progeny, I presume? This is just excellent news!"

"Yeah, and that one waterbending girl from the South Pole, if you recall." He inclined his head in Azula's direction. "Turns out, him and the last Avatar had children, one was a waterbender, one a nonbender, and the third was more serious than the other two. He is the oldest and only airbending master in the world. His father already passed."

She rocked on the balls of her heels and allowed an evil smile to contort her features. "Oh so the air rat married the water peasant." Spitting at the ground, she turned to Feng. "Not surprised, considering how weak their children are. It's rather obvious. The waterbender couldn't handle the last gift we sent her."

He shot her a fractious gaze and rose from his seat. "She was an easy defeat. Simple and old. All old folk are like that."

She snarled and grinned. Venom spiked in her voice. "Of course, just like the King of Omashu. Might I add that the gasbag bended himself out of his imprisonment?" At Feng's blank stare, she picked up the archive and hurled it at his face, which he caught with grace. "Yeah, thought so. Anyway" – she redirected her attention at Liao, who was still standing there like a tightlipped observer watching an artist paint a portrait – "Agent Liao, have you uncovered more information about Hitoshi Sato?"

Liao stepped up to the line of bookshelves and perused the titles that were exposed to him. One book of great intrigue suddenly filled his vision, a hand greedily swiping it and tearing through it for any indication of notable content. His curiosity was quenched when he unearthed a page that was part of a journal that chronicled the events so far in Avatar history. As his eyes scanned it over, an epiphany clicked in his mind.

"Th-This…This is so recent!" He flailed the book in the air, and Azula facepalmed. "But look at it! The details are stunning! Everything that has happened in Avatar Korra's life up until this point is written down!"

Azula stared incredulously at the agent. She snatched the book firmly from the man. Looking at the page of attention, her pupils narrowed. "It says here: 'Avatar Korra successfully exposed Hitoshi Sato as a conspiring Equalist, and the leader of Future Industries was indicted for twenty thousand counts of manslaughter, seven counts of sedition, and five counts for evading arrest. He was also penalized for impeding police officers in their investigation of his warehouse. Currently, Hitoshi Sato is serving a life sentence in prison and judges are hinging upon the decision to further his sentence by issuing a public execution.'"

The room filled with a dryness as all three figures snickered simultaneously. Azula kept reading, glancing at the illustrations on the accompanying leaflet. "Looks like she also got her bending removed. Serves her right."

"There's more, Your Highness," Feng insisted, refusing to hear just one sentence of the story.

Azula stroked her chin and continued, "'Lamentably, Korra's connection to the three elements, fire, earth, and water, were severed by Amon, the sole Equalist at fault for the losses attained during the Revolution. However, just before Amon prepared to remove Mako's firebending for good, Avatar Korra lashed out in a desperate attempt to free him. She unlocked her airbending due to the mere fact that she was at her lowest point. Yet, upon returning to Air Temple Island and quashed by the realization that her bending was gone forever, a past life visited her in the form of a spiritual blessing and successfully restored her bending to its entirety. The key to restoring one's permanent separation from an element is the ancient practice of energybending.'"

"Interesting…" Azula eyed the accompanying illustrations curiously. "So…the airbender Avatar did communicate with her after all… You know what that means…"

"And she got her bending back…" finished Liao in frustration.

Azula shrugged dispassionately, flipping the page. "Nothing to be concerned over. She did unlock the Avatar State, so what? I doubt she even knows how to control it like the air midget did. He was such an easy target last time when I electrocuted him. If that damn water wench wouldn't have revived him…ugh…."

"But this makes Korra an even easier target… think about it, Azula." Feng stood up and walked towards a floor level stained glass window. It revealed a colorful prism of light in his eyes. His palm flattened and folded around the contours.

"You're damn right…" Azula realized that even Avatar Korra had nothing on her own firebending mastery and would surely go down in hell. At least, that's what she thought. Her medley of friends, however, would be more unnerving to deal with. "We'll lure her friends into a trap, and then trick her into believing they have been 'Equalized' or however you put it."

"Then when she shows up on your doorstep, she'll be in Avatar mode, right, Your Highness?" Liao questioned.

Azula handed him the book and flicked him on the forehead. "Precisely."

Feng quirked a brow at her nescience of the Avatar's true potential. "You have no idea how powerful this Avatar is, Azula. For all we know, her abilities could far exceed those of Aang's."

Liao snorted out loud when he read the description below the story text. "Princess, you need to hear this…" Azula's glare was pinned to Liao, who read on with apprehension. "'It has been prophesized by the spirits that the Avatar will demonstrate exceptional proficiency of several unnamed abilities that have never been possessed by any preceding Avatar in history.'"

She dismissively waved a hand, calling forth a fire in her other as she trudged to the window opposing Feng. "That is exactly why we must end her while she's in the Avatar State. This mission is contingent upon breaking the entire Avatar cycle. I will not tolerate failure this time."

"At least we don't have to worry about Aang and his goons anymore." Feng's conclusions were the unequivocal truth. The new Equalists didn't have to worry about two Team Avatars undermining their plans; one was enough.

Azula unlatched the window and spun her fireball out at a tall elm in the courtyard. Catching on fire, the tree was the exclusive point of the conflagration; it didn't disperse any further. Only the grand firebender Azula was could make that happen. Korra would have absolutely nothing on Azula's mastery and deadly precision, mainly because it opposed her native element.

A toothy grin formed on her lips. "You see that, losers? That is what Korra's face is going to look like when I get my hands on her."

They all exchanged glances as she gestured at the fire-smothered tree in the piazza. Proudly, the trio accosted the next set of maleficent benders and engaged in the usual ritual of bending removal.

"What do you think she could be thinking about?" Mako pondered as he let his gaze linger on the Avatar's inert, meditative form.

The library was chillingly flooded by some transcendental presence, but Tenzin knew exactly what this indicated. She's in the Spirit World. Worrying for her safety continuously kept his mind at unease, so he forced his little conglomeration of people to stay by her side until Korra snapped out of her trancelike state.

"I think she's meeting with her past lives," Asami crowed, waving a hand in front of her face.

Mako pulled her back. "We need to leave her alone! Korra needs to concentrate!"

Tenzin interjected and clasped his hands around the engraved wooden slab Korra had apparently discarded to the side. "Look what this says. 'The inferno is the true gateway to the netherworld.'" He chucked it over to see what was on the back, but it was bare. "Hmm… That's odd…"

Lin remembered something Korra told her once about one of her past lives. That one was a benevolent, insightful firebender who failed to end the Hundred Year war due to a worldly attachment he could never relinquish. She exhaled, her heart fluttering. "Avatar Roku! That's who she's meeting with!"

"Lin, how do you know?" Tenzin kept a vigilant watch on Korra, just like how Mako was observant of every breath she took.

"Seismic sense tells me." Lin tapped her foot on the ground to perceive the pulsations of Korra's heartbeat through the earth. Using her extrasensory intuition as a keen woman, Lin shut her eyes and briefly tried to approach some sort of vision of Korra in the Spirit World. Alarmingly, but without drawing away, Lin saw exactly who it was she suspected was conversing with the hardheaded Avatar. "Seems my suspicions are confirmed."

Bolin looked around anxiously. "So, what do we do now?"

Tenzin grew pensive, shuffling away from the cogitative girl. "We wait. Korra can remain in the Spirit World for days." He inhaled deeply and rose to his feet, hoisting the others up. "This process, whatever business she may have with Roku, takes a significant amount of time. For now, though, we need to decide on our next course of action."

"I guess Katara is still in the South Pole, right?" Asami asked, arms outstretched above her head. She performed a few stretches before letting her arms fall back to her side.

Lin nodded. "Yes, Tenzin, we still need to bring her to Republic City. I highly doubt that even a well-versed waterbender like her would be able to survive the cataclysm that ravaged the village."

Plaintively, Tenzin cast his gaze downward. "Kya…"

"Tenzin, I-" Lin stopped abruptly when she felt a presence approaching. Turning around, the Chief saw the familiar Chairman's assistant craning his neck through the doorway. His wide-rimmed glasses nearly fell off his nose as he positioned his hand to adjust them.

"Chairman, I would like to inform you that Master Katara is en route to Republic City on a sky bison. A young man who seems to be of Water Tribe descent is accompanying her," he reported hastily, bowing in reverence to the ascendancy of Councilman Tenzin.

A cross-exchange of glances was shared. "Oogi!"

Amidst her reverie, Korra flinched, seemingly from some impractical disturbance in the Spirit World. Everyone took a moment to analyze Korra's movements, but it seemed as if she was lost in her own world, which she was, sort of. Infrequently, her eyes would radiate a vivid, auroral blue as she opened them and then darken back to their original shade. This must have been some sign that Roku and Korra were communicating metaphysically to each other in the other realm.

"Whoa, she really looks enchanting when she does that thing with her eyes," Bolin remarked, becoming mesmerized himself by the scintillating of her eyes.

Mako tugged impatiently on his arm. "Come on, Bolin, we need to get going. Korra needs her space."

The Avatar crew ambled at a deliberate pace down the historical hallway. Decorum in the form of engravings on the stone arches depicted famous battle scenes throughout the world's history. Stone rafters melded with archways and became angled with colonnades that supported the walls. Architecturally, City Hall was an avant-garde creation that emerged out of the combination of all four Nations' architecture styles. It was founded shortly after the Hundred Year War, when the Fire Nation Colonies in the Earth Kingdom became the starting point for the United Republic of Nations.

The trip out of the corridor took at least five minutes, but upon meeting the sunlight, at long last, everyone's hearts sank. There she was, the elderly Katara, bloodied and battered and cradling a wounded Tahno to her chest. He was out cold, but Katara had a feisty grip on him. Oogi stood out in plain sight and bellowed, several children cowering into the hedges flanking the courtyard.

"…Mother…" Tenzin croaked, running to gather his sole remaining parent in his arms. Sobs wracked Katara's frame as she surrendered her hold on the blue-eyed boy.

Three of Team Avatar members stood with their mouths agape and eyes widened. Their stomachs tightened, and they all had the undeniable urge to purge. It didn't take even one second to realize the misshapen man was Tahno. He was severely battered, probably from the snow gale in the South…

"Please! You must take this poor man to the island! He needs a healing session!"

That was Katara, all right, always jumping steadfast to help those in extreme suffering. Burying her head in her son's shoulder, Katara wept in agony. "Mother…" Tenzin began to tear up too. "Please…please don't ever leave me…"

"Kya is gone… but you must heal this man!"

Mako gazed sympathetically at Katara and blinked back a potential scowl. "I'm…I'm sorry, ma'am, but…you see, my brother and I…"

"We're not fond of Tahno, Miss," Bolin sputtered hesitantly, averting her gaze. "He um…cheated us out of the championship game."

Katara's wrinkled fingers twisted fiercely around Tenzin's sleeve, eliciting a gasp. Supporting her weight on Tenzin's shoulder, Katara glared at the brothers. "You will take care of him until Korra leaves the Spirit World."

Tenzin comforted his mother and nodded harshly, flicking his gaze over at Lin, who stood there nonchalantly, and then stared back at the two benders. "Mother's right. Desperate times call for desperate measures." They groaned, but a snappish look hushed them up instantly. Tenzin gripped his kneecap and rose up, one leg at a time. "Very well. Let's return to Air Temple Island until Korra awakes."

"I'll heal the lad…when I-"

He stopped her with his hand, holding it out in warning. "No, Mother, you need your rest. I'll get the Asami and the boys to tend to Tahno until Korra wakes up. Might teach them some humanism, too."

With a pair of groans from the two bending brothers, the group boarded the flying bison and set off for Air Temple Island. "Yip yip!" With the gentle swaying of the aerial bovid, Mako and Bolin collectively felt their stomachs churn and nostrils flare as wind whipped past their faces. Gaze vacillating between all the weatherworn faces in the group, Lin settled back against the brink of the saddle and fell asleep. This was going to be a very long ride back. Frustration crept in as she vainly tried to remove the image of Katara's crippled body pressing close to an even more disheveled Tahno.

The ethereal fog cloaked the golden timbers of a mystical forest. In the midst of the clearing, Korra awoke and gathered to her feet, becoming completely immersed by the beauty that dwelled within the Spirit World. A golden sun radiated with great effervescence and streamed light through the tree trunks. There was an immaculate serenity to this place, but Korra couldn't quite place it with any apt description.

In blatant stupefaction, Korra gazed around and nearly backed into a sparkling tree. Then, realizing who it was that brought her here, Korra defiantly raised her guard. "Why am I here?" Gaze roving in a frenzy, Korra whirled multiple times to find the culprit when the aura of Roku manifested before her. Startled, Korra reared back and yelped before the past Avatar. "Where's Aang at?"

He walked up to her and lowered her arms before backing away and urging her to look around. "The airbender will not be able to communicate with you." He crossed towards her and raised a hand to her shoulder.

Her mouth dropped in completely shock. Unsure of whether or not to be appalled or intrigued, Korra couldn't help but probe into her inner bout of curiosity. "Where is he, then? Last time I checked, Avatar Aang passed away 70 years ago! His spirit should have moved on to the Spirit World by now!"

Roku remained stolid, but silently acquiesced her obliviousness. After all, it wasn't like the teenager had connected much with her spiritual self let alone journey to the Spirit World. She did have a few hallucinations of Aang during moments of being unconscious and in grave danger, but that was a message from the former Avatar about the identity of Tarrlok and the waterbender-revealed Amon, or Noatak. His amber eyes flitted to the dirt pathway trailing up a steep mountainside to a grotto in the rock.

Jutting a finger, he said, "You will need to travel to the Spirit's Landing and seek out Koh, the Face Stealer." His voice hinged dangerously. "On a note of caution, do not show any emotion, young Avatar, or Koh will steal your face. One of our past incarnations attempted to slay the Spirit, but in doing so, lost his true love. You must caution yourself when entering his chamber."

Her eyes filled with terror as a troubled look came over her face. "He'll steal my face?" Korra trembled, lip quivering. "H-How do I speak with him…? And what will he do for me?"

Roku's spirit began to wane, but with a last anecdote, he gestured to the mountainside and once again offered his wisdom, "A sinister force will clash with you in Ba Sing Se. When you were in the Earth Kingdom, you learned that the Dai Li are Equalist conspirators. Yet, that bit of information is only a fractional piece of the mystery. You will experience a tremendous force to be reckoned with upon your return." Korra became unnerved with fear, especially when Roku completely dissolved. "Keep with a true heart, and your questions shall be answered."

"Roku! Wait!" Korra called out, but the last of Roku fragmented and she was left entirely alone. Dropping to her knees in defeat, Korra exhaled and pawed at the ground. "What am I supposed to do? I'm so confused!" Tears leaked from her eyes. "Roku, help me! I'm completely lost! What do I do?!"

Something called to her, then, almost as if the occult cavern beckoned her presence. "Alright…" she struggled vainly, rising to her feet. "I'll see what Your Face-stealing-ness has to offer. That is, if you don't steal my face first."

She exhaled through her nostrils, blinking out the vibrant sunlight. Practicing the breathing exercises taught to her by Tenzin, Korra ambled through the rippling thickets and strode along the walkway at the foot of the mountain. Licking her lips as the wisps of breath dried them, Korra allowed the emotions contaminating her thought process just vanish completely. They wouldn't facilitate her when she finally met with Koh.

What kind of Spirit steals a person's face? The errant question flew through Korra's mind spontaneously, even as she tried to depart from her hardhearted emotions. She stifled a shudder as she clung to the path and kept her focus burned on the task ahead. If an intimidating Spirit was about to take hold of her fears, Agni knows one would have to think again. Korra was not going to be a letdown that easily.

She marched on with swelling pride to mask the intangible fear laying beneath. Even the obstinate Mako would be dreading seeing the Spirit, or he would pee his pants. That unsightly demonstration of embarrassment in itself made Korra inwardly snicker.

"Koh, I'm coming for you." Soon enough, her mind was completely devoid of all thoughts and emotions, having vanished Avatar-style, and she reached the mouth of the grotto. "Looks like I'm going in."

Courage overtook her as the power of all past lives surged through her veins. In that instant, Korra knew she had this and thanked whatever deities were watching her for the Avatar Spirit. Truly a blessing.

The sloping rock face closed into the hollow all around her, the air stagnant and the appearance bleak. Faceless animals traversed the jutting boulders inside the cave, which nearly startled Korra to pieces. Nearly. She squared her shoulders as she steeled herself, pressing further into the deep tunnel. Then the haunting cackles of what couldn't have been any other than Koh pierced Korra's eardrums.

Yet she yielded no emotion. With a toneless mask, Korra inclined her head at the dark silhouette that closed the gap between her and the Spirit. "I see the waterbending progeny of the South has chosen to wander into my abode." Suddenly, she was met with the arachnid figure of the Spirit. Eight sets of spindly legs carried the creature up the walls of the cavern and allowed him to twirl eerily around her. "What purpose doth the Avatar seek?"

Emotionlessly, Korra exhaled again. Her cerulean eyes remained glued to the gyrating form crawling along the walls. "My past life informed me of a danger in the Earth Kingdom." Korra distracted her tendency to shift to an emotion by gazing at the opposite wall.

Koh's octad of feet clicked in a mad dance around her. His face shifted to that of Kuruk's wife's countenance. "Yes, your past life is correct." He zipped straight in front of her and roared. "Your family has been wiped out by the conspirators!"

Even if she wanted too, Korra forced herself not to cry or unleash any emotional torrent. "I am knowledgeable, wise one," she uttered, bowing respectfully in the Southern Water Tribe manner. "The entire Southern settlement was destroyed by the hand of the Dai Li, I think."

Koh altered his face again, to another familiar one that Korra had seen in the history books. "I am the divider and the conqueror! All my servants must bow down before and obey me!" A conniving grin formed on the edge of Koh's features as the face shifted to a baboon's. Though creepy, Korra still retained her dispassionate demeanor. "Sound familiar?"

She wanted to gasp so badly, but swallowed instead. "Yes."

Skittering up the wall, Koh changed to the former Firelord Ozai and hung upside down. "Remember this one? He was responsible for the deaths of innocent benders and nonbenders in the Hundred Year War."

Korra nodded coolly, noticing Koh's face dissolve into the late Equalist leader. "This one patented the phrase, 'I will take away your bending forever!'" Sniggering and trying to rouse a response, Koh stated, "I am certain you are well-acquainted with this man. Your history seems rather plentiful with the likeliness of this man."

She gave a half-nod, feeling her skin crawl at seeing Amon's face, but Koh didn't detect it. "You stole his face?"

Koh spun around her and cackled. "Indeed, for when he parted from the mortal world, he inadvertently became lodged in the Spirit World. Foolish lad tried to strike terror in me, but I added his face to my collection with great jubilee." The face changed to Amon's true identity: Noatak. "But I have a greater preference for his handsome face instead."

"Of course."

"The two persons preceding my demonstration of Amon are your culprits." The monster dug its claws into the under-hanging rock before him. "Someone has mysteriously managed to revive them from their previous time period, and now they are alive in your present day and time."

Sweat trickled down her brow at the revelation, but Korra remained unmoved. "Do you know who brought them back? I thought time travel was impossible."

"The transmigration of the Avatar Spirit is considered, in itself, an anomaly." Koh moved forward and sneered, lips pulling back to reveal the last face Korra would want to see: a chi-blocker. "Paradigms as this occur infrequently. That is all I have for you." Koh scuttled away and offered a deafening acrimonious roar before returning to his concealed quarry in the cave.

Korra released the breath she had been holding and walked steadfast out of there. The warmth of the sunshine kissed her skin, and relief washed over her. "Never thought I'd actually make it out of there alive." Making sure her words weren't for naught, Korra ventured further away from the cave, even though she was already out of detecting range for Koh. "Avatar Roku, can you hear me?"

Roku emerged spontaneously before her, robes still intact like before. "You excelled in the confrontation like all past Avatars have. Well done, Korra."

She sat down on a sun-kissed rock and cradled her knees. Rocking back and forth to quell her nerves, Korra said, "What about Kuruk? I was told that he tried to slay the Face Stealer and that his beloved was taken away from him."

He willed her to stand and used his spiritual powers to hoist her in the air. "Come. We must return to the physical realm. Your loved ones await your return."

"But I still have a lot of unanswered questions!"

She whined as the wildwoods began to dematerialize out of sight and the beautiful scenery was replaced with the drab interior of the atheneum once again. For miles around them, it appeared as if the never-ending void had only sky and smoke to encompass the area as scenery. The fog was still prevalent, rippling with the movement of their figures through the abyss. From Korra's perspective, the library was still there, but only as a lone island in the midst of a gigantic spiritual vacuity. She released a shuddered sigh when the bookcases and shelves reemerged in her eyesight with the flick of Roku's hand.

"You are far too impatient." Korra's gaze leveled with the past Avatar. His imposing presence knelt before her, extending a hand. "It is a mystery as to why the Spirits selected you as our incarnation. Many of us past lives had felt rather dubitable about your potential, but it seems you have disproved us. You have Avatar capabilities beyond your reckoning. However, now is not the time to tap into those powers, but to unveil the demurs at hand."

Korra nodded, accepting the insight as Roku's body faded. She knew the past Avatars and Spirits spoke cryptically, but in due time, she would find out his underlying meaning. The auramine glow to her eyes flickered before fading out. Korra left her meditative stance and was relieved to be back in the physical mortem. Her eyes raked the bookshelves curiously before a vision entered her head.

"Mako! Tenzin!" She skittered away from the wooden wreckage and stumbled along the ground. A dizzying sensation slammed into her head. "Ow…." Korra collided with the woodwork and rubbed her scalp. "I'm probably really drained after that spirit journey."

A fluffy flying bison soared with liberation through the air, returning its passengers to their home and being tucked away into the recesses of the humble barn at night…

Her back stiffened as the hallucination rung true with their location. "They left without me!" Anger ignited her veins with a vehement fire, so much that it coursed through her heart and Korra pinched her index finger and middle finger together. "Argh!" Lightning suddenly blasted out of her fingertips and fried the cornering bookshelf in half. "What…in the…"

Korra held up her hand in the dimness and looked at it incredulously. "Did I…did I just produce lightning…?"

Roku's wisdom replayed like a recorder over and over. She envisioned his visage smirking as he once again offered his sagacious advice as a parting gift for her journey. "You have Avatar capabilities beyond your reckoning." She casually let her eyes rove the veins coursing through her hands, noting how an icy hue coated them in an imbuing of unnatural power. Still astonished, Korra felt her connection to the bending elements augment as her eyes became unwavering on the set of books racked on the shelf.

"I…am…" Something within the pit of her stomach unleashed as she let go of earthly attachments, including Mako. It came with abrupt ease that she didn't even feel the transition. Eyes glowed effulgently once more and Water Tribe tattoos gleamed brightly the natal vivid blue. Unbeknownst by her and somehow beyond the extent of her control, Korra began to levitate on a solid pillar of air and whisked herself out of the atheneum.

This state felt so bizarre, and Korra had lost complete possession over her rational thought at that moment, simply feeling the cadence of power surge through her, appending with her past lives. It was a wonderful sensation, for the connection to the elements has never felt so…alive and exhilarating! If only she could persist in this state for a perpetual time period…

She formed a brew of all four elements, which blasted her out of the outermost wall of the Hall. Korra accelerated through the rubble and down the hill, sweeping past trees and unhooking hedges from the ground in her wake. Children didn't know what to make of the blazing movements and people were just as flabbergasted, but Korra continued anyway. Her primal instinct simply told her the most important destination was Air Temple Island. Where else would her seditious family go? Just leaving her behind, for all she knew!

"You have Avatar capabilities beyond your reckoning. However, now is not the time to tap into those powers." If only she knew the danger that wielding this one power imposed. Korra was oblivious to this notion and made quick roadwork of her airbending to Air Temple Island, disregarding what shrewdness had been present in Roku's statement before.

So, if you guys are wondering, next chapter is going to feature the first of AtLA but will start during The Desert episode. I still have not finished writing Chapter 8 due to writer's block and lack of reviews and no inspiration. Please, guys, this is serious to me. I hate when I post something and get discouraged when nobody cares to look at what I write. Anyways, thanks for reading and Chapter 6 will be up soon!
Just keep on reading the crossover, I guess. I have about ten chapters posted on ffnet, but I'll add a little at a time here.
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Sweet for a second I thought Korra unlocked force powers and had unwittingly shot force lightning from her fingertips
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